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   Chapter 40 Little miracle...

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 9001

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The grandmother decided she wasn't coming with us. She said that her job was done and it was time for her to give up Mattó to his father.

She kissed the boy and gave him a hug before going up to her apartment.

"He is now in your hold, keep him safe and loved always. Give me your word." Her words rang in head over and over.

Of course I gave her my word that no harm with ever affect Mattó as long I live.

I looked down at amore who was sleeping on my lap. Mattó was playing with my hair as we flew back to Malta in the airplane that was waiting for us.

"You look a bit like me but a lot like your father little one."

He didn't say anything, only stared? and tried to recognize me.

"Can I hold him?" Marin asked.

"Of course you can, " I handed him Mattó but the boy refused to go.

"Nevermind." Marin chuckled as the boy laid his head on my chest.

Lucky bastard you are Federo.

"We should buy him a bed before heading back to the mansion." Marin said.

"And toys, lots of them."

"Don't neglect Alison from the attention she needs, cause it looks like you will."

"I won't, I have a soft spot for that girl. She is an angel walking on this earth."

"Just saying Leo."

Mattó instantly fell asleep.

I leaned back and rested my eyes for a bit. "Keep an eye on him, don't let him fall from my hold." I told Marin who nodded to my command.

My arms wrap around his small frame before dozing off.


"What should we buy?" I asked Rachel as we stood watching Mattó play with everything in sight.

"Whatever he grabs?" she said not knowing what to do.

"Whatever he grabs it is."

"Hey guys, look, " Marin shouts as he pulls a box towards us.

"This is the only thing I can find thats fits for a toddler. Should we-"

"Put it in the car, " I said not letting him finish his words.

Rachel giggles, picking up Mattó who had a doll in his hand. "You'll buy everything in sight if it was up to you."

"I would actually, " I said as I kneel before Mattó. "vuoi questa bambola?"

He nods his little head, causing me to smile. "He wants the doll, " I said as I look up at Rachel.

"Lets buy it for him then."



I loved the fact that Leo didn't mind Mattó choosing a girls toy. I had the hots for him even more but I wasn't going to let him know that.

He was open minded, most of Mattó's toys were actually dolls and cars.

"Why are you smiling ever since we got out of that store?"

"No reason buttface, just happy."

And I was, very happy.

"The truck is following us home, you nearly bought everything in sight. I'm surprised there were still stuff left for anyone else to buy." Marin said with

n't helping my wild thoughts as I thought about her naked form.

Alison and Mattó were knocked out. They we're feed and quickly fell asleep right after.

Maybe I should clear a room for Alison so she can come and go wherever she wants. She can sleep in this mansion and Leonidas mansion out back. She can have two room of her own. Wherever she wants to sleep in she could, yea, thats sounds like a good idea.

The door opens and I look back at Rachel steps out.

The short bathrobe came up to her mid-thigh, showing off her long beautiful legs.

Legs you can spread open and plunge yourself in between-

"Leo, " she snaps her finger before my face, bringing me out of my lustful thoughts.

I reach over and pull her on top of me.

"Leo, " she whispers out. "Not now, we have kids in the room."

"Yea, you are a screamer."

She nugged my shoulder back. "Am not."

"Oh baby you are, Leo, oh Leooooo more, more." I imitate her how she sounds in bed with me in a hush tone.

"Yea, " she hums out as her hands run through my hair. "Oh amore, so wet, so beautiful, so fucking mine."

I laugh as quietly as I could. "Yes, you are mine. Forever and always amore."

It was the truth, she had me in every way. Mind, body and soul. I was hers and only hers.

I nuzzled my lips against her wet neck and plant a kiss.

She opens her neck even further for me to gain access. "I won't be able to stop amore."

"I know, " she says, looking into my eyes. "This what happens you know, when you have kids you can't." she leans over and whispers. "Fuck hard and loud."

"Even if I have a dozen kids, I will still fuck you till your voice can be heard to the end of the street."

She shook her head before resting it upon my shoulder. "I love you Leo."

"I love you even more."

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