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   Chapter 37 I need space...

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One week later...

"I can't take another bite-"

"Just eat, please." I begged while staring into his eyes.

"Why is my Raslan sad?" Dad asked as I place the bowl of soup down in the tray.

"I'm fine, you think you can move? I don't want to stay here any longer."

His eyes held sadness and I knew he cared. "My little angel, tell me what's bothering you." his hand held mine as he rubbed softly.

"I just.....want to leave....I feel like I can't breathe. My entire life has be fake and all I ever felt was pain...even love, I had to go through hell to know I loved him. I'm tired, physically and emotionally. I can't do this anymore, I just want to leave."

I broke down in tears, flopping my head against the bed. Feeling my father's hand on my hair as he spoke words of encouragement that everything will be alright wasn't doing anything to heal my damaged heart.

"Running away will not solve anything Raslan, in this week I've been here. I came to understanding that Leo indeed loves you and you as well love him. So why as more ache to that heart of yours my little angel?"

"Because he deserves to feel pain, " I lifted my head up, knowing very well my eyes were red from all the tears I've shed this past fucking week. "I'm not saying I don't love him, I just want him to understand that he can't do shit without letting me know-"

"He did it for you-"


"So you want to leave him so he can feel what's it like to not have you around huh?"

"I want to leave so we can both have time to think-"

"No sweetheart, you want to hurt him. You're trying to make problems when all you need to do is sit down with him and let him know what he did was wrong." He held out his hand for me to hold. "Come." He says as I took his hand. "Can I have a hug? You haven't embraced me since I've came here."

I began to cry again as I fall into his arms. "Stop crying my beautiful child."


His arms felt so warm and safe to be in.

"I'll tell you what, you sit down with Leo and talk and after that we'll leave if you still want too, ok?"

All I did was nod but I knew what will happen. I wasn't going to let Leo off this easy.



"Make sure to keep taking these pain medication. Clean out the burn every day and wrap it with clean cloth. His hand should heal quickly if these steps are repeated once a day everyday until healed. Is there anywhere else that hurts Leo?" Nicklaus asked as he stood up.

"Got anything for chest pain?"

He looks at me weirdly. "Where does it hurt exactly?"

I pointed towards my heart. "This stupid thing right here."

"I think that medication is called Rachel, " he chuckles.

"Yea.....guess it is."

Nicklaus sighed deeply and sat beside me on the edge of the bed. "Look, you have this problem where you think you're doing the right things for others by not telling them what you have planned. I know you meant well and all but put yourself in Rachel's shoes, what if she said goodbye to you without actually telling you directly that it was the last time you'll ever see her again. Then image waiting all night until 4am for her to come back,

. Just show her how sorry you are, showing is more important than telling.'

'So I shouldn't show her the ring?'

'Trust me, you have to plan the best proposal ever. Just like you planned to help her father, plan even bigger when you ask her to marry you.'

'But she will leave me.'

'Yea, but it's only temporary. This is where you prove to her how much you love her and how much you want her in your life. Maybe time away from her can help you in getting a big fat yes once your on one knee, oh, just so you know. I'm a flower girl and my dress best be better then the bride herself.'

"Ok Rachel, you want space, I'll give it to you. But just so you know, I won't make it easy for you to forget me."

My hand ached to pull out the ring but Allison words kept ringing in my head.

"I love you more then anything in this world and I'll prove it to you. So take your week, or month, heh, take even a fucking year if you like." I pulled her closer to me before locking her in my arms. "I'll be waiting."

"So you're not going to hold me back?"

Did she want me too?

"If you want to leave then go, I'm not going to force anything on you."

Fuck...maybe I should pull the ring out?

I reached for my pocket but a loud thump hits the ground. "Ouhhh, my leg." Alison screams out.

Rachel pulls away as I sigh deeply in pain.

I rush after Rachel over to Alison, she held her small hands over her ankle.

"I think I sprained it."

"Let me have a look, " Rachel says but I bend over to carry the little rascal up from the floor.

"I'll take her over to her sister, I love you Rachel, I hope you know that."



He left...he left without fighting for me. Ugh what am I saying? This is what I wanted so why am I complaining?

Walking down the hallway, I open the door to the room where father stayed in. I didn't know I would find Nadia crying in his arms uncontrollably.

"Both my angels want to leave this place, " dad said sadly. "I think it's best if we did then."

I reached over to dad and tuck myself in his embrace. Maybe the Dante boys were to much for us Varro girls.

"Where will we go?" I asked.

"Back home my bella's, papa will keep you safe, I promise."

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