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   Chapter 10 His Queen

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"Every time I look at you I ask myself how I became the luckiest man alive. All I want, all I need is you darling because after all every beast needs his beauty"- Unknown

Roman pov

"I believe that is all for now gentleman. You can leave for now." I in my most powerful and business like tone said. After shaking hands with my new business partners everyone except me was left in the conference room. I unbuttoned top three buttons of my shirt.

I took off my Armani dress coat and hung it on the backside of my chair. I ran my hands through my hair. It was already 7:00 all my employees had already left and my secretary and I were only people left in the office. My secretary was putting some important files for tomorrow, making notes of today successful business. Then went on telling me about upcoming deals and my schedule for tomorrow.

"That will be all for today Ahmed you can leave now and yes do make sure to email those documents to our new shipping aliments".

"Yes sir! Good night Sir" he scrunched out of the room in hurry. I know I was intimidating but when you are the youngest and successful business man you should be like that otherwise people will take you for granted. I wanted to go home, hold my angel in my arms but I couldn't neglect my work especially when there were some people who wanted to bring me down and I can't provide them with that opportunity. I settled for work. Going through my upcoming deals and some very important documents.

I always had a close monitor on my every employer achievements and dedication. I looked through my employees data and graded their performance. Also since a group of ten students had applied for internship in my company, I went through their interviews so I could choose those who were capable enough. When I was done with my work I looked at my Swiss watch it was already 10:50 pm. I was planning to go home so i could take Serra for dinner but then I received a call from my best friend, Sean Coleman. Sean was my childhood friend. His mother Miranda was my mother's half sister, both the women were inseparable just like us. Sean had always helped me he was like a brother to me.

"Hey Mr CEO its about time you grace me with your presence".

"What do you want"? I in my tired and irritated voice demanded.

"Just meet me at the club. The drinks are on me." Since I had my garage

ou but she was tired of waiting so she slept on the couch in the library. But since you had specifically instructed that no one should touch her or interrupt her we didn't wake her up." It made me smile that she stayed awake for me. I was angry at myself that I made her wait.

"Thank you Miss Graham you can retire to your room for today I can handle things from here."

I went to the library. Serra was sleeping but I could tell she wasn't comfortable. Not only was it cold and dark in the library, the couch was also hard and too small, it certainly would be painful for her in the morning and would leave bruises on her soft skin.

I picked her in my arms in bridal style. She grabbed my shirt front with her tiny hands. It made me smile. I looked at her with adoration and so much love. Her head rested on my chest. I carried her to my room. I kicked open the door with my shoes. Carried her to my bed and laid her on my bed. I covered her small body with my comforter.

Ladies and gentlemen, I spent that night sitting on the edge of the bed looking at my life. My Serra. That moment I realized the girl in front of me had completely wrapped me around her tiny finger I could and would do anything for her. She has bewitched me with her beauty and innocence. I stroked her face lovingly and softly.

"I love you my queen" For the first time I said those magical words loud. She slept comfortably in my bed. That night I just sat there looking at her all the tiredness of the day gone. Her soft breathing was like music to my ears that gave me a sense of relief.

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