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   Chapter 44 A night to remember...

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 7468

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I was taken into the fields not far away from Ricardo's home.

Everyone was still enjoying their time dancing and drinking the night away.

I, on the other hand, was dragged by my beast for a little midnight fun.

My eyes lifted up to the sky, the stars came out to make the evening more memorable.

Not far, I see a small home on the edge of a hill, built into a tree.

"Leo, is that where we will be staying?" I questioned.

"Yes amore, " he whispered out.

I felt his hands going up my thighs, caressing and gripping with such passion.

Stopping us both in the middle of the field.

My head fell back even further to the feeling of lust ripping through my soul.

Goosebumps stood against my skin.

His mouth latched onto my neck, sucking and nipping.

He was in his own world.

As I was lost in his.

One hand between my legs, the other gripping on my rear end, lifting my up.

He palmed my core with one hand. He played and teased as his lips went all out on my neck.

"Leooo, Leooo, " I breathlessly say.

"Si amore, si bella, si, si, si."

I grabbed his face and pulled his lips down to mine.

", " I spoke between words as he begins to undress himself. ", " he pulled my dress up and lifted me effortlessly on his body. "this, its so sexy."

He laid me on the wet soil, spread my legs apart and placed his wide awaken member near my entrance.

Unlocking the door which I called my pussy and entered deeply.

"Ohhhhhhh.....Ohhhhhh." a moan escapes from me as his fullness slides in my wet core.

"You should be use to me by now amore, its should be easy for you to take, " he pushed himself all the way. "all of, " he filled me up to the very last inch, "me." he groans out loud.

He was right, I should have been already use to him but still, it was the same feeling every time.

"What you have isn't normal Leo, I'm scared one day you'll kill me with your coc- ahhhhhh." I yelled as his fingers pinched my nubs.

Distracting me or more like shutting me up.

He laughed as he leaned back, on both knees, he had both hands on each nipples, pinching every so gently. Arousing me to higher level of lust while he thrusted in slow motion.

im and held my breath.

"I really love you and I'm fucking sorry for what I did, I know I can't take it back and if I could I would. You mean the universe to me, my air that I breathe, your just my soul and I'll do anything to keep you near me. I..."

I fell to my knees and wiped his tears that just fell without knowing.

His breathing hitched higher as he tried to find more to say.

His hands shook as he held a small white box.

", " he uttered with fear.

My vision was blurry due to the tears.

My heart raced to the love I felt.

My soul risen due to the man before me.

"Of... course... I..will, " I answered quickly.

His eyes lite up, a shocked look on his face. "Yea?"

I nod before laughing as I wipe my tears away. "Yea!"

"Fuck...thank you lord." he says as a sigh of relief comes over him.

"Yes, yes, yes Leo, forever more yes's."

I was pulled onto his lips for a kiss I'll cherish and remember forever.

He leans his forehead upon my as he opens the small box to reveal a diamond ring that was surrounded by rubies.

"Oh god..." I gushed out.

"You like it?"

"I love it, oh Leo, " my heart beating as tears fell once more.

"Don't cry, give me your finger." he says as I bring my shaky hand close for him to slip on the ring. "Perfect fit."

"Just as you are to me, " I added which caused him to smile.

His arms engulf my body as close as possible to his. "I love you."

I hold him even closer. "I love you more."

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