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   Chapter 45 Magic witch...

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I felt kisses all over my lower back.

A smile graced my lips as still my eyes were shut.

"Wake up amore." his voice still hoarse and deep.

A warm breeze blew against my skin as I turn to lay on my back. His hands caressed every inch of my bare skin.

"I wish I can keep you here forever like this, make love to you under the stars while you scream my name out."

My hands reach to cover my blushed face as I remembered how he took me last night.

"The entire village must of heard me."

He chuckled as he leans up on one elbow. "I'm sure they did."

I was sure last night would be a memory to remember forever.

"What plans do you have for us today?"

He smiled and looks over to the side of the bed. My eyes followed where he was staring at; a picnic basket was set on the floor, along with a blanket and a sparkling bottle.

"I thought maybe we should go visit Ricardo and his wife to see if he completed his task on becoming a man-"

"What?" I questioned curiously as I shot up from the warm cozy bed. "What do you mean by 'becoming a man'? Haven't they..."

Leo chuckles before sitting up straight. "Well amore, here, things are different. No sexual Intercourse are allowed before marriage. I know Ricardo isn't innocent, but his wife is definitely a virgin. One the wedding night, the bride usually comes with a caretaker who looks after her. Meaning; she places a white cloth over the bed where the bride is to lay and become one with the groom. After that is done, the caretaker is to return her pureness as proof back to her parents with a expensive bottle of perfume."

"Woah, what if the girl isn' know, 'pure'. Then what happens?"

"I don't know, I've never heard of a bride not being a virgin on her wedding night, I mean, here especially. Fathers take pride in raising a well behaved, modest daughter. That's how it goes here."

"What if we go and they haven't done it?"

Leo laughed. "Trust me amore, Ricardo was deep in her last night. There's no way he didn't court with his wife, the men in the village will mock him for not be a man."

"Okay, this place is beautiful and all but I don't think it's the place for me. They probably think I'm a slut after last night."

God the embarrassment.

"Everyone in the village knows that I'm married to you, so don't worry and lift that pretty head of your high."

"You told everyone I was your wife before asking me to become-"

"Shhh, " he placed his finger over my lips. "Yes, I did. I apologize but I don't want people looking at you wrongfully. So I lied and said we were married. Is that okay?"

"Yes silly, it's fine. But it is sad how these people still think of such matters."

"You can't change how they were taught amore. Its costum, traditions. Every place has there own unique way of how they view life."

"Your right, but I feel bad. What if a girl doesn't prove herself, then what, god, I can't even imagine what they'll do to her."

"As I said, it has never happened before." Leo said as he stood up. "Let go bath in the river then go see the newlywed. After we have breakfast at Ricardo's place, we can walk around and explore. Then after that, we can have a picnic at the top of the hill, out looking the beauty of this village."

"Sounds like you got the whole day planned for us."

I stood up and walked over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"No one will see us in the river washing right?"

He pressed me against his body, leaning over to kiss me. "No one will see."


The water was warm and clear. Under a huge trees that covered our naked form, we bathed and played around until it was time to get out.

Clean clothes were awaiting us.

Dry and clean, we walked alongside the gravel road. It was mesmerizing as birds chipped, trees blew softly.

"This place is like heaven Leo, so peaceful."

"It is, away from loud noises and people."

Ricardo's family home appears before us and there stood a man selling cactus pears.

"Are whose tasty?" I asked Leo.

"There delicious, want one?"


Leo asked for two, the man cu

's trun now, she sat down on the grass and held her hand out.

"Scent of jealousy and hurt will come later in life. Three days from now you'll become his wife. A river of love bonds two hearts. He is waiting for you to start. Shall pass the waves of darkness ahead. With a kiss from a man waiting to be lead." The woman spoke in a low tone before closing Natia hand. "Don't be afraid, your path is clear."

"Thank you, I guess." Natia frowned before standing up.

I sat down and held my hand out.

"No need for me to look my dear, for I have know you're past, present and future since you were here."

I backed away from her and took a really close look at her appearance.

She was young and beautiful. "How old are you?"

"Very old, " she whispers out.

I look at Natia, "She looks younger than me."

Natia frowns and shakes her head. "She looks over ninety years."

"She can't see what you see, for your heart believe what Leo speaks."

I gaze at her deeply. Not knowing to believe or deceive my eyes.

"Your not real."

"She is, " Ricardo's voice spoke from behind me. "She's fucking real." he says in a panic before rushing over to his wife.

He was pulling her away from the woman before me.

I look back to see Leo starting at her intensely.

"So I wasn't imaging?" He questions himself.

"The darkness has past Leo, a future lies ahead with two identical girls you'll be blessed with."

She hands me two locket, one was Ruby and the other was Pearl.

"Tell your friend I'll be seeing more of him in the near future, for you Leo. Our paths shall never cross again. But you are welcome to come and see me any time you'll like."

She gets up and looks down at me.

"You have a heart like no other Raslan."

She moves away from me and stands before Leo who was still in disbelief.

"You never came back because of me."

He looks at her and just stares like if she wasn't real.

"Make sure to tell your daughters about the magic witch you encounter once." she pulls out an old compass and smiles. "Take care Leonardo."

She walks away holding the compass before her. I stood up and rushed to Leo's side. "You okay?"

"You saw her right?"

I laughed as he bends over to catch his breath. "I thought I was crazy but you saw her, Ricardo saw her."

He was pacing back and forth as if he couldn't believe it happened.

"She said I was pregnant, twins girls. I think it's bullshit but I saw her just as you did Leo."

I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into a kiss. "I want my twin girls."

He chuckles and nods his head. "I'll give them to you, Ruby and Pearl."

Ruby and Pearl...Ruby and Pearl.

"I like the sound of that, lets hope god answers our desires."


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