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   Chapter 13 Closer( part III)

The Millionaire Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 4767

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Serra pov

"Roman can I take off that blindfold? I want to see where we are going, " I pouted and huffed like a 3 year old.

"Angel not now you will ruin the surprise and besides I want to make it perfect for you."

I felt a tug on my hand. Roman placed a kiss on the back of my knuckles. The action was so sweet that it melted the insides of me and butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. The car stopped. Roman opened the door for me.

"Can I take it off now?, " I pouted for effect. Instead I was greeted with silence. "Oh great. He left me blindfolded and alone" I muttered.

Then I felt his arm around my waist while the free hand gently taking the blindfold off. His head was placed on my shoulder. "Wow" I whispered looking at the view in front of me, the view that greeted me was truly magical.

"Love, only for you". I turned around and hugged him tightly. "Thank you". We stayed like this for quite some time my arms wrapped around his torso, while his chin placed on top of my head. His lips in my hair. His arms wrapped around my bare back. Keeping me close to him as if I will magically disappear. "Love as much as I will to love to stay in this position for all day. I believe I have to keep my woman satisfied."

My heart skipped a beat when he called me "his woman". He grabbed my hand, softly squeezing it encouraging me to walk. We walked hand in hand. Like a true gentleman he quickly pulled ou

ife and murdered my parents and their daughter was going to pay for her parents every action.

"Sir we are trying to dig in for the details but her case is a well hidden case that is closely monitored by Jamaica and her FBI partner Henry Martin. Sir, Martin isn't an easy person to crack. Apparently he is in love with Jamaica, both have hidden the girl some where and the case is a very secretive and special one in FBI. So it won't be easy to get her true identity."

"Harry you must bring me the details. I will make sure to give large share of money. And if you fail to do so forget about the deal we had. And keep an eye out on this Jamaica and Henry guy. Once I find that girl, I will destroy her life. I want the girl dead or alive".

Then after that I made another call. "Father I want to see you tomorrow. We have something important to discuss. Yes I am coming to Australia". After I made the call a devilish smile crossed my face.

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