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   Chapter 19 Blood & Confessions

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"I will never, ever regret the things I've done. Because most days, all you have are places in your memory that you can go to." - Me before you

Serra pov

Dark & dead quite were the two perfect words for my present surrounding. I felt the hairs on my arms rising. Just to protect me from the cold I wrapped my arms around myself tightly. My heart was racing.

"Hello! Hello someone. "

Wasn't he supposed to meet me here?

I searched it in with my pocket. My hands shaking. Finally I managed to pull it out. But the phone was of no use the battery was already dead.

"Just great Serra. You officially are the most dumb person " .I muttered.

"Um Hello Mr Allen you there? Someone please open the lights its too dark I can't see properly. Could you open the lights. I came to meet you ". I called to no one in particular.

Suddenly someone opened the lights. The light was almost eye blinding. I covered my eyes. Shielding them with my hands. When I opened my eyes I was greeted by the sight of Allen Knight. He was dressed in black. His arms folded behind his back. His intense gaze making me squirm in my place. There was something about him, something that wants you to hide, something that wants you to crawl in a hole and never come out.

"Serra ". He said bringing his hand forward. I put my hand in his awaiting one. His gaze predatory. Suddenly the idea of my hand in his doesn't sound like a very good one.I tried to pull my hand free from his .His grip on mine tightened. "Let my hand go " i hissed. His men let out animistic chuckles. "Not now Serra! Until I show you my special creation ."

I found myself being forcefully dragged into a dark room. "Lights "Allen shouted.

When the room was lit the scene in front of me was too horrific. My free hand covered my trembling lips as i let out a gasp. Jamaica was tied to a pole. Her hands tied behind her. Her face all bruised and bloody. Bruises of all color and size not only covered her face but also her arms and rest of the body. Her hairs mattered on her face. She could barely keep her eyes open. On the floor Henry laid moaning in pain. He too was badly injured. Despite that he tried to crawl on all four towards Jamaica but his movements were restricted by one of Allen men who kept his shoe on Henry neck chocking him as he clawed on his shoe. Anna laid on one side of the room although she wasn't hurt yet she wasn't conscious.

"No !Please let them go. What you want. Why are you doing this ?" I demanded in shaky voice

"Sit " he said leading me to a chair. I did as was told too afraid to defy him. "Where are your parents Serra?" He questioned

"Dead! they are dead. "

"How they died ?" Allen inquired, I hated it how he looked at me inspecting me for any sign of lies.

"They died in a car accident. When I was 5. Uncle Vincent told me". I whispered my voice strained and cracking.

He let out a chuckle. It made me shift in my chair in fear. A moan of fear left my lips. "Well guess what Serra Your Uncle Vincent and Jamaica lied to you .How sad and pathetic is it that you are living with what that they fed you. "

I looked at him with confusion "What do you mean "?

His lips so close to my ear. His breath fanning the side of my face. I shudder in fear and disgust "Serra your parents were murdered. "

It was like someone has poured bucket of ice cold water on me. "That's not true. No No " i mumbled. It was too much to accept. Surely Uncle Vincent never lied to me I was like a daughter to him.

The next thing I knew was that Jamaica was being dragged towards us. My face held expression of horror. She protested in pain. Never less the pain Allen' s men kept on dragging her. When her eyes met mine they held fear and horror. She struggled to get to me. The men grip increased.

"Stop! Please Allen she is my family they are hurting her. Please stop."Allen signaled his men who roughly threw Jamaica on the rough ground. I rushed towards my bestfriend. Wrapping her in my arms. Her head resting on my shoulders. She winced in pain.

"Serra don't believe anything this monster say we lied about your parents because dad wanted to protect you. He wanted to keep you hidden. Allen killed your parents. Serra I am so sorry I failed you I failed dad. I couldn't protect you. "I was shocked. Tear of anger and hate rolled down my eyes.

"That is correct Serra or should I say Serra Parker. I killed your parents. I killed your whole family. I killed my wife. I killed my unborn child. "His voice so demonic as if he was possessed, His eyes held pure madness .It would surely make any sane person run for the hills.


I can't do what I promised. I made you sad ."

"Serra I am sorry I am leaving you. I love you my sister please protect Anna. You are the only one she have now. Bring her back. She will be scared, she needs you now more then ever. " i was chocking on my own blood, slowly drowning in it.

"Henry Hold me before I die. I am sorry I broke my promise, find a girl who is good enough for you. Who cherish you. I love you guys I will watch over you forever and always. Don't cry for me I am going to meet dad, I am going to meet aunt and uncle I am happy. Please Henry protect my sisters. "

" I will Jamaica. Please don't speak. Please don't leave me I will die without. "The panic voices of my loved one faded away as they told me to stay with them "Daddy I am sorry. Your Jammy is sorry ".

Serra pov

My best friend body became motionless in my arms, her breathing stopped and do did her heart. Her face became pale. But the smile on her lips remained. As her soul was drained from her lifeless body. "No no Jammy, get up +" I screamed. Shaking her.

"Wow that was interesting .Now 2 more to go. Who is first. Ah Serra what they say Ladies first so its going to be your turn. Stand up now like a good girl that you are ". He shake his gun pointing it at me. All traces of humanity gone from his eyes. I stood up my fist clenched at my side. He put his finger on the trigger of his gun. Ready to shoot me. My eyes hard.

"Father stop " My head wiped to the side and met with Roman emotionless. He had a gun with him and so did Holden and Roman men. "Ahh my Sons you are there, see I found the child of your mother's killers. I looked between the killer and Roman afraid that Roman will let me die and believe his father.

"She isn't the daughter of killer. Because your father is the killer himself. "Henry injected

"Son this men is lying. Kill her so you can get your mother revenge they killed your mother without any mercy. "

"Yes father ". Roman nodded

I looked at his face. Trying to find that loving Roman I have came to love in these days.

He pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes and I waited for impact but none came. Only the sound of gun shot. I looked around in surprise only to find Allen on floor. Blood gushing from his side "Why ?" He questioned as blood gushed from his wound.

"Because Peter told me everything and today you admitted everything from your own mouth. I never went out of town I was following Serra. Because Allen I can't leave her with wolf like you. Who is ready to devour whats mine ." He said looking at me his eyes so warm. He opened his arms for me I rushed in his awaiting arms. And finally I let all my pain out. My screams of agony and pain hanging in the air.

But one thing I knew Allen won't be there anymore to hurt me. Because he was dead and I was safe again. Maybe sometimes you don't know who the real enemy is before disaster strikes and I learned it the hard way I wish we all could go back in time to change so many things and maybe we all if can destiny change some events I would have saved Jamaica and Peter and others.

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