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   Chapter 11 Closer ( part I)

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I know it hurts for you to be with me.

But I love you. - Jae Kyung

Serra pov

Since it was Saturday, Roman was at home busy in his office as always. I wanted to avoid him at all cost. After I discovered I slept on his bed it wasn't easy for me to talk to him. It was really awkward for me. Every time I passed by his office my heart would skip a beat. I made myself coffee with no cream and small amount of sugar and made myself comfortable on one of the sofa in the library. I settled for 'Longest Ride' by Nicholas Sparks, my legs dangling on the arm of the sofa.

I know it was very unladylike of me. I was lost in the book that I didn't notice someone entering the room.

"Didn't had a fair idea you are into romantic books" I put the book on one of the table besides the sofa. And faced the devil who had settled himself on one of the sofa beside me, my legs resting on his lap. I tried to pull my legs from his lap but his firm grip restricted my movements. His long fingers were massaging my feet doing wonders.

I let out a giggle for the first time he smiled his eyes help amusement. Now he knew I was ticklish. He was tickling me, I was giggling and trying to pry his hands, he chuckled and settled for tickling me more until I was laughing and in between my laugh telling him to stop. Finally he stopped.

I was thankful to him. He went to the shelves and took out a book. I rolled my eye. The guy was so boring he settled for a business book. And sat on the sofa that was closest to me our legs were touching. That whole evening we spent our time in the library.

"So do you want to go out with me? I mean if you are willing to?"

His question caught me off guard. It had been three days since I was in this house. I was only allowed to roam around in the house. I bit my lips in anticipation. His eyes followed my movement. His eyes were dark and clouded with lust.

"Don't do that" he groaned.

I quickly stopped. He was patiently waiting for my reply.


After that I rushed to my room. I took a quick shower and settled for simple black long sleeves shirt, black skinny jeans, cute black pumps and some earnings. I was so excited that finally I could get out of this house even if it was with the devil. I skipped down the stairs. Roman was standing near a glass window his back facing

give a damn. The monster in me was mocking me. Tears pricked my eyes but I refused to show emotions. I washed my hand. Wrapped a bandage around it and not bothering with my shirt that has blood spots. I passed by many maids who were watching me what I snap at them their eyes widened and they looked away. I went to my car. Serra was looking at me her doe like eyes held concern.

"What happened to your hand?" I didn't bother to reply.

"Roman are you okay if you want we can go some day else." She looked so innocent. How can such an angel be with a devil like me. I know I was a monster but she was my angel, she was my light and the only person who could keep a beast like me sane.

So instead of hurting her more I didn't bother to reply. She settled for ignoring me. After some time I heard her soft breathing. She was sleeping. I looked at her from the corner of my eye. Tears glittered on her eyelids as well as some on the sides I wiped them away softly she was crying in her sleep. I guided her head to my chest and gently put her small body in my lap. Careful not to wake her. I planted a kiss on her forehead softly and lovingly. And just like a lover tugged the loose strand of her hair behind her little ear.

"No Serra I am not okay knowing that you are hurt. But I will be knowing you are here with me more closer to me than ever." A tear slipped down my eye. I was a possessive man in love and just like that I held her close to me through out the journey, occasionally placing kisses on her forehead, her hair and her cheeks.

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