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   Chapter 41 Sexual tension...

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My eyes were shut locked as Rachel tried to soothe Mattó down. The boy was crying and she was trying her best to calm him down.

"Tell me what's wrong sweetie, does your tummy hurt?" she whispers softly.

I opened my eyes to see her looking down at Mattó as he laid there in her arms.

"You want to go see papa, hmm? You miss him sweetie?"

The boy tossed and turned in her arms, his little fingers grabbed her nightgown, trying to pull himself up to stand straight. His eyes sheds tears.

"Aww baby, don't cry." she cooed.

I felt Alison arm lay against my neck, her head lifted up until she rested it on my arm.

"Pull the blanket over her legs, poor thing must be uncomfortable in those jeans."

I look up at Rachel who placed the boy upon my chest.

"Where are you going?"

She was wearing her robe over the nightgown she had on. Her hands reached for Mattó once more. He began to cry again. "Where are you taking him Rachel?"

Mattó's blanket in her hand, she tried to look at me. "You took him away from his father's Leo-"

"Rachel, bring him back."

"No, and be quiet or you'll wake up Alison."

She was approaching the door, I quickly pulled my arms away as gently as I could without waking Alison up. I managed somehow but was too late to stop Rachel, she was out the room.



Leo was attached to Mattó more than I was but I knew my limits. The boy wasn't mine nor his, Mattó belonged to Federo.

As much as I wanted to keep him with me, I couldn't. This week has been so stressful and Leo was the cause of this stress.

Every night Alison was in our room just to play with Mattó, they both would play until sleep came over them.

I didn't mind them one bit, it made me happy to see them around Leo and I but when Federo asked to see his son. Leo just...well, he just refused and that didn't sit well with my conscience.

A fight broke off between the two big bad wolf's, I meant brothers and it wasn't pretty.

Leo was obsessed with the boy, he wanted him all to himself and that's when I knew he was still hurting in a way.

"I love you Mattó but I wish I'd get pregnant so your uncle Leo would stop being an ass." I reached over and gave a firm knock on Federo's bedroom door.

It didn't take long before the door opens widely. "What happened, are you two ok?"

"Breath Federo, " I said as I walked into his room. "Why does it smell like you poured on of Nadia's perfume all over the place?"

The scent was strong, to strong

here...Leo, " I whispered out of breath.

"I know, " he groans while causing me to feel his erection.

All rooms were occupied, we were stuck with our lust until further notice.

"Rachel..." he moaned out, not able to control himself any longer.

He dry humps himself against my heated core that seemed to love the friction it was causing.

"Leoooo, fuck me!"


Butthole, pussy, mouth, anywhere you want daddy.


I just said where, can't you read my fucking mind?

"Find some place and-"

"What are you guys doing?" Alison questions from behind causing Leo to drop me on the floor.


"Sorry, " he pulled me up and place me before him.

He was trying to cover his big fat juicy dick from her.

I giggled as he pokes against my butt.

"Sorry, he was giving me a hug. Lets get you back to bed." I said as I walked over to her.

Thankfully her eyes were still drooping.

"Rachel, Rachel don't leave me like this." Leo says as I entered the room with Alison.

His loud grunts could be heard as I tucked her in. She closed her eyes before going back to sleep.

I turn to look at the sexy man that leaned against the door rail.

Grabbing his cock, he plays with it a bit.

"Sorry, maybe next time." I say as I lay next to Alison, dozing off to sleep.

He steps into the room, comes closer and pushes me to the middle of the bed. His arm pulls me into his embrace. "I'll make you pay, just you wait."

"Better be ten times better than I imagine."

"Oh amore, " he pushes himself closer, still fully awake. "Thats a promise."

I didn't know if I was excited or scared.

Note to self, buy lube.

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