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   Chapter 20 Race against the time

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Holden pov :

Do you ever get that feeling you are suffocating not because you aren't able to breath because you fear you will lose too much. I was going to save her no matter what it takes. The first time I had met her i got feeling, a strong urge to protect her. There is so much behind every face, so much that you can't know. So much that can't meet the eyes. I won't say I did know Anna because believe me I didn't know her. But there was something about her that wanted me to know the real Anna. The Anna who was lost, the Anna that was hidden, locked away behind those eyes, so lost and yet waiting to be rescued.

Everything around me was too fast it was like racing against time. With fast I didn't mean my car as it narrowly missed cars blaring horns at me. As I tried to find Anna or my men who were fast enough to follow me. Or the cars around us us that rushed past us. Or my angry commands as I commanded them to trace Charles location. With race against time I meant I was trying to reach her as fast as I could. The racing of my heart that was beating too fast against my rib cage. .

"Damn " I shouted frustrated. It has been three hours and I failed to find Anna. What if the endless possibilities had my head spinning. I grinted my teeth to focus on the road in front of me. My ear piece still attached to my ear waiting for upcoming calls. "Where are you Anna? " I whispered

Anna pov

Did you get that feeling that you are floating in nothingness. Around you you can't feel anything that surrounds you. You want to move, to talk, to call someone but your mouth can't form the words. Your body refuses to co- operate. You feel like you are paralyzed. Unable to move or unable to react. Right now I was in that situation. My eyes wet due to tears of desperation. Maybe it was the chemical they have injected in me or may be because I felt like I was 9 again my past repeating. The only noise that i could make was the faint moan of fear.

"Sleeping beauty you are finally awake. "Charles said as he approached me. H


Anna pov

The sunlight was almost blinding. I moaned. I sat up straight on the bed. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Now I was feeling better. I could move my muscles which was a huge relief. I quickly finished my business then ate breakfast and medicines that rested on the table. I went down to talk to Holden. I wanted to meet my friends. I was scared and worried for them.

"Feeling better Anna ?" Holden asked smiling at me

"Yes thank you" I smiled grateful at his hospitality.

"I want to meet my friends."

"Okay" He sounded hesitant. I could tell something wasn't right. My heart was sinking .Million thoughts crossed my mind I had to push them away.

"Are my friends okay ?"

"Anna I am so sorry to tell you but Jamaica is dead. Serra is okay though but she is in the hospital. I am sorry I couldn't save her she laid down her life saving Serra ".

"No Holden please tell me you are joking. Stop joking around. "I screamed

"She can't be dead she promised me she will always take care of her self. No no she can't leave me all alone ."

He tried to reach for me and hold me to comfort me I slapped his hand away. Fighting his hold.

I was sobbing. He held me tightly letting me cry in his arms as he embraced me telling me everything was okay but nothing was okay I have lost my best friend who was like mother to me.

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