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   Chapter 38 Doubts about leaving him..

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Lock her in your room Leo and don't let her leave.

What was I saying?

"Fuck love!"

"Can we leave now Leo? Annabella is waiting for me, it's her birthday and you're taking up my time man." my good friend Cèsar says as he laid on my bed.

Shit, this was harder then I thought it would be. "Can you leave tomorrow, maybe I-"

"He is such an idiot, " Alison says as she plays with Cèsar's hair.

"I like her, she's a replica of Lillian."

"You two aren't helping here, I'm taking advice from a ten year old and a man who has his wife waiting for him."

They both looked at each other before staring at me. "Listen to the girl, I think she's right about you letting Rachel go. She needs to be away to think clearer."

"I know right, that's what I said." Alison chipped in.

"I fucking love her, die for her, can't fucking breath when she's not around me." I express my feelings loudly.

"We know that but, give her the time she needs. Obviously she is trying to make you feel pain, just go with it and soon she'll be in your arms again as Mrs. Leo Dante." Cèsar said as he got off the bed to stand.

This wasn't fair, what I did was for her. So we can be together. Not so she can leave me.

"Your leaving Cèsar?" Alison questions.

"I think it's time beautiful, do me a huge favor and keep an eye on him for me."

"You got it, " she smiles, leaning in to hug him.

"Grow up fast so Kylie can date you."

"Ew, no!" she gasped, jumping off the bed before heading towards the door. Turning around, she looks at Cèsar. "This girl before you will be the most sophisticated lady ever to walk this earth. I'll be young by age but wise by heart. Won't need a man to love me, I have enough love for myself thank you very much."

"Damnnn!" Cèsar leans back, impressed by what the Alison just said.

I chuckled, her strong personality was something rare for her age.

"I really like that mind of hers." Cèsar says, taking a few steps back. "Don't worry man, it's over, well I mean, almost over. Take care of the three Stooges you have locked up then come for Rachel. Federici will keep them safe in Russia so don't fear about anything."

"Would you let Annabella go if she wanted too?"

He looks at me and chuckles. "I had to think with my brain which I normally don't do. I would say, 'let's be together for the sake of our kids'. But you know what she said?"


"I don't want to do it for my kids ca

just wait for me, please." I said, or more like begged.

"Don't take to long, " he whispered painfully as he pulled me into a hug.

As if shattered glass had hit the floor, my heart tore with his tight hold.

"I love you so much."

A lump in my throat got stuck as he moved me away.

Why did I thought it was going to be easy. This wasn't a breakup, but my heart hurts so badly.

"Take her away Cèsar, I don't think I can't let her go."

I look up at him. I don't want to do this anymore.

"Yea, let Cèsar do the hard shit." he said from behind me. I felt his hand grip my arm but I didn't move. He huffed out before wrapping his arm around my waist, lifting me up.

Leo stepped closer, but Cèsar just glared at him. "Trust me man, you'll have the best sex ever once you two see each other again."

He walked away slowly until there was no Leo in sight.

"Put me down Cèsar." I found my voice somehow.

I looked back, hoping he would run after me, to stop me but he didn't.

I asked for it.

Cèsar and I exited the mansion, I had already said my goodbyes to everyone. I didn't want to do it it again.

I run towards the van without looking up. I knew he would be looking down on me.

"Hey, you ok?" Nadia says in a fistfull of tears as I sat down before her.

"Am I ok? No, I'm not."

Father sighed achingly. Marin looks back at me, lost for words. "I guess he didn't give you the ring." he said as he started the engine.

Nadia gasps and my eyes widen.

Cèsar smacks the back of his head.

I look out the car window and see him looking down at me.

He was going to ask me to marry him?

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