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   Chapter 12 Closer (part II)

The Millionaire Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 3831

Updated: 2017-12-20 07:50

Serra pov

He ignored me for the rest of the journey. I cried knowing he was hurting because of me. But I was helpless knowing he was hurting and he didn't want me to know. Occasionally he would let out a hiss in pain. My heart shattered. My sobs were muffled and tears rolled down my cheeks. But I could never let him know I was crying for him. His pain was visible to me. For once I felt pathetic and helpless. I was exhausted and my eyes were probably puffy from crying. I closed my eyes. Someone was carrying me. I was too exhausted to open my eyes so I made myself more cozy by snuggling closer. A husky chuckle was heard. I didn't bother to open my eyes. But when I did I found myself in a four poster bed that was more like a bed suitable for a Queen. Hot pink silk sheets covered my body. They were so smooth & silky. I wanted to stay in bed but the time on the clock jolted me awake from the bed. I rushed towards the washroom which was very grand. After finishing my business, I walked towards the closet and settled with a skirt that reached my thighs, a white button up shirt with puffy sleeves and cute jimmy choo.

The house was

room for days, refusing to go out. His business became his life. He stopped living." She looked so sad I could tell that she loved Roman as her son.

She took my hands in her old and bony ones and in her pleading voice said "Serra don't push him. Give him a chance. He loves you, the way he looks at you it clearly tells how much he loves you. He will do anything for you, give you everything that your heart will desire but please don't leave him. He is scared that he will lose you just like he lost his mother. He survived once but he won't make it again. You are very special to him he always talks about you. He never brought any woman here but you are the first one." Her voice was shaky.

"Ms Mitch who killed his mother? " I asked out of curiosity.

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