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   Chapter 16 Meeting the master mind

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"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That's what I hope to give you forever." — The Notebook

Serra pov

As the car came to halt my heartbeat increased, my heart was beating too fast and I felt i would faint any second. Roman came to my side and in desperation and self defense I locked my side. He looked beyond pissed I was sure that I won't make it out of here alive. The best possible way was to stay in the car until he has calmed down.

"Serra open the damn door. "

"No" I said my voice unsteady. He ran his hand through his hairs. Messing them up in the process.

"I said open the damn door before I myself force you to get out of this fucking car. Believe me love you won't love it one bit .So before I do something that you will regret later open this door you are increasing your own punishment. Love I don't forgive easily especially those people who defy me, i won't go easy on you ."

I was shaking in fear but I made no move to open the lock the next thing I knew his fist connected with the window mirror sending the glasses flying.I shrieked and attempted to get away from him which resulted in him pulling me from my ankles, i was send flying in his arms. His grip was too tight hurting me and despite my protest and pleads i was dragged into his mansion. His grip on my upper arm was too tight that I was sure they will be badly bruised. I could see the maids giving me pitiful looks but then hurrying away.

The first thing that happened was i was send flying on his bed. Face first and before i could recover and get away from the devil he grabbed me by my neck squeezing it. I was chocking and even when i tried to pry his hands away from my neck he didn't stop. I received a slap on the side of my face. His hands connected with side of my face ones again this time too harshly it was enough to send me flying and hitting my head on the drawer that rested by the side of his bed. The world around me was moving too fast. My vision was clouded. My body has no strength to fight back. I was falling out of reality into darkness. Finally when my body could not take any more of his beatings. I fall into darkness that surrounded me.

Roman pov

When she tried to escape I lost it. She was too precious for me to lose. I felt the stab of pain in my chest because she betrayed me and broke my trust, I have lost my mother but I wasn't ready to lose her yet.But the monster inside me that i have kept locked away somewhere in my mind came out today he broke the girl in front of me, he left her battered and bruised. The girl who was too precious like a rose petal laid motionless in front of me. Her chest rising and falling in steady slow motion. I was brought to my senses from the injuries that i was inflicting upon her with a slap from Maria who dragged me away from the love of my life while Sean and peter carried her to the hospital.

The shirt that she wore was crimson now. She was covered in blood, black bruises already forming on her face they covered most parts of her body. It has been three days since I have heard her melodic voice, 3 fucking days since I have heard her calling my name from that sweet lips of her. These days has been pure torture .I feel miserable. Holden has refused to allow me any where near her it was killing me, not being able to hold her. He was treating her. My brother has remained with Serra, never leaving her side so has Peter who loved her and adored her like his own daughter. Maria visited Serra every day but they all ignored me. The guilt was eating me alive. I have punished myself in every way possible but my worst punishment was not being able to hold her in my arms. I tried to hold her, see her but Holden has punched me on my face and ordered the hospital staff not to allow me near the patient despite my protest and request he told me he didn't want me near her.

Serra pov

I don't remember anything about the incident other then i hit my head on th

e the fact.

The journey was awkward his eyes were on me the whole time, it made me uncomfortable. We walked hand in hand, the paparazzi were taking our pictures. Asking him questions about my identity which he didn't bother to reply. We were greeted by many people, some whom i knew from movies, and other were unknown. He introduced me as his girlfriend to everyone. The girls glared at me with disgust. Whispering about me while some guys were checking me out despite having their girlfriends or their wives with them. I was very uncomfortable this wasn't my place. I was sure i can't fit with these type of people.I excused myself and stood in a quiet corner to catch some fresh air as I was suffocating with all the wrong kind of attention directed at me.

"Dear why are you standing all alone? " i startled turned around i was met with pair of grey eyes. I had a feeling i have seen him somewhere but i can't remember. The guy was old but very handsome. His grey hairs combed back. His dress looked very expensive and he was well dressed.

"Sure you don't look like you belong here". He asked kindly

"Yes actually It's my first time. I came with someone ". I was muttering the guy was too intermediating, Something about him was off. There was something about him that scared me yet i wasn't aware about it.

"Hey dad". I turned around in shock.

"Hey son ", so the guy was Roman father that why he look so similar.

"Serra meet my father Allen Knight and dad meet the love of my life Serra. " Roman said looking at me proudly. He held me close to him.

"Oh the pretty lady here is your date for tonight. She is very beautiful indeed just like you described. Before you came i was talking to her son ."

After that Roman left me with Mr knight. "So Serra what's your last name ?" Mr Knight asked me before I could reply Roman came.

"Serra go and sit in the car. We are leaving. Dad something very important came up so we have to leave. "Roman said dragging me with him and I have to follow him.

"Sure son, and Serra see you soon ." With that he left us and I release the breath that i wasn't aware I was holding .It was like his words have some double meaning.

Allen Knight pov

As i was out of hearing range .I took out my phone from and dialed Charles number. "Charles I am sending you this girl picture her name is Serra I want you to find everything about her Her family information, her information her work anything that you can dig into. I want it by tonight. After seeing Serra i was doubtful she resembled someone but whom I was confused.

"Soon Serra I will discover who you truly are? You can't hide from me forever little girl " i grinned menacingly.

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