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   Chapter 33 A fight for her..

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 7005

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She was going to leave once this was all over, and here I thought she would be mine forever.

If she's meant for you, she'll be yours.

Federo was right, I couldn't fuck up my chances with amore. I had to give her space, if she was to leave with her sister, then I should let her do so.

But you've just started to work things out with her Leo, how can you let her leave?

Rubbing my tired eyes, I laid back into the cream color armchair. Federo paced the living room floor, thinking, like he always does.

I've come to terms that he was more wiser than me, more calm, more focused. He was a man that thought about everything and anything, analyzing to the very last detail.

But he's not in love like you are Leo, he doesn't know how you feel about Rachel.

Or maybe, he did.

"Can you please sit down, you're causing my mind to go haywire. Sit down and tell me your plan, how are you going to save Salvatore. Do you even know where Alessandro is hiding him?"

He sighed in frustration. He sat down next to me in the empty chair, bringing his right leg over the other.

"Leonidas had a blueprint of Alessandro's home, but a girl stole it from him. He's now in New York with Cèsar."

I stared at him curiously, "What happened?"

"Leonidas had visitors from New York come to him on a business deal, the man's name was Jose Villard. He's works for all the mafia men around the world, selling woman, drugs and whatnot. Leonidas was about to refuse any offers he was going to make, but a woman he brought along with him caught our little brothers eyes. I don't know what happened, all I know is that Leonidas tried to seduce the woman, but she ended up kicking his ass, then stole from him and left. Now he's on the hunt for her, the blueprint was our way in to Alessandro home. We could brag in, but I don't want any casualty. I asked Cèsar to go along with Leonidas, just so he can keep an eye on him. God knows where the woman is, I gave him one week to find her, if nothing comes up, they both come back here."

"Then what?" I asked.

He looks at me, "Then we go t

mber three. Say sorry even if she's wrong, number four. Fuck her long and hard, make her feel like she's the one girl in the world. Number five and the most important rule of all, Love her with all you got. If she's the one you want, then you'll do anything for her. Anyways, I'm calling to let you know, that Leonidas said he has a copy of the blueprint in his safe at the club. One of his men is coming over to hand it over to you."

"Wait, if he has a copy, why is he there?" I asked.

"Well, let's just say, he wants the girl. And is willing to look for her no matter what, he has men all over New York searching for her as we speak, but he's knows. If by the end of the week she's not found. I'm bringing him back. Anyways, I'll talk to you soon. Oh, and Federo."


"Go get your girl, make her call you daddy."

"Your impossible Cèsar, bye."

He chuckled before ending the call.

I look up and see baby girl standing there.

Why did you come back?

"I want you to look for my friend, help me one last time and I won't ever bother you again." She whispers softly.

"Come here, " I ordered her while patting my lap.

"Fuck you asshole, I'm-"

"Come. Here. Now."


"I'll do more than I did yesterday with you baby girl, just come come to daddy."

"I seriously hate you."

She left again, but this time I followed her.

Fuck it, your mine baby girl.

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