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   Chapter 21 One Last Time

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It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure - Ernie Harwell

Serra pov

It has been one whole week since Jamaica & Peter funeral. Jamaica was buried right next to Vincent & Peter was buried right next to Mathew who was his son and lost his life during an attack in Afghanistan. The funerals were not only attended by close family members but also friends & whole town. Henry left right after the burial. It was pretty hard for him. He lost the love of his life. They were planning to get married soon & Henry was planning to purpose her the following day. But I guess it was something written in destiny and you can't change your destiny. Anna had stayed pretty strong through out the burial. She put on a brave face and refused to cry, but behind close doors of her room her screams of pain & agony could be heard .As she smashed anything in her sight

As for me I felt like an empty shell. I sat in a corner of my room. Cuddled in a small ball. I refused to get out of the room when people came to see me. I couldn't help but feel guilty after all it was my fault. She took bullet for me. How cruel was it that I was alive & she was dead.

" Love please eat. You will get sick .You have to take your medicines. " Roman pleaded with me. He brought me food everyday in hopes that I will eat something but I didn't feel like eating. I had lost my appetite. I focused my eyes on the picture in front of me. Refusing to look him in eyes. Afraid that I will break down again. But my face was wet again and I was sobbing as he held me in his arms. Rocking my weak body. Kissing the top of my hairs.

Roman pov

She refused to eat anything. She had been the same since the funeral. The doctor said that she needed to eat in order to stay strong but she refused to listen to me or anyone. She refused to get out of her room. Its not like I didn't try to feed her. I forcefully tried to make her eat that resulted in her vomiting everything. I was sure she would fall ill if she don't take her medicine. She was sobbing again as i held her close to me. After she stopped. She closed her eyes and cuddled in my arms. Her head resting on my shoulders. She closed her eyes. When I was sure she was asleep. I put her in the bed covering her small body with the comforter. I kissed the top of her head & sat besides her watching her sleep so peacefully. With her tiny hands in mine. It brought a smile to my face. I kissed her lips and her hands one last time before leaving her alone in her room. I didn't want to leave her alone instead hold her as she slept. But I had to do something very important.

I went to Peter house .I knocked on the door. "Coming". A weak voice answered. The door was opened and in front of me Peter widowed wife stood. "Hello ma'am "I said sadly.

She opened the door wider letting me in.

"Do you need water or anything? " she asked as I settled on the sofa on her porch.

"Nothing ma'am. I only came to see you. I know its hard for you. Your loss is too much and I know even if I try to fill it nothing is much to replace it. I am sorry. Peter was like a father to me, he was there when I needed him. Yet I couldn'

er and pulled her closer. Her head resting on his chest. His arms wrapped around her tightly. That night he slept peaceful. Knowing her tiny body was so close to his.

Serra pov

It was 3:17 AM. Serra opened her eyes. Besides her Roman slept so peacefully. She watched him sleep longer then necessary. Then she slowly & carefully unwrapped his arms. He groaned. Serra held her breath. Then he stopped moving and went to sleep. She tiptoed to her walk in closet. And picked the bag that had a huge amount of money. Some clothes and some necessary things. "I love you " she whispered truthfully in a sad voice to his sleeping figure. Kissing him for one last time she quickly left the room. As Roman had placed him bodyguards around the mansion. She Quickly slipped out of her old clothes and slipped some maids uniform on. She quickly left the mansion from the servant quarter side.

"Hey you " one bodyguard shouted she halted at her steps ." Please Don't recognize me ." She muttered under her breath. Her palms sweaty. Her breathing shallow. She calmed herself down and looked at him. Her eyes on the floor.

"Where are you heading to miss. You are well aware no one can leave at night. "

"I am sorry! My mother is extremely ill. She needs me. Please try to understand ". She said t

"But Miss " his voice unsure.

"Please Don't tell anyone. Please help me. My mother." She started to cry.

"Okay okay miss you leave I won't tell anyone. "After thanking him Serra left the mansion. She glace at the mansion one last time. "I have to do it for mine & Roman happiness. " She whispered. Tears rolling down her cheeks. She headed to nearest subway and brought a ticket. Finally she was free. But she wasn't sure if she was happy but maybe it was for the best they weren't meant for each other she has caused him enough pain and she couldn't stay back in his life to remind him of the moment when Roman had raised his gun and killed his father, she knew she will remind him of Peter and the guilt that Roman was too late to save Peter who was like father figure to him will kill Roman every single moment he saw Serra.

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