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   Chapter 36 Going crazy..

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 17178

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"Like a bullet train, Movin' like the speed of sound

Feet can't keep on the ground

Can't stay in one place

Keep movin' like a bullet train"~Stephen Swartz Joni Fatora


He's fine, he's fine, he won't leave me, he promised.


I look up at Nadia who was crying, blood was splatter all over her hands and clothes.

"Is he...." I look up at her.

A small nod was all I got to know Salvatore was ok.

He's dad, not Salvatore.

"He wants to see you."

I shook my head no, " heart is aching...he might be in trouble. He might be hurt, where-" I look around for Marin but he was nowhere to be found.

Tears fell and my heart sunk deeper.

"FEDERO...." I screamed liked a mad woman.

Leonidas, Adamo, Franco came rushing in. Federo followed quickly after them. All eyes were on me as I drop to my knees, "He's going to die, please help him. Go find him before it's too late."

Nadia dropped down beside me and pulled me into her embrace. I couldn't hold in my emotions anymore.

"I'm calling Marin but he's not answering." Leonidas says.

I love him and he does this to me. He can't leave me, he can't.

"GO GET HIM....HE'S GOING TO DIE...HE KNEW IT WHAT HE WAS GOING INTO AND DIDN'T CARE ABOUT ME...GO BRING HIM BACK..." I shouted. "He did it for me....I don't want him to die...please go..."

I broke down in tears.

"Breath Rachel, breath. He's ok, you'll see. He's coming back.." my sister says as she cries with me. "Do something Federo....please."

My heart started to pound out my chest, I felt my airwaves closing in and without notice, everything turned pitch black.



12 hours earlier...

Marin was driving like a madman while cursing? under his breath. It wasn't helping one bit as my thoughts went wild.

She will hate you Leo, she will think you left her. Your breaking her once again.

My thoughts were with amore, how mad she will be if I don't come back.

"Stupid fucking stupid." Marin mumbled to himself as if I couldn't hear him.

I knew he wasn't happy with my plan. Hell, no one would be, but, there was no other way but my way.

Yea it was a fucked up idea and yea I might not make it out alive, but I had to end this shit once and for all.

I was tired of waiting, I just wanted it all to end.

Federo was taking to long to think of a well out plan, I wasn't him. I wasn't patient nor could I wait anymore.

I just want amore to be happy, maybe then, she'll be able to forgive me, even if I come back. She'll understand.

"You're fucking up big time Leo, Rachel will think you don't care about her."

"I'm doing this for her, I love her."

He looks at me and continues to drive.

Only a few more miles until we reached Alessandro's mansion, I could feel my heart racing.

I could feel amore cries, her pain.

God, what was I doing?

What if she hates me?

What if....I never see her again?

"Uffffff this shit hurts." I shouted out my pain.

"It'll hurt Rachel even more Leo, this is fucking suicide, don't do it man, don't."

I wasn't going to turn back.

"Once I hand myself to Alessandro, he will release Salvatore in the process. Once Salvatore is with you, safe and sound. I'll kill Alessandro and get out as soon as I can, if I don't make it......"

"Fucking asshole, you think I'm going to let you go in there by yourself?" Marin shouted.

He pressed on the brakes real hard, his hands gripped the steering wheel as deep huffing sound escapes his mouth.

"Look, we been through shit together god knows how long. If you think I will leave, then you still don't know me Leo."

I knew, I knew very well he was a loyal man but he had to look out for Alma and his child that was on his way. I need him to look out for my angel as well.

"I want you to tell Rachel, what I did was because I care about her. I did it because I wanted her to be happy, that I love her and wish I'd never laid a finger on her. I want you alive Marin so you can give her this." I pulled out a ring I had bought for her from my pocket and handed it to him.

He took it and placed it on the dashboard, "how bout we go kill that motherfucker and go back home so you can give it to her yourself."

He began to drive ahead without saying another word.


Marin stopped the car at the front gate, Duilio and Alessandro were waiting with men who were heavily armed. Alongside them I see a man who was severely injured, one leg of his was missing while blood gushed out from his chest.

I look at Marin who was already staring at me, "Don't do it Leo, fuck man, you'll never make it out alive."

"Have faith in me old friend, just do as I say. As soon as Salvatore is with you, take him back to the mansion and stay put. Don't worry about me."

I pull out my phone and send a text to Cèsar who was standing by.

"Fuck Leo don't go...Leo...leo.."

I was already out the car, walking up to the gate. I wait as it opens.

Alessandro makes his way towards me, he pull Salvatore who was barely standing. Throwing him before me, I pick him up and look at him.

He didn't know who I was, or

. "Come to papa."

"WAIT!" he screams in fear as I press the trigger.

"My turn." Federici takes the gun back into his hand and places it between his eyes, a?clicking sound comes through but nothing happens, again.

"Lucky bastard." He handed the gun to me once more.

"Bring Rachel and Nadia in a month or so, I want to give them their share in their mothers inheritance. I also want to see how they look like." Federici says with a smile.

The gun was already placed on Alessandro's left eye, I pulled the trigger and it went off.

He knew...he let me kill him.

Blood splatters everywhere, Alessandro collapse to the floor with a loud thump.

He was lifeless, laying there as blood gushed from his left eye socket.

Federici pulls out another gun and shoots him once more right between his eyes. "Just in case."

"Thank you for helping me." I say while looking down at the body in relief that it was over. He was dead and now I can go back to Rachel.

"You'll repay me sooner than you think Leo, " he says as he walks away.

What did he mean by that?

"Don't forget to bring my dear cousins in a month, I'll be waiting." his voice echoes as he left through the front entrance.

Cèsar came in seconds after he leaves.

"Let's get the fuck out of here, over there looking like rambo and shit."

"Shut up and take me home."

"Let me first clean you up then I? take you home. A good ass whooping is waiting for me by Federo and to be honest I'm not ready for that shit, especially if I bring you back like this, " he lifts my right hand which I couldn't feel anymore.

"Just take me home, I'll deal with them."



It was four am, outside in the cold, I waited for him.

Leonidas and Federo wouldn't leave my side, Adamo was smoking away as he sat next to me, wrapping the blanket around my shoulders, he spoke. "Can't have Leo walk in and see you not covered on this cold night, he'll kill me."

"Not before I kill him, " Federo mumbles.

I grew tired waiting, my eyes burning from the lack of sleep and tears I've been pouring down made them even puffer.

I stood up, dropping the blanket on the floor.

"Rachel...Rachel.., " Adamos yells out but I didn't reply.

I just walk towards the mansion until reaching the door. The sound of a car driving by caused me to look back, turning around. I see the car drive up the driveway, stopping in front of the boys.

Cèsar's opens the driver's side door and walks out, my eyes pierced through Leo's who was in the passenger seat.

"I brought him hom-"

Federo cuts him off with a punch.

Cèsar stumbles back while holding his bleeding nose, "You're welcome."

Leo opens the door and walks out slowly, I wanted to run and hold him in my arms but couldn't.

His eyes never leaving mine, both his brothers and Adamo run towards him and start to talk all at once.

Marin comes out from behind and pushes everyone away. "He needs space, he's been through a lot."

Leo pushes everyone out of his way, our eyes never break eye contact.

As soon as he was standing before me, he tries to hold me but I back away.

"Don't touch me, you....., " I choke on my words. "I hate you..., " tears fall.



"I'm sorr-"

I leave him there and run back inside.

My heart aching in pain but relieved he was still alive.

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