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   Chapter 3 Mr .Fancy Pants

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As Serra stepped in the shop she was well aware she was late. She was hoping her boss hasn't asked for her. She was sure he was going to fire her. He was a grumpy man as well as annoying. He was always insulting his poor staff. He only cared about himself and his money. The cafe was jam packed. She could smell the sweet aroma of the coffee. People were shouting orders. Some were entering and some were leaving the shop. The place was one of the busiest shop because Tony cafe (named after her grumpy boss) sold delicious coffee. As she entered the kitchen and quickly wore the apron, Tony came to her, his face red due to anger. Serra sent a quick prayer to god to save her from the wrath of Tony.

"Why the hell are you late Serra? Don't make pathetic excuses of the bus or the traffic. If you are late again I will make sure you never step in my shop again. Your pathetic excuse for nothing."

"Everyone back to your work and you!" He said pointing at Serra threateningly " You will only get your half pay this month". With that he turned on his heels and walked away. Serra clenched her hands into a fist."How dare he disrespect her ?" she thought, angry and frustrated.

Her fellow workers gave her pitiful looks. She turned away. She does not need their sympathy. Serra was serving a table where a woman sat with her two daughters. Serra gave the girls a polite smile which they returned with their toothy grins.

She noticed a man entering the cafe. By his look she could tell he was very rich. Everything about him screamed richness. She could tell that everyone was looking at the man. The women looked at him with lust and quickly started to expose more skins, while the men looked at him with hatred. Her heart skipped a beat.

"Wait. What was she thinking? She looked like a small school girl who had a crush on a bad boy. She looked so desperate. Bad Serra! Tony will throw you out of the job for

day dreaming as you drool over a handsome stranger." Once again she focused her eyes back on the handsome stranger who didn't look affected at all. She could tell he was used to this kind of attention. Rather than paying any attention to anyone, he walked towards the table. His strides long and confident. He was very intimidating.

He was beyond handsome. He wore well-tailored dress. Even his expensive shoes were shiny and pointy. On his right wrist a Rolex rested. She could tell that he worked out a lot due to his bulging muscles. His hair looked too silky and shiny. She wanted to run her hands through them. His eyes were very deep they looked right through your soul. He lips so kissable.

A voice in her whispered, warned her not to mess with him or get on his bad side.

Serra was pulled out of her train of thoughts when her coworker, Stacy called her. "Serra please go and serve this order to Table 45".

The table was only three tables away from the handsome dude's table. All of a sudden she felt nervous. Her hands were literally shaking badly. She mustered all her strength and went to the table. She put down the coffee her gaze lingering to the stranger who met her eyes with his intense gaze.

Serra quickly looked away. A faint blush coated her cheeks. He had caught her checking him out. As Serra left the table she could feel the stranger's eyes on her the whole time.

"Oh lala sexy guy is totally checking you out Serra, " Stacy said. There was a smirk. Serra wanted to hide somewhere. This was totally embarrassing!

"I think he is interested in you go and talk to him" Stacy suggested to which Serra shook her head. For all she knew this guy could be a wacko, a freak, a pervert. She shuddered at the thought and mentally slapped herself for checking him out and gawking at him like a love sick puppy.I certainly have lost my mind today she thought irritated at her thoughts

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