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   Chapter 15 Shop till you drop

The Millionaire Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 10508

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Serra pov

My feets were killing me. The pain was unbearable and the heels dug into tender skin of my soles. "Urghh" I groan with annoyance. I just wished for this torture to be over but despite my refusal i was forced to come to the mall for shopping because lets put Roman words "she should look presentable in the party and for that she need new dresses ".

That arrogant selfish men he was flashing me like i was his property. Despite my protest he handed his 3 credit cards to his cousin and told her to buy me everything that i will need to look "beautiful". That was his words not mine. These rich people they throw money like water i rolled my eyes. "Can we sit down and eat something. I am starving " i protested the fact was i wanted to take a break from walking too much my feet hurts. "No " came her stern reply i was sure she would be cursing me to hell and back but hey every girl needs her break from tiring schedule.

Roman cousin name was Maria she was tall and blond. With a body worth dying for and looks of Victoria secret model. But her bitchy attitude made me hate her more. The way she gave me disgusted looks, I was sure she hated going to shopping with me but was forced to because she gave me disapproving looks rather then talking to me like any normal human being would have done she passed rude remarks about my looks, my body and dressing style. Even when i tried on 20 dresses she would be disappointed and then make me try new dresses.

Being a fashion expert has perks but with her i regretted it that god has given her some fashion sense. On the way i was thinking of ways to escape looking at every routes properly double checking them but it was hard with her being too close to me and the army of bodyguards following us wherever we went i was sure they would have no problem following us in Victoria secret shop not that i wished for it to happen. They were getting on my nerves and the fact that since the incident from last night in order to avoid Roman on table i didn't have my breakfast properly, Seeing Maria who looked totally unaffected by the situation in hand and not in any sort of pain i envied her. Roman has told me to change in some pumps rather then wear heels, i haven't changed out of my ego it was his fault in the first place that i was in this situation.

We went to 20 shops all were of famous brands and they were too expensive i can't help but feel guilty that he was spending his money on me.

She received a call and left me alone to tend to the call I let out a shaky breath finally, I tiptoed to the door and just across the shop i could see Girls Powder room. A idea struck me. With the corner of my eyes I saw Maria coming back I quickly slipped between two racks. My body practically hidden between bag of dresses. I made myself into as small ball as possible because I knew it was my chances to escape. I heard disturbance, great she was looking for me. I was sure the guards were alert. "Did you find her?" i could hear Roman voice she was talking to him on the phone.

"I left her to tend to an important call but when i came back she disappeared. Calm d

d into hard chest. My scream muffled with his grim hands. My eyes darted around looking for anyone who was watching this drama only to discover that we were alone since this part of the mall was under construction so public avoided coming here.

Oh great I thought great timing. But i wasn't going to go easy on him. I kicked him on his leg his hands tightened around my face. Suffocating me and cutting what ever little air was coming to me. i kicked him hard between his legs this time his grip on me loosened enough that i pushed him with all my might before the two men in black could do anything i was running. Now i could see people around me

." Please help !help ". I was screaming. People looked at me with fear. Some gave me pitiful looks but made no attempt to help me. Tears of frustration came in my eyes. I reached for the other entrance but before I could do anything two men grabbed me my arms were forced behind my back all around us people look at the sign but everyone looked unaffected. What the actual fuck you see a girl being kidnapped in front of you in broad day light she plead you to help her but how can you be so cruel to not help her. Some people tried to call the police but their phones were snatched by Roman men who slammed them on the floor breaking them in the process and threatening those people. I felt disgusted and watched in horror at the scene unfolding. I was dragged to the car A black Mercedes. I was screaming, cursing those men trying to move my body, kicking at them. My body was hurled into the car. Roman made himself comfortable on driving seat, before i could open the door

" Don't you think child lock is a great invention love". I glared at him. nerve of that bastard.

"Hello love! Miss me ". He asked arrogantly .And I knew my plan had failed ."Never "i gritted my teeth practically spatting my words at him. He frowned. "Lets see love if you are brave enough to beg me to stop. When i deliver my punishment after your little stunt" He added with a smile of victory on him face, now I was scared. I regret trying to escape.

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