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   Chapter 39 Coming back..

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She was gone, forever, and it was all my fault.

"Leo, " Alison's voice came through as the door opened.

"Come in beautiful."

Her eyes scanned my slumped body that was laying on the floor.

"Does it hurt?" she questions as she kneels down.

"A lot more than I thought it would."

Her small hands rested above my heart. "I'm sorry." she softly sad.

"It's not you who should be sorry, it's my fault she left me."

"She didn't leave you, she just wants to find herself. That's what Maddie said, she is hurt in a way but I know it not because of you. Maybe she's missing something in her life?"

I didn't know how this ten year old knew what to say, she was so far ahead of her age.

"I hurt her before and regret it very much. She went through a lot of pain because of me. She even lost our child I wished she never did, and it all my fault. I know she said she forgave me but still, deep down in her she didn't. My apologies couldn't fix her broken soul, but I don't know what else to do."

The little girl before me starts to cry.

Her head rested on my chest as she sightly sobs.

"I wish and prayed it would be a girl you know, I was happy and anger when she told me she was pregnant. It wasn't the right time for her to conceive, so we didn't to terminate the baby but she changed her mind. It was as if a God answered my prayers, then took it away."

"My sister always says, if it wasn't meant to be then just know God has bigger plans for you." she said as her lifts up. Those brown eyes just smiled through tears. "You will be happy, I know you will. She will be back in your arms before you know it."

My hands reach up to cup her cheeks.

"Why are you so kind and sweet to me?"

"Madison says you need love, I thought I'd give you some for free."

I chuckle and pull her into my embrace. "Thank you Alison, it means alot to me that you care."

"Will you help me when I need ask?"

"Of course I will, anything for you princess."

Her hands tug against mine, she pulled me up and sat before me like an angel. "I want to stay here but Maddy wants to leave. Leonidas likes her but she's scared, why do you grown-up run from faith when its right before you? You make love seem so complicated when it's the most easiest thing to give."

"It's scary because you dread the pain of getting hurt, so we build a wall barrier to protect ourselves. It's stupid sometimes, but the pain of loving someone can be a good thing or a bad thing."

She stays there quietly, thinking about what I said. "Leonidas is the quiet one between us, he keeps in his feelings. I don't know about your sister, is she like him?"

She shrugs. "My mom died four years ago due to cancer. Maddy struggled a lot and got into some shit-"

"Language young lady."

"Sorry, she got involved with this guy who made her do bad things. She's scared that all men are like him. So maybe she is scared to fall in love."

I pulled her chin up, getting a sad look in her eyes. "Then I think you should start making them realize how love can truly be. Your a smart girl, I know you'll think of something."

She giggles as I winked at her.

"So, are you gonna sit around and mop all day or are you coming down to eat?"

"You can go beautiful, I'm not-"

"No, " she stands up and tries to pull me up with her. "Let's go down together, I promised everyone I'll bring you down with me."

"I really-"

"Please Leo, please." she begged, adding a small pout.

"Fine, you really know how to get your ways."

She giggles once more as I stood up.

Her hand in mine, holding tightly as we walk out the room.

"We have to get you started on school, you've missed out more than you should have."

"What! No, I don't want to go to school. Please don't bring this up."

"Ha, nice try."

We had already made it down the stairs and walked the narrow hallway until reaching the kitchen where everyone was.

Marin and Alma, Adamo and Franco, Leonidas and Madison just started as I walked in. Federo was sitting in front of Vitoria.

"Wheres Givo?" I questioned curiously.

"He took our hostages away to neverland where we won't see them ever again." Federo uttered as I sat besides him.

Alison stands near me, listening to what we were saying. I didn't want her to hear anymore, so I didn't questions him much further.

"You remember our friends in the police station?" Federo asked but I really didn't want Alison to hear much more.

"Madison, " I look back at her. Her hand grips Leonidas arm in fear. "Alison needs to start school-"

"Ohh come on." Alison whines.

I pull her closer. "That

ch, just kept looking at Mattó's sleeping form.

"Maybe after we sit down and get it everything off our chest, can start practicing making one of our own."

His stormy sea blue eyes looks at me with a smile. The sight before me made heart jump in excitement.

"Come over here and kiss me."

I melted at his words before taking his lips into mine. The kiss was dominant just like always but he was held back due to the boy in his arms.

"I'm gonna fuck you till you pass out." he whispers against my cheek.

My fingers wiped the chocolate off Mattó's face, Leo laughed. "He's in a chocolate coma." I giggled at his remark.

"Are you two ok?" I heard Nadia ask from behind me.

"I think so, are you coming back with us?" I questioned her.

She was thinking hard. "Promise me you'll take care of him, don’t hurt him Rachel."

I frowned as dad steps out and stands besides her.

"Your not coming back with me?"

She shook her head as dad rested his arm around her shoulder. "She will come with me, even though I begged her to go back to Federo but she doesn't want to."

"I do, it's just that he wants me to go so why should I go back?"

"It was because he's scare-"

"No Cèsar, " Nadia says as he steps out. "It's not that, I'm not mad that he has a son. I'm mad that he letted me go, he didn't even give us a chance. I'm not going to go back and throw myself to him. If he wants me, he has to come show me he cares. I know you'll both look after Mattó's, please don't kill Federo for what he did in the past. He had no hand in it, there was no other way." she steps closer to us and kisses Mattó on the head. "He really went into my heart, just as his father did. Please look after him." she begged.

"I promise, " Leo says as she steps back.

Father and Cèsar sighed deeply.

"I told him he fucked up, oh well. Now he has to prove himself." Cèsar says as Nadia walks back inside sadly.

"Look after my angel Leo, I'm counting on you." Father says as he hold his arm out. "Come here my princess."

I lock myself in his embrace. It was warm and heartfelt hug I've had in a long time. "Come and visit us, I'm expecting you three, " father points with his finger.

"I'll bring them in a couple of week from now, don't worry." Leo states as father pushes me back to his side.

He looks at us and smile. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go home!" father ushers with his hands for us to go away.

Leo places Mattó on his shoulder before taking my hand.

"Leo, you forgot the luggage and the grandmother." Cèsar yells out as we head to the car where Marin was smiling like crazy.

"I'm having a moment, " he says, faking a tear. "But for real, this is pretty cool."

"Get in the car amore. I'll go get the luggage and grandma."

I get in the back seat quickly, Leo places Mattó on my lap and heads back.

"Rachel?" Marin says and I look up at him.


He looked left and right before rubbing the back of his neck. "Can you please ignore what-"

"I didn't hear anything, besides, I'm waiting on my proposal or else I'm killing you."

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