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   Chapter 35 Its all for you amore..

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 6727

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"Did it work?"

I waited for his reply.

"I don't think it's a good idea Leo, why don't you wait until-"

"Did it fucking work Duilio?"

He let out a big huffing sound. "Yes, but it's a fucking stupid idea. I think you should let Federo in on what you're planning Leo, I don't think you'll be able to escape once Alessandro has you in his hold. Salvatore is barely breathing, I'm trying my best here to keep him alive man but I can't let you do this to yourself, you have nothing to prove-"

"I have to do it for amore, have you....does he know you're his son?"

"No, " he whispered.

The line went silent for a mere second.

"I'm sorry Duilio, you should let him know once you bring him here-"

"You fucking promised Leo that no one will know, I'm ok with him not knowing who I am. That's not our biggest issue now-"

"Duilio, tell him before anything...happens."

"You gave me your word Leo, as much as I want to hurt you for hurting Raslan. I can't, I know she loves you and you love her. I know for sure Salvatore-"

"You mean dad."

"Dad will hurt you for what you did to Raslan, he will skin you alive once he's out from his ceil prison. You promised you would take care of my wife and boys, you promised you'll keep mama Diana safe as well. You promised and I believe you. The only reason I'm helping you with your stupid plan is because I can't watch him suffer anymore. But I won't leave you, that is my promise."

"You and I will face death Duilio, tell him that you are his son. He thinks you're dead all these years, god how I want to fucking kill Alessandro."

"If he knows that I'm his son, he won't let me go back with you. Fuck....this isn't a good idea Leo, I don't want to leave my wife and boys without a father."

"Once I'm in Alessandro's hold, leave Duilio. I will face him alone, I need you to tell everyone I only did what I did for Rachel-"

"Raslan, her name is Raslan Salvatore Varrao. Not Rachel."

"Yea.....Raslan, beautiful name."

"You lov

l know because I'll be watching you."

"I am happy and I know you love me buttface, you've said that so many times today. Is there something wrong?" She asked but I shook my head to reply simply.

"Everything will be fine, " I pulled her up to my lips one last time.

She kissed back as if she was bringing me back to life.

"Bye amore."



12 hours later...

It was midnight, a loud banging on the front door shook everyone.

"Leo...that must be him. God I'm going to kill him." Rachel yelled out.

The asshole was gone all day, he didn't reply to his phone calls nor text.

I rushed to the door to open it but it wasn't Leo.

It was an old man that was missing a leg.

"You need to fucking go help Leo and my son, Alessandro has them."

I pulled out my gun and aimed it at him.

"Who the fuck are you?"

He collapsed down, fuck, he was shot, bleeding.

"Who are you?" I asked again, pressing down on his wound.

"Salvatore....Salvatore Varro."

"Oh my god." Nadia's voice yelled from behind me.

She rushed out with Rachel by her side.

"Nooooo, no, no, no, do something, he's bleeding." Nadia screams out.

Rachel falls to her knees, "Oh him Federo...." her hands shaking as she grabbed her father into her arms.

"Do...something....Leo...where's Leo..."


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