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   Chapter 7 Kissed & Kidnapped

The Millionaire Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 3286

Updated: 2017-12-20 05:53

Love is so beautiful it makes you weak to your knee. It gives you faith. It makes you want to curl your toes. But then it shatters you and leaves you stray. How you look at the person and you feel a connection and his touch is enough to make you feel loved and protected. How whenever you see him your heartbeat increases but when he leaves you are broken and you feel like you can't survive.

Serra pov

We were dancing to soft melody. Roman held me close to him, he was careful whenever he swung me around. I looked at him, his eyes held so many emotions it made me weak to my knees. I held on him tightly. We were so lost in each other that I never realized it was time to leave. As I tried to pull away, his grip on me increased and I whimpered in fear. He pulled me towards him, my soft body crashing with his hard one. His one hand went behind my head guiding it towards his face while the other one held me close to him by my waist.

I closed my eyes. His minty breath was

ing. He laid her on her bed and kissed her forehead softly. He called for his maid and told her to change her in comfortable clothes handling her his white shirt.

"When she is awake give her food to eat. And yes give her tablets to relieve her pain."

That night he had best sleep of his life, knowing very well she was in the next room, sleeping soundly. He had her all to himself. And he wanted to keep it this way. Because after all she was his he was so happy and at the same time relieved that he had her with him forever and he'll make sure it stayed that way. Now what was the lies that he can cook to tell her friends? He thought to himself

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