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   Chapter 4 Another encounter

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Roman knight pov

As I walked into the cafe, it was already jam packed. Women were staring at me lustfully. Trying to expose more skin then they already did. It annoyed me. I hated women who only wanted to get in my bed or who were after me for my money. I looked around the cafe it sure was a small cafe but it was cozy. I let my eyes wonder around. I found a table in the quiet corner just to get a peace of my mind. I took out my iPhone and started to go through the files that my secretary had sent me. They contained details of the latest deals. I was too lost in my phone that I didn't notice the angel in front of me. I felt her gaze on me. Like other women, her eyes weren't full of lust they just held pure curiosity. She knew I caught her staring at me. She shyly looked away a blush crept on her cheeks making her look so adorable. I almost chocked on my own breath looking at the tiny angel in front of me. Her skin glowing as she shyly blushed. She was looking so innocent so fragile I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go. My heart furiously pumping. My body already yearned for her touch.

How I wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her senselessly. Despite the tired look on her face she looked like an angel.

I met many women in my life. Dated top super models, movie stars but no one had perfect body like her. She was so tiny with a small frame I was sure my body could cover her. Her long black hair look so soft so silky reaching her waist. She had all curves in right place. Her lips were full and blood red and I could tell she bite her lips when ever she wanted to concentrate on the work in her hands or when ever she was nervous. It made me smile. The thought alone was enough to make me yearn for her lips against mine. She was really small as compared to me where she was only 5'4 and I was 6'5. I know I was tall I guess it runs in my genes. My brother Holden Knight is tall too and my father was also very tall.

I saw my angel talking and laughing with her friends. Her laughter was contagious and like music to my ears. Her smile made me smile, I melted away at the sight of it. I guess people would call me crazy. Shamelessly checking out a stranger and lusting after her. But for me it was love at first sight. My stomach churned and did weird flips. I realized I wanted this woman, I needed her right next to me forever for which I would do anything. She was mine and mine alone.

I called the owner of the cafe who was sweating like pig in fear. I in my intimidating voice demanded the name of my angel. "Sir if you have any complaints against her I will fire her right away, " he gulped. His eyes went wide in fear as they met my stormy eyes. To which he visibly gulped.

Good you should be scared of my wrath after thinking about harming my love, I thought. He quickly with his head bowed said in a shaky voice, "Sir her name is Serra". Even her name was enough to send waves of pleasure in my body. I was falling too hard and too fast. I just met her and she was like a drug to me and I was addicted to her.

I demanded him for coffee. But only my angel was allowed to serve it to me as it was an excuse to have her close to me. I warned the owner, Tony, to not try to punish my angel in any way; the consequences won't be good. He quickly nodded his head and went away, more like ran to my angel and told her my order. Meanwhile my eyes were trained on her the whole time. I smirked well it will be fun, when Roman Knight wants something he gets it one way or another. I was already planning about our marriage and our children. Surely they will be beautiful just like my angel.

Serra pov

I was standing and talking with Stacy and Mia she was telling me about this new club that they visited. Mia was telling me about this cute boy that she met at the club, apparently he was a charmer. His name was Adrian. Stacy and I were laughing and teasing her as she blushed. I could tell that she liked him a lot. The whole time I could feel someone's gaze on me. It took every ounce of my power not to stare at the stranger again. I peeked at him from under my eye lashes one last time. I could tell he was looking at me. The thought alone made me shift my weight from one foot to another. Just as I was about to take an order from another table, my boss came to me and glared at me and told me that my services were required at Mr fancy pants' table.

My heart skipped a beat. If anyone would have seen me they would have thought I was having a heart attack. I tried to calm my beating heart and made my way to his table with pen and a notepad. As I stood near his table I could tell he was absorbed in his phone. I cleared my throat and calmly asked "What can I get for you sir?". His eyes were trained on my face the whole time as if memorizing every detail.

His eyes shifted to my lips that I was biting and as quickly as they had focused on my lips they met my gaze. I melted in a puddle under his gaze. Then he spoke his voice was so silky and velvety he didn't shutter like me but in his smooth and soothing voice said "What will you prefer?". I was taken back by his question as no customer had ever asked me about my preference. So why was he so interested. As

he was patiently waiting for my reply I in a weak voice added "Cold coffee and chocolate chip cookies ". Indeed they were my favorite."Coffee and chocolate chip cookies then and please make each of them two". I was confused but quickly rushed to the safety of the kitchen. I handed Michael the order.

