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   Chapter 1 New Folks

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"Trent!" Willow giggled as she watch the adolescent boy attempting to roll out a pie crust. Some new folks were moving into town and Willow had decided that a pie would be just the thing to welcome them. Trent had agreed at first.. Now he wasn't so sure.

A frown creased Trent's brow as he again added water and went back to roll it.

"That crust is going to taste like leather if you don't leave it alone." Willow said laughing. Trent, a tall gangly fourteen year old had his mothers apron wrapped around his chest and flour on his face and in his dark blonde hair.

"What are you talking about, Willa?" He was clearly frustrated. They'd been at this dumb pie since breakfast. It was nearly lunch and the pie still wasn't finished.

"My name's not Willa." She scolded as she took the rolling pin from him. "Crust gets tougher the more you work with it, that's what my mama tells me."

"This was a dumb idea." Trent muttered as he watched Willow roll the crust to a thin flatness that he hadn't been able to achieve in the twenty minutes that he'd spent rolling it. "We should've just given them a basket of apples and let them make their own pie."

Willow smiled as she fitted the bottom crust into the pie plate. "It isn't as neighborly if you do it that way, besides its good for you to learn how to make pie. All men should know how to bake pie."

"You're confused, Willa, men need to know how to eat pie not bake it." He stuck a finger in Apple mixture and wiped it across Willow's cheek.

"Hey!" She protested, wiping her hand on her face. "Trent, I swear one of these days.."

Trent laughed and picked Willow up. He was nearly three years older than Willow and could carry her easily. All the time he spent working with his pa had helped him in this effect. "We've been in this kitchen way to long Willa- Girl. We need some air and sun."

"But the pie!" Willow protested as she wrapped her arms around Trent's neck. It wasn't uncommon to see Trent carrying Willow some place or another. The two of them had been friends since before Willow could walk. Trent acted as her protector and friend and he rather enjoyed her company despite the difference in their ages. Willow completely adored Trent. He was strong, handsome, gentlemanly, kind, and entirely wonderful to her. They found all sorts of mischief together and it wasn't long before her young heart began to beat for Trent and his friendship.

"The pie will wait. It's waited this long." Trent assured her as he carried her down to his family's pond. "We need a swim." He decided as he carried her right into the water.

"Trent!" Willow gasped. "My boots and dress! They'll be drenched."

"Doesn't your ma have a clothesline?" Trent asked as he walked waist deep into the deliciously cool water.


"Then there's nothing to fuss over." Trent smiled and winked at Willow as he sat her in her feet in the water. "You worry too blasted much, Willa."

"My names not Willa, and your mama would smack your mouth if she heard to say that word."

Trends eyes sparkled with mischief as he dived under the water and grabbed at Willow's ankle. Willow gasped in surprise as he pulled her under with him.


Lily stood from the garden and stretched. Digging up potatoes was simple work but it led to an aching back. "Do you think we should check on the Trent and Willow?" She asked the

toddler boy that sat in the garden beside her. He was in his glory, playing with dirt and the wooden horses his pa had made for him.

"Come on, we could use a drink anyways." Lily said as she picked her youngest up and carried him to the house. "They should be ready to bake the pie soon anyhow."

"Pie!" Danny clapped his chubby hands together in delight at his favorite word.

Lily pushed open the door and stopped. Flour was everywhere. Apple peels littered the flour surrounding the table. Little bits of dough we're on every surface. And the children were no where to be seen. "That boy." Lily mumbled as she sat Danny on his feet. "He better have a good reason for leaving my kitchen in this mess. Oh Danny! No, honey." Bending lily quickly stopped her son from putting an apple peel that he found on the floor into his mouth. "Come on, sugar. Mama will get you some food."

Laughing announced Trent's arrival before he and Willow even entered the house.

Both of the children stopped when they came face to face with Trent's ma.

"Why are you dripping wet! Willow you're soaked clean through! What happened?" Lily asked surprised by their appearance.

Trent chuckled as he took the apple peel from his ma's hand and popped it into his mouth. "I don't think they've invented a dry way to go swimming yet." He answered with a grin and a wink at Willow.

"Oh?" Lily put her hands on her hips not at all amused by her sons retort. He was too much like his father. "And why were you swimming instead of cleaning my kitchen?"

"Don't be mad, ma." Trent said kissing his mothers cheek. "We just needed some of the fresh air God gives. It encourages cleaning."

Willow giggled as Lily's eyebrows raised. "Oh does it?"

"Yes indeedy." Trent assured her. "I feel like cleaning already. What about you, Willa?"

"I feel like finishing the pie first."

"The pie isn't done yet?"

When Trent refused to answer Willow smiled at Lily and said, "Trent ran into some trouble with the crust."


"It's more fun to eat a pie anyhow." Trent mumbled.

Several hours later found the kitchen spotless and the pie cooling on the table. Trent couldn't help the smile from spreading across his face. "We did it, Willa. We made a good pie and clean my ma's kitchen."

"I just hope it tastes good." Willow said as she took off her apron.

"Course it will, " Treng assured her. "I added some extra sugar just to be sure."

"Trent! You shouldn't have done that." Willow scolded. "What if it's too sweet now. The neighbor might think we're trying to kill them."

"You worry too much." Trent responded with his normal dimpled grin. "Do I have to dump you in the pond again to settle you down? Besides pie doesn't kill people."

"Not yet, because our pie will be the first!"

Trent chuckled. "Come on, you put the pie in that pretty basket you brought for it while I change my shirt and then we'll deliver it."

"What are their names again?" Trent asked as he walked back into the kitchen buttoning his shirt.

"Grace and Vance. I don't know their last name." Willow said as she tied a pretty ribbon to the basket.

"Come on, it's girly enough." Trent said with a laugh as he took the basket in one hand and offered his other arm to Willow.

"Why thank you, kind sir." Willow exclaimed dramatically. Giggling, she and Trent went to deliver their pie.

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