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   Chapter 2 Daring for a kiss

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"Trent!" Lily frowned as she shielded her eyes from the midday sun. "That boy was supposed to be mending the fence." She grumbled under her breathe. Trent was a man now, but he hadn't changed at all, Lily thought to herself. A sneaking suspicion entered her mind. Turning she marched to the pond, she was absolutely certain of what she would find. "Mmhmm." She said nodding to herself as she came upon two people splashing in the water. "Trent."

Willow and Trent turned toward Lily. "Coming for a swim, Ma?" Trent asked with a grin.

"You two will never grow up will you?" Lily asked fighting a smile. It had been nearly five years since they had abandoned their pie for a swim. And here Trent was again. He was forever and always abandoning some necessary task to spend time with River and Zane's daughter. Willow was seventeen now, Trent was just past twenty and both River and Zane and Micah and Lily were wondering just how long until the couple decided to make things a little more permanent. Willow and Trent had been nearly inseparable since they were infants. They enjoyed each other's company and friendship. The knew exactly what the other was thinking and had private jokes that their parents would never understand. Lily and River had know since Williw was ten that she had a crush on her best friend. Trouble was, nobody was exactly sure how Trent felt. Oh he was always laughing and teasing, skipping off with Willow for some fun. He protected her with his life and would fight anyone who made Willow cry. But he didn't declare himself.. Lily was certain he'd never even tried to kiss her.

River and Lily had fully expected something to occur when Willow turned sixteen. Most girls in their area were married by fifteen. They were left wondering however as Willow and Trent's friendship continued exactly as it always had- as a friendship.

Now, Willow was seventeen and with her beautiful auburn hair and violet eyes, she was a rare beauty. She was tall and slender, she moved with a grace that a person could never learn. Fellows in town were taking notice and would come to her at the drop of her kerchief. But she never dropped it, and she paid them no mind at all. River and Lily knew why and as time wore on they were becoming worried- what if Trent broke her heart? "Trent you have work to do. That is if you expect to go to the town social tomorrow night." Lily said. Without waiting for a reply, Lily went back to the house she paused in going in however. She was worried. Willow was such a sweet girl and men could be so blind sometimes. Making up her mind, Lily fetched her sewing basket and walked to River's house.

River was sitting on the front porch, her mending in her lap. Lacy was sitting with her along with Lacey's twin girls, Sara and Mara. The girls were each working on their knitting while they listened to the older women chat.

"Hello." Lily greeted the group. "Thought I might join you after all." She said as she took a seat next to Mara and pulled out her own mending.

"What's troubling you?" Lacy asked, she knew the look on her sisters face all too well. Normally Lily didn't join their mending group. Lily preferred to work hard during the day and mend at night in front of the fire. She though mending during the day was a waste of sunlight.

"Is it Trent and Willow?" River asked.

"They're at the pond again." Lily sighed. "They act as if they're ten years old again."

"Is he going to break Willow's heart?" Sara asked with a frown of her own. She adored her cousin Trent and his playfulness but she also loved Willow dearly.

Nobody answered her question. No one had an answer.


"That reminds me, " Trent said after his ma left them to their swimming.

"Of what?" Willow asked as she wrung the water from he

r hair and twisted it into a long braid.

"You going to the social with anyone?" Trent asked casually.

"I was thinking of asking you." Willow said, she ran her hands lightly over the surface of the water.

"Why? Nobody catch your fancy?" Trent teased with a wink.

"Too many. I simply can't decide." Willow teased with a shrug. "Since I can't chose I've decided to go with now of them." She sighed. "I guess you'll have to do for anther year."

"It's a shame I'm always your second choice." Trent smiled, "I'd rather be your first."

"What?" Willow gasped. Was he serious? Her heart nearly paused in beating. Did he really want to be her first choice when it came to men?

Trent nodded, his smile growing. "After all, I kill spiders for you."

"Oh you!" Her heart plummeting somewhat, Willow stuck her tongue out. Naturally, he wasn't serious. Willow was beginning to lose hope that he'd ever see her as anything except his first friend.

Trent's smile slipped from his face as he saw Willow stick her little pink tongue out at him. "Willa." He mumbled as he moved closer to her. "You should know better."

"What?" Willow's brow furrowed.

"You remember was old Mr. Coris told us about that." Trent was directly in front of her now, he was so close that Willow had to tilt her head back just to see his face. "You remember what it means when a girl sticks her tongue out at a fella, don't you?" Trent brushed the back of his hand gently over her soft freckled cheek.

"Oh Trent, you know he was just teasing. It doesn't really mean that." Willow breathlessly answered. He couldn't be serious! He couldn't be!

"I think it does. So does Mr. Coris. And if that's true..." He tapped her nose with his index finger as he tilted her head upward a bit more. "You just dared me to kiss you."

"Trent." Willow whimpered. Her heart was going to break! She knew it would! Why did he have to tease her so? Didn't he know how much she longed for his kiss?

"It won't be bad, you know." Trent mumbled as he brushed his lips over her left cheek and then her right. "It might not change your life exactly, but it won't be a bad experience." He paused in softly kissing her cheeks and forehead, "haven't you ever wanted to taste my kiss, Willa? Haven't you ever wondered?"

"What do you mean, taste?" Willow asked, she was sure she would pass out. How could she not! The man she had dreamed of her whole life was even now standing in front of her- teasing her with a kiss.

"You've never been kissed before." Trent stated. "Not properly of course." He kissed the corner of her lips. "Remember, Willa, you asked for it." Trent whispered against her lips. Then he pressed his lips to hers ever so softly.

Willow felt goose flesh break out the nomen his lips pressed to hers. Trent pressed his lips against hers twice more before he pulled back slightly. "You ready?" He murmured.

"For what?" Willow could hardly speak, could hardly think. Trent had kissed her!

"Ready to taste my kiss." He mumbled against her lips, "Remember, baby, you dared me." He crushed his lips to hers then in such a kiss that made Willie gasp. Trent took advantage of her gasp and it wasn't long before the sweet moisture if her mouth was mingling with his. There they stood in their favorite swimming hole swapping kiss, tasting each other. Trent groaned against her lips. He had wanted to kiss his best friend for years, oh how he wanted to. And now! And now here he was kissing her and he didn't want to stop! Trent felt her trembling against him, felt her slender arms slip around his neck as she pressed closer to him. Her fingers caressing his scalp, running her fingers through his hair. Heaven help him! He didn't want to stop, he wanted Willow in his arms for the rest of his life.

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