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   Chapter 17 The truth

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Allen Knight pov

"Who are you Serra.whats your real identity"? i was pacing around my office waiting for that one call that can reveal everything about the girl who had smitten my son so much.

Charles was one of my best man he had never disappointed me. Lets hope he got the information within the time I wanted him. Though he had called ones to inform me he was digging into as much the information as he can get. I was brought out my thoughts from my cell phone ringing. Charles name flashed on the screen. "Yes ".

Charles looked bothered. "Sir you can't believe whats the real identity of Serra. " His words alarmed me. I was anxious to know ."She is the daughter of the Parker's. Sir the day we went to kill Parker's they handed Serra over to Vincent who was her caretaker and mentor. Sir Peter has been disloyal he knew about it that Andrew had a daughter still he hide it from us .I am sending you the files that contains information of Serra and all her friends. "

Peter had been lying to me ever since. He was my men then he left mafia to work for my son as his butler.


Italy : 1990

All written in Andrew pov

A men dressed in black was seen leaving a police station. This was a very young Allen who had recently joined mafia and was caught by the Italian police during a drug deal. He was a small gangster at that time merely a pawn to the mafia. One the end of the police station another men in police uniform stood near this car his hands wrapped behind his head. His lips pulled into a straight line. This police officer was none other then the young Andrew Parker. Who had joined police force and was hoping for a change after Leaving his Childhood sweetheart Amanda Peter berg in his hometown of Orlando to find work so they can have a comfortable life after they settled down.

Joining the police force has been his lifetime dream. "I told you my friend not to get in this mess. Mafia isn't a place for a young and decent men like you. "

" Decent men Allen scoffed. Surely his friend was crazy not to take up his offer and join mafia too Where according to Allen money was easier thing.

"So how have you been" Andrew asked settling himself on the driving seat of his car. "As usual money is tight and I can't go back to that house. Where my father won't take me back. " Allen replied. His friend patted his back with pity. "He can take you back you are their only son. Just go and apologies and besides my friend i am standing with you. If you need me of any help come to me. "

"Thanks Andrew." Allen said with a slight nod.

6 years later:

A very nervous Andrew stood near a small house. His hands were sweaty and his heart pounding like hammer in his body. He knocked on the door twice ones very softly and the second time a little louder. A women opened the door. Her grey hairs mattered to her head. Her hands all dainty and bony. Her white pale skin glowing. Seeing the handsome men her eyes sparkled.

"My son "she said wrapping her arms around the young handsome Andrew. Who pulled his mother closer.

"Mama " he said placing a kiss on his mother forehead who held him tightly calling for his father. Both the men embrace each other lovingly. His father proud of his son achievements. "Father where is Amanda?" He asked his heartbeat increasing he can't wait to meet her.

." Andy" he heard a shrill voice of his best friend and childhood sweetheart. Who ran to his open arms. He wrapped her in them catching her with surprise. Both the young lovers wrapped themselves in each others arms. It was a reunion for the young lovers .As both Amanda and Andrew were left alone with the families leaving to prepare for the big feast that night for returning of their Son and future son in law. Amanda turned towards Andrew

"Andy !you look bothered. What happened? Where is Allen.You guys were supposed to return together but why change of plans. Is Allen okay? "

Andrew looked in the eyes of his young lover who was worried for her childhood friend that she thought she knew. His eyes held the grief and sadness for losing his friend. Who joined mafia and was now one of the most wanted men in Italy. The friend who now no longer would hesitate to put a bullet through his head. "Amy " he reached out to touch Amanda cheek who flinched and stepped away.

"No you tell me first. Andy where is Allen. Why didn't he come to meet me. Aren't you guys talking. Did you fight. " Without another word Andrew left the house his eyes damp from fres

of Andrew stood with the envelope. My heart sink. He was involved with Allen. He handle the envelope to Allen who produced a set of notes handling it to him which he took and left the room. His eyes on me the whole time as if taunting me. As he left the room I knew I was alone with the monster. I feared him. His eyes fixed on me the whole time

"sit "he mentioned me to sit on the chair resting in front of him. I did as I was told without any protest because i was aware of the consequences of my action with the scars that rested on all my body. "You know Leon was telling me that there is a informer within my people who provided Andrew with the evidences. Hmm I am thinking who it might be who signed their own death certificate. " He looked at me thoughtfully a strange glint in his eye. My hands trembling. My bottom lips quivering with fear. And at that moment I realized Allen knew of my treachery.

"How?" I questioned.

"How what? Oh you mean how I knew that it was you my darling wife. I had to you followed today as you went to wave off your friends " he mocked me. The next thing I knew he slapped me harshly i was flunged on the floor. His feet connected with my 2 month pregnant stomach. "Ahh " i screamed in pain. Trying to shield my stomach. His blows continued. Even then i begged him to release me. "You bitch, you whore. You lied to me. I don't like cheaters and you are going to pay for your actions. Call for daddy. He won't come to save you. " He was mocking my misery. Then i was lifted of the floor by my hairs his grip tight on my hairs, my scalp burned from the pressure. He dragged me towards the stairs. My eyes widened in fear. "No Allen please no, please i beg of you think about the child growing in me think about Roman. I tried to grab onto the banister. He slapped me and then he threw me from the top of the stairs my head hitting the steps of the stairs and then i was rolling down the stairs. My vision became blurry. There was blood between my legs and i knew that i had lost the little life growing in me. My body shaking there was blood all around me. I was losing control on my body. Then i welcomed death with open arms. "Roman " i whispered one last time.

Allen stood on top of the stairs where a moment ago he had thrown his wife from. He saw her eyes closing her soul leaving her body. "Peter "he shouted ." take Thalia body and dump it in Andrew house and make all the setup look like it was done by Andrew. They left the country after killing my wife and tell everyone who saw it to keep their mouth close. Also kill Leon so he won't expose my secrets ." Then he went to his office made one final call ."Police I don't know where is my wife she left home at morning and she hadn't returned yet." he tried to make his voice sound pained and worried /after putting away his phone he let out a chuckle

"Andrew my friend you don't realize that whom you messed with. I am Allen Knight. I will destroy you." He smirked and Whistled.

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