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   Chapter 6 Dating the millionaire

The Millionaire Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 9205

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Serra pov

"He what?". Anna screamed happily. It was enough to make me cover my ears. I fibbled with hands nervously. I looked at Jamaica who shrugged her shoulders. We both knew how crazy Anna can get when she is excited. She was jumping up and down clapping her hands like a child. It brought a smile to my lips. I didn't know what to feel.

I had no experience with boys I always had been the shy and quiet one in our group. 'The good girl' as they all said. Never kissed by a guy and never went on a date. The thought alone made me more nervous and shy. I knew if I speak now I will be a shuttering mess. About the date I wasn't so sure any more maybe.

I should call him and lie that I was feeling ill. But then I thought about Anna, how happy she had been when I told her that Roman asked me to go out with him. She was so excited running here and there. Preparing me for the date. She went through, more like rummage through my closet and picked out the dress that I never knew belonged to me. I was never comfortable with the dresses. It took lots of pleading and threatening on her behalf that I put on the dress.

When I entered the room, Anna happily hugged me. I could tell she was proud of her choice. Jamaica curled my long hair, while Anna applied makeup to my face. I had to beg her not to apply too much of makeup as I was never that kind of person who was too much into makeup. Only little amount of eyeliner and nude lip gloss were enough to satisfy me. After they were done they both looked at me proudly. I looked at myself in the mirror and I gasped.

The girl in the mirror was too different, she was classy at the same time and she looked so sexy. I couldn't stop but hug my two best friends. Indeed they were my lifesavers.

Those two were fashion freaks. So far they were successful in making a plane jane like me look so beautiful and stunning that I couldn't help but admire myself in the mirror.

"Sea you look so stunning we are sure hotshot millionaire won't be able to look away! I am sure you are going to be one major head turner today. All the boys will have their eyes on you only, " Anna said as she admired her work.

I blushed since I wasn't good with compliments. Jamaica had tears in her eyes. "Oh my beautiful baby friend is going to her first date". She gushed. I hugged her tightly. Then we took some of my pictures since Jamaica wanted to show it to her boyfriend. Jamaica gave me her nude heels to go with the dress and makeup. They made me look tall.

Just as I was done, I heard a horn. I knew it was Roman's driver. I waved to my two best friends, who instructed me to take care of myself. "If he doesn't treat you nicely call me, I will kill him with my bare hands". I couldn't stop but giggle

on top of my head and occasionally he placed kisses on my head or held my hands, bringing them to his lips and kissing them. I giggled with all the attention that I was receiving from one of the richest man in the world.

Roman pov

When I asked her to go on a date with me I was nervous. It was like I was a school boy asking the love of his life to go out with him. The girl had wrapped me around her little finger in no time. I had this strong urge, I wanted to hold her close and give her everything that her heart desired. When she entered the hotel I couldn't avert my eyes from her. She looked so radiant and beautiful. Her doe like eyes shined with happiness. I could do anything to see her smile.

Most of all I could scoop to any level to have her in my arms all to myself. That's what I was going to do tonight. I know she will hate me after that but I was ready to pay the price. I told her to dance with me. My little bunny could not stop blushing. I so badly wanted to kiss her right now, taste those beautiful lips of her. I held her close, my hands resting on her tiny waist. She was really small as compared to me. I had dated many women but none had that same effect on me like her.

I discarded every woman like trash after using them for my pleasure. But Serra was different. Every thing about her was special. This woman was too innocent, the way she peaked from her eyelashes. Everything about her was perfect. I was selfish I know but what could I do when I was so madly in love. I wanted to be the one to taint her innocence. I wanted to be the one who she will come running to when she wanted. I wanted to spoil her. I wanted to make her mine. Tonight I will make sure that I make her mine I had already planned everything but after this dance and I just have to make sure that it goes as I have planned

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