He handed me the respective things. I took it to Mr fancy pants' table, my hands badly shaking the whole time. I put the tray on his table and was about to leave when he mentioned me to sit on the opposite seat of his. I was taken aback and I stood rooted to the place. "Sir i can't! I am not allowed to sit with any of the customers". I could lose my job if I ate with him but then he called for my boss. I gulped I was going to lose my job. I looked at him with pleading eyes. Mr Tony came rushing to the table.

"Sir did she do something wrong? If you want I can fire her right now." He looked at me he was beyond pissed. I looked at the stranger in fear, a tear trailed down my eyes. I saw unknown emotions in his eyes he clenched his fist but what happened next made the whole room silent. He stood up from the chair, the chair came crashing down. "Enough!". His loud voice boomed in the whole cafe. "I want this girl to sit and eat with me". My mouth fell open .Everyone gasped. Girls were throwing daggers at me. I was conscious about my surrounding.

I rubbed my hands together in embarrassment. He fixed the button of his coat before I could sit he rushed to my side and pulled a chair for me. I replied a quick thank you. He nodded and then sat on his chair. Stacy gave me a thumbs up. We sat in comfortable silence I could tell he wasn't very talkitive like me. Most of the talks were about me. He was very interesting and a good listener. Mr fancy pants' name was Roman Knight. He was a multi-millionaire and owned Knight Inc., one of the biggest and richest company in the world. I was impressed. Before leaving, he gave me his number.

When he went away I sighed in relief. Too much closeness with him had strange effects on me, I couldn't think straight. My body would do strange things like it has a brain of its own. I started to take orders yet my mind went to Roman knight. A smile formed on my lips on its own accord. When my shift was over I put the apron on the side and got dressed in my casual clothes.

My last job was at a library. Although the library wasn't located in the safest place yet my love and passion for books had made me take this job. It gave me free chances to read books to my heart desire. As I was closing the library I could tell I was late. The bus had already left. I had to walk home. It wasn't safe but I had no other option except for walking home. I kissed Mrs. Howard goodbye. She was 75 year old lady and owned this library. We were very close. She was like a mother to me as my mother died in a car accident. As I was walking I felt someone was watching me. I tried to calm myself. It was very cold and dark and the only source of light was an old rusty bulb hanging from the wall. I heard footsteps, my heart started to race, my hands were shaking I put them in my coat. I started to walk faster so did the other person. I started to run. My lungs burned due to running. A hand grabbed me firmly, I started to scream. I came face to face with a man. He was scary, his teeth were yellow and his clothes were old. He stinked. I tried to get out of his grip. He grabbed me more tightly around the waist. I was crying. I did the only thing that any person could do in desperate times. Kicked him between his legs. He released me and I took this as my cue to run.

The next thing I knew he pulled my leg with so much strength, I came tumbling down on the hard ground. My hands were bruised and bleeding.

"Got you Girly"he whispered in my ear. I tried to throw him off me. He was kissing me forcefully. I tried to get out of his grip but he lay on top of me with all his weight. I could barely breath. I was screaming for him to stop. His hands advanced towards my shirt I tried to kick him as I screamed. He pinned my hands and legs making me helpless with his.

"Easy girly I promise we will have fun. Just stop struggling and you will not get hurt." I pleaded him to stop. Crying and screaming for help. He started to unbutton my shirt. I was losing consciousness. "Help, " I croaked. My sight was hazy, everything was moving. I couldn't see properly as I was fighting to stay awake. My strength was leaving my body. The next thing I know the man was thrown off my body. Someone was kicking and punching the man. The man didn't stand a chance as he was badly bleeding and bruised. My saviour was no other than Roman. "Roman, " I called for him. Roman stopped after giving him a punch and rushed towards me.

"Roman help I can't breathe, " I whispered. "Sshh love, my angel we are taking you to hospital. Everything will be okay. Just relax everything is going to be alright."

"Roman I want to sleep". I whispered. "Angel please I want you to keep your eyes open we are almost there, " he said in a hushed voice. He was giving instructions to his men and in his soothing voice telling me to keep my eyes open. I closed my eyes knowing I was safe as he carried me.

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