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   Chapter 5 White room

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Opened my eyes. The world around me was hazy. It was enough to make my head spin, I hissed in pain. Then I opened my eyes slowly. My eyes adjusted to the surrounding around me. It was a white room. "Wait what where was I? ". Looking at my surrounding I could easily tell it was a hospital. I was connected to tubes and I panicked because I could barely remember anything. I could hear two males talking outside. There voices were hushed and had some urgency to it. Then the door opened and I quickly lay on the bed and tightly closed my eyes. The footsteps were coming closer. My heart beat increased, my palms sweaty due to anticipation.

"Please God" I thought. I could only pray to God. Someone was softly creasing my face. A kiss was my placed on my forehead. "You can open your eyes now angel". I remembered the voice. Horrific memories of last night came crashing down and was enough to make me jolt from my bed. I was panting and breathing heavily, my chest rising and falling rapidly. Gone was my plan to act like I was sleeping, I was met with those electric blue eyes which held concern and love in their eyes. Then I realized I was leaning on him and I quickly pulled away.

Stammering I apologized. His jaw was clenched. I quickly tried to get away but before I could take a step away from him, he pulled me in his strong arms. "Going somewhere love?" he was so close his minty breath was fanning my face. Before anything could happen we heard someone clearing their throat I quickly pulled away. My body missed his heat. Pink color tinted my cheeks oh God the guy had seen our little episode because his eyes held amusement. He stood there amused and smirking. I was so dead and beyond embarrassed.

"Hello I am Dr Percy Latin". He said shaking my hand firmly. "Serra Parker" I replied politely. For a doctor, the guy was way too handsome.

"Miss Parker You have been out for 2 days. "I panicked as Jamaica and Anna will be worried sick about me. They were definitely going to kill me.

"Please can I contact my friends? They will be worried about me, they are my only family" I was pleading.

"Why not, here take my phone"before I could reach for Dr Latin's phone, Roman knight pushed his iPhone towards me. I dialed Jamaica's number who, after second ring picked the call. She sounded worried and stressed.

"Hello whose there?"

" Its me Serra."

"Sea where are you are, you okay? Sea you worried us!" I could tell she was holding her tears. It brought tears to my own eyes.

"I am coming jammy. I am okay. "With that I ended the call after I was sure she had calmed down.

I handed Roman knight his phone. "Thanks for saving my life. If it wouldn't have been for you I can't imagine what I would have done". His face was emotionless. He nodded in my direction.

"Dr Latin start the paperwork. Lets take you home Serra." He replied, his eyes never once leaving mine.

In the car we sat in comfortable silence. I could tell he was looking at me. But I was too lost in my thoughts. Occasionally I would tell him directions other then that we both were quiet .I fixed my eyes on the greenery around us. The ride wasn't awkward it was peaceful and quiet where we were lost in our own worlds. Finally, the car stopped outside my apartment.

I thanked him and invited for a cup of coffee. He refused after thanking him as I was going to enter my house. He called my name "Serra can I get your phone number?"

"Sure" as I narrated it to him. After that he was gone.

After two days I received his call. After debating with myself I picked his call.

" Hey are you free today?" He asked out of nowhere.

"Yes"I replied my voice unsure.

"Then get ready by 7. My driver will come to your apartment to pick you up." And with that he ended the call. Leaving me staring at the phone in my hand, my mouth wide open about the drama that has unfolded right now. How I wish to God now I have never agreed to go out with him I wish so badly that I could undo my mistakes now

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