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   Chapter 9 Pancakes & Talks

The Millionaire Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 7039

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Serra pov

After Roman left the room I was left there alone looking at his retreating back. My train of thoughts were broken when one of the maid came into the room with a black summer dress, so beautiful and elegant. The dress was made of pure silk. I ran my hand through the soft fabric of the dress as she handed it over. She handed me other stuff too that made me blush. I quickly took them from her.

"Ma'am, Sir brought these for you and he wants you to change into these clothes and come down in the kitchen for breakfast. I will be taking you to him". I simply nodded, unable to speak due to my previous breakdown.

I quickly went to the washroom. It was so luxurious like rest of his house. I could see my reflection on the walls of the washroom. It also had a Jacuzzi. And everything that I never knew existed. I was a sore sight when I looked into the mirror. Now I understood what that bastard of a brother meant. I quickly stripped and took a quick shower. Every thing was so expressive. From the conditioner, shampoo and shaving products. I was extra careful. After I was done and satisfied with my present state, I went to the changing room and slipped on the clothing that was provided to me. I grabbed the nearest shoes that I could find that consisted of ankle length boots. Since I had no time to brush my hair, I settled for a messy ponytail. This guy was loaded, the walk in closets consisted of dresses, tee shirts, pants, leather jacket, gowns, all type of sun dresses and surprisingly they still had tags on them. Looking at the price tags I gasped, they were so expensive. Every clothing, jewelry, makeup, shoes, bags were from most expensive designer brands.

"Ma'am should we go. Sir is very impatient he doesn't appreciate someone being late". I gave one longing look to the room that was my safe heaven for time being. Then I turned towards the maid who clearly looked annoyed and impatient.

I braced myself to face the devil and followed her. After walking through many long corridors and rooms we reached the kitchen. The sweet aroma in the kitchen made me hungry. My mo

ds to describe the angel in front of me. But when she sat far away from me I was disappointed and beyond angry. I in my most dominating voice commanded her to sit with me. She, like a wet little kitten did as I told her. I wanted her body close to mine so I pulled her closer. She glared at me. It amused me she was just a little kitten who was throwing tantrums. I wanted to kiss her and wrap my arms around her little fragile body. But it wasn't possible with my devil older brother who interrupted our little moment.

"Damn" I clenched my teeth he was going to get a good hearing. I was beyond pissed when he was talking to her occasionally. He gave me winks and smirked at me. I clenched my fist. "He really has a death wish today" I was muttering to myself. When he told her that he was leaving she had sad look on her pretty face I too wished for the same attention by her. She preoccupied herself with the cleaning so she could get rid of me. It was painful. My heart longed for her touch. When I kissed her she blushed and it made me the happiest man alive. I wanted to love her and cherish her forever. Since I had three important deals to sign I instructed my staff to take care of her, one scratch on her and their life was over. They gulped after listening to my threats. They all knew that I do what I say. I was like a puppy in love. I will do anything for her. Anything to make her mine.

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