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   Chapter 43 Best man

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 6191

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The car ride was a bit bumpy as we reached the top of a hill. I held on to Leo arm for dear life.

"Just imagine if you were on my dick and the car moving like this. Damn!"

Leo whisper as he brought his finger to his mouth just to bite hard on it.

"I still feel slipt in half from yesterday. But, that does sound interesting."

He chuckles, pulling me in his arm.

The scenery was stunning, a vally of hills and tress. Kids walking along the side of the roads, I couldn't get enough as the driver drove us to Ricardo place.

It wasn't long before we reached the top of the hill. A three story brick house came into view.

"Thats Ricardo's family home. He lives with his mother and father, his wife as well will live there. If you can look on the other side of the hill." Leo pointed to a one two story home. "Thats my fathers home, we would come and stay here for the summer when I was young but then stopped."

I look up and see the sad expression on his face. "You okay?"

He nods as the car comes to a stop.

"I am, the house isn't vacant, there a family living in it at the moment."

"Oh, we won't stay there?" I asked sadly, hoping we'd have a place to stay all alone for the weekend.

He got out of the car and walked around to open my side door.

"We'll stay in Ricardo's shed in the forest. No one will bother us there and, I wouldn't mind fucking you under the stars at night."

I jumped into his arms.

Ugh I was in love with this man.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my best man." Ricardo's voice boomed from behind us.

"You threatened me if I didn't come then you'll won't get married." Leo chuckled as he leaned over to give his friend a hug.

I watched the two embrace in a friendly hug as they looked at each other.

"So good to see you Leo, glad your back to your old self."

"Me too R

d that played soft music.

Leo pushed me to walk forward. We we're before the groom and bride standing.

"Congratulations to you both, may you live a long and happy life together." Leo says as he took the brides hand and placed a gold bracelet around her wrist.

"Garzi Lèo, it so good to see you after all these years." the bride speaks before she looks into my eyes. "Lèo is a very special friend of ours you know, I am Natia and you must bebthe angel Ricardo's speaks about." she implies as she stood up to give me a warm hug. "I hope you stay long here so we can get to know each other more."

"Nice to meet you Natia and congratulations to you and Ricardo."

"Thank you, " she hands me her bouquet before sitting down.

A loud cheer from the people around us erupt.

"She gave you here bouquet, now you will marry shortly after her." Ricardo smiles as he pulls his bride to his side.

"Hope so, " I look up to Leo who was smiling down at me.


We laughed and smiled. Dance and ate until nothing was left. The nighttime has fallen upon us and the stars had filled up the sky.

Fireworks display the night sky as each one held a loved one close by.

This day was a day I'll never forget in a long time.

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