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   Chapter 14 Australia

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"You don't have to be a writer to write your own happy endings "

Roman pov

"Yes father I will be there. The jet is preparing to take off. I will be there to meet you at the office. No there weren't any problems. He is gathering the information lets discuss when I meet you at the office."

Serra pov :

It had been more than 15 minutes watching Roman busy on his phone. This guy should seriously stop its annoying how he won't stop working. Never had I seen such a workoholic person in my entire life. Don't take it as a romantic way that I am jealous of his attention only to the phone call rather than me. I will find it as a blessing that he isn't busy pampering me like I am 5. It was just that I was annoyed that he was dragging me around like I was a dog. And my fear with the plane wasn't helping either, as the flight attendant announced that we were about to take off so everyone should buckle up. I reached for my belt.

"Here, let me do it for you angel"

As I turned towards the source of voice my breath hitched in my throat with how close our faces were. Our close proximity had my heart racing. His minty breath fanning my face. Our nose almost touching. He reached for my belt and secured me on my seat and settling on the seat besides me doing the same with his belt. His eyes never leaving my form. We were so lost in each other that I never noticed that we were taking off and when I did my eyes widened in fear. My hands tightly gripping something. A wave of nausea hit me.

"Please God" I was chanting it like a mantra. Suddenly I was lifted off my seat and into Roman's lap. I didn't try to object since I knew he was protecting me. I closed my eyes tightly and snuggled into his hard chest. My face in the croak of his throat. My hands fixed on his white shirt tightly. He held me like I was a child, cooing at me and whispering sweet nothing. We stayed like this for sometime. When I opened my eyes my vision clouded with tears. My vision was blurry. His jaw was clenched. I don't know what came over me maybe it was due to fear or i was tired. I started sobbing. My tiny fist angrily hitting his well built chest. The anger that I had bottled in me came out with my sobs. When I looked at him I saw pain in his eyes. Even a glint of a tear was there. He pulled me closer. And let me cry for sometime then I closed my eyes letting him guide my face in his chest. When I woke up I was still wrapped in his arms. A yawn left my mouth.

Roman smiled and kissed my forehead. "Good morning love ."

"Did you sleep well?".

"Yes" I sai

ere were going to be bite marks. "I missed you my queen" his husky voice was heard along with my panting breath. Then I asked him the question that I always wanted to ask him "Why did you take me?"

"Because I wanted to" I was furious! He took me from my life because he wanted to? What a poor excuse! I stood up angrily, his dark eyes following my movements.

"You wanted to how could you? I am not a toy that you can throw around Roman. My friends will be worried sick all because a twisted man like you want to keep me here against my will. You are sick. Let me go home I promise I won't tell anyone one. My friends are waiting for me."

He let out a chuckle. "You are home my love. And as for your friends I told them we are living together they aren't worried about you. In fact they were so happy for us." Tears string my eyes.

"How dare you lie to my friends, you monster. You kept me here like a prisoner despite knowing I wanted to go home because this isn't my home. You took my life away from me. I want to go home. I want to be with my friends they are like family to me and most of all I never wish to see you again. You kidnapped me, took my first kiss and you want me to warm up to me. You are no one to do that to me" I was screaming.

"I hate you! I hate you, Roman. I wish I never met you. "My shouting was muffled with his lips on mine. He was kissing me furiously. The kiss was very demanding and desperate. He was kissing me like his life depended on it. When he pulled away we both were breathing heavily. My hands resting on his shoulders to keep myself stable on my feet.

"Good that made you quiet" he said. With that he left me alone. My mouth opening and closing in shock.

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