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   Chapter 2 Roman Knight

The Millionaire Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 2455

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Roman woke up with a major headache. He looked around to discover that he was in another room and this definitely wasn't his room. As compared to his dark room this room was more feminine. He knew that he was drunk again and had spent his night with the girl that he met at the party.

What was her name Candy, Sandy, Cindy?, he thought groaning.

He didn't give a damn. He was a multi millionaire running his companies around the world that produced worth million of goods. For him girls were only the source of entertainment. He found it amusing how he used them like toys then break their hearts. They always came running in his arms even if he treated them like trash. Some people said he was heart less, some called him rich bastard and some called him a player. He played with girls heart then stepped on it like it was no big deal. He broke their hearts when they were no more needed.

He could hear the shower running. She was probably in the shower. He picked up his cloth as he was about to leave she entered the room. He could tell she was another of that slut and gold digger who only wanted money.

"Baby you are leaving so early lets have some fun again, " she said pouting, trying to look sexy which w

as far from the case.

Her face was caked with makeup. Surely she had a great body but Roman had enough fun. She ran her perfectly manicured hands up and down his chest purring like a cat. He pushed her hand away.

"As bad as you will feel but I will break it to to you that you are only good in bed but I don't want to see your face again Candy". Her face turned into a mortified image she glared in anger and disgust."Its not Candy its Sandy, " she shrieked.

"Yeah yeah what ever" he rolled his eyes unfazed and left her room. He could hear her cursing him and screaming like a mad woman calling him names like other girls. He smirked at her reaction.

He had already called his driver. Johnson was waiting for him outside the apartment. "Good morning, Mr knight". He said as he opened the door for Roman.

"Good morning Johnson how are you?"

" I am fine sir. Thank you".

He ordered Johnson to take him home, who nodded in agreement. Roman ran his hand through his hair. Today he had very important board meetings to attend the thought itself made him carve for coffee. "Johnson is there any good coffee shop? Take me there".

God he needed coffee so badly to handle the hectic schedule, he thought.

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