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   Chapter 8 Failed attempts

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Updated: 2017-12-20 06:01

Roman pov

"Sir she is awake". A smile formed on my lips on its own accord. Time to visit my angel I thought as I left my office where I was occupied with my work. I entered her room. She was wrapped in sheets looking so beautiful I wanted to take her then and there and make her mine. I wanted to hold her so badly and kiss those beautiful lips of her it took every ounce of strength in me not to do so.

My angel raised her head and looked at me her eyes held fear and hate in them. She was shaking in fear and backed away on the bed "No no please don't" she was pleading. I reached for her, grabbed her and pulled her into my powerful chest, my hands tightly holding her in her place" Sshh angel we don't want anybody hurt do we" I whispered in her ear. She flinched away but stop struggling. I smirked.

"Get ready angel and come down for breakfast you have 15 minutes" I said looking at the expensive watch that rested on my wrist.

As I left her room I heard her angelic voice "Who changed me?"

I turned my attention towards her and in my emotionless voice said "That is for me to do and for you to find out". She gulped. The expression on her face was priceless. Her lips slightly parted in shock and her eyes wide, she let out a gasp. I left her room to prepare breakfast for her.

Serra pov

As Roman left the room I quickly scrambled out of the bed. "Have to get out of this place". I was muttering to myself. Chanting it again and again like a mantra.

My mind was clouded with fear. What if he tried to do something to me? So many ill thoughts crossed my mind and I shrugged

. Before I could come with a good reply I was being dragged away from the guy and from my freedom.

"Roman let me go please Roman" I was screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to pull my arms from his iron grip. My begging fell on deaf ear. Before I knew it we had reached the same room.

I was thrown on soft posh bed.

"Roman". I whispered in fear.

"Shut up woman, Why do you have to make everything so bloody complicated?", he yelled.

"You will stay here. You will never leave me. If you tried the consequences will not be good" he threatened me, grabbing my shoulder with so much force I flinched with pain.

"Change now and come down for breakfast". With that he left me on the bed. Tears streaming down my face. I knew it was a failed attempt but I wasn't going to give up. He was so bi polar and unpredictable and I knew that to get on his good side I have to act like the obedient victim right now.

"Serra you have to stay strong, you have to get out of here and escape this prison". She said to herself in order to calm her nerves down.

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