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   Chapter 32 Love making..

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 9671

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He showered me with kisses.

Kisses I've never felt before.

His hands touched, caressed every part of my body.

I was lost.

Lost in a bliss I wished to never escape.

The shower was small, no space for us to move. Both hands gripped the straps of the dress, slowly pulling off the wet clothing I had on.

Off my shoulders, the straps hanged.

His head lowered to my neck, as his lips spreads soft kisses all over my exposed skin.

My breath was taken away, my mind was off into his world. He was never this gentle. I wondered how long it would take for him to unleash his beast I knew.

I grabbed on to his body, pulling him closer to mine.

I wanted to feel him, every inch of him.

"I love you amore. I love you more then you can ever imagine, " he whispers against my neck, before devouring me.

"Don't turn into Dracula now, nice and....oooohhhh." I moaned out.

He lifted my body in air, before placing me against his waist. My legs automatically wrapped around him for dear life.

Nuzzling my face in the crook of his neck. I heard the shower door open, he was on the move. The sound of dripping water hit against the floor, his hands held firmly on my butt, kneading slowly.

He stopped in the middle of the room, sliding me down upon his body, I felt hot and bothered by his action. Anticipation was running wildly, my heart thumped. My eyes locked upon his sculpted chest, in this moment, nothing mattered.

"I'm not the kind to submit into love making, but for you, all hold in my beast. I'll go slow and easy on you-"

"No buttface, I want the real you. Just be you." I declared.

He was trying hard to make me feel comfortable, I didn't want that. I wanted him, I wanted his wild crazy self.

His eyes scanned mine, second thoughts were creeping into his head.

"Just take me the way you want, please." I begged.

He pulled me closer to his wet body, gripping the dress with one hand.

"Promise you'll tell me to stop if I cross the line."

"Just cross it already buttface, I want-"

I didn't continue my words when the sound of my wet dress was ripped with ease from his bare hands.

I stood there before him, naked. Parts of the dress was still in his hold. In one swift move, my back was pressed upon his body.

His lips hovered over my ear, his breathing out of control. "Just tell me to stop and I will amore."

I couldn't reply with words, so I nod my head in agreement. His fingertips took control of my senses, the sound of my soaked dress hits the floor.

I had lost it when his lips began to kiss every corner of my back, a shiver of delight soared throughout my body as he went lower and lower. Stopping at my spine, he turns me around.

My eyes cast down on him as his looked up at mine. Slowly bringing both his hand up my stomach, his mouth bite down on my pùssy, while his hands pinched each erected n

ne thrust...


"Almost there amore."

I could feel him twitch with each thrust, I could feel him coming any second now.

"I love you amore, " he said, pulling out and coming all over my stomach and chest.

My hands had a mind of there own, I touched myself, spreading his remains all over my body.

"That looks so fucking sexy, " he admitted.

"Why didn't you come in me buttface, " I questioned him as he went to pick up my ripped dress off the floor.

The damp cold feeling hits against my skin, he wiped me down in one move before throwing the dress to the floor. His hands took a hold of mine, pulling me up towards him.

I look up at him, he smiles down at me while caressing both my cheeks. "Nice and slow amore. Let's work on us first, heal each other. Ok?"

"Thank you, " I cried, happily.

A kiss was place on my forehead. His lips lingered longer than expected. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him for the longest time.

I didn't know how long we were in that position. But it felt good for my heart.

The heart that was madly in love with him.

He pulled away a few inches. I frowned as a smirk takes over his lips.

With his index finger, he motions slowly for me to come towards him. Not knowing what he was up too, I stood up, and never wished I did.

"You asshole. You damaged my pùssy."

He chuckled, whisking me off my feet.

"Not funny, I feel like I'm split in half."

I was thrown on to the bed.


"Let's have a banana split, " he uttered lustful.

"What does that mean?" I asked curiously.

"It means, " he took my legs into his hold. "I do this, " he spilt my legs apart. "And take my banana, " he wraps his hands around the tip. "And shove it in you, thats how we make a banana split."

"Were not going to sleep tonight huh?"

"Nope, " he replied, before laying on top of me. "I'll be in you till the morning amore."

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