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   Chapter 30 The I love you

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 9919

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The first thing Federo asked us to do was to get out of the mansion.

Rushing to get everyone out.

We all escaped through the back door, Rachel and Nadia were scared and confused at to what was going on. But they didn't ask anything, Federo had it all planned out. He had one of his men named Emilio waiting for us in the back of the mansion where three black vans were standing by. Federo and I rushed everyone in before we were taken to safety.

We drove off to an unknown location, it was? a bigger mansion then mine. There were men and maids scattered all over the place. It was highly protected which caused a sigh of relief.

Marin and Adamo took Nuli, her mother and brother and locked them in a soundproof room where not one object was in there.

Not worrying about them, the girls began to question on what was happening. Federo asked them to go rest for now, that he will let them know everything in the morning. Rachel was understanding, taking Nadia with her.

I was left with Federo all alone in the lavish living room. If it wasn't for Federo, we would have been ambushed, probably dead by now.

I stared at him while he thought of a plan. He wasn't your ordinary kind of guy, the man kept a straight face as his mind went to work.

Federo called Cèsar who was in on his plan the whole time. I felt left out, maybe he didn't trust me enough?

"You know I can help?"

His eyes lifted from off the ground until they landed on mine. "I know little brother, it's just that your anger gets in the way. I want to think it through step by step while you just like to attack without a plan. We have to think about every possibilities before striking." He sighed deeply. "I don't want Nadia nor Rachel getting hurt anymore. So many lies they've been told, especially Rachel. She will be hurt once she finds out Armanio was fooling her. That Anastasia isn't her mother, I'm not only thinking about now. But what will happen if I don't save their father, he is their only hope in believing. He can't die, both girls will feel..."

He paused, thinking about what to say.

"We have to save him Leo, Alessandro might have him locked up somewhere. And to think for how long is terrifying. The sick bastard played me like a fucking violin, all these years I would receive orders to kill and kill. Without ever knowing he was behind this mess. We're not dealing with a normal guy, we're dealing with the devil himself." Federo stated as he stood up.

Pacing the living room floor, he twisted his head from side to side. Cracking every tense muscle he had. I stared at his form, thinking about how he was just like father.

"When did you find out Armanio was lying?"

He blew out a loud huffing sound before facing me. Walking towards me, he sat down on one of the chairs that was on my right side. "Vienna told me not to trust Armanio, that he was evil. I thought maybe she was still mad at him for leaving her long ago. She didn't reply,

ed a kiss on her head before walking out the room.

Federo grabbed my hand out of nowhere.

Turning his head to the side, he stared at me with hurt look in his eyes. "I'm sorry for not saving you from them. I really am sorry Rachel. But I will make it up to you and Leo. I promise you."

"You're a good man Federo" I whispered out as I caressed his face.

"I wish I was." He said, letting my hand go.

"You are, I know you are. Take care of her, I will kill you if you hurt my sister." I laughed before leaving him.

Walking ahead, I came face to face with Leo who was entering a room. He smiled at me before holding out his hand. "Come amore, you need to rest."

I walked over to him and took his hand. He pulled me into his arms before walking us both into the room. The mansion we were in was ten times better than Leo's home. The room was massive, had a king size bed.

A lavish Victorian style decor filled the room. Velvet drapes hung against the windows, Persian rug was laid on the floor.

Everything in this mansion looked expensive. "Whose home is this Leo?" I asked curiously.

I was swept off my feet into Leo's arms. He made it towards the bed and laid me down gentle. Placing a soft kiss on my forehead before laying next to me. "I don't know amore. We'll find out in the morning. Rest now."

He pulled me into his embrace, I welcomed the warm feeling happily that soared through my chest. Closing my eyes, I tried not to think about the latest events.

"I love you amore." He whispered against my hair.

"I love you too-" I said without thinking.

His hand that was caressing my hand stopped. His chest went up and down, hearing his heart beat quickly.

He wasn't suppose to hear that now. Not just yet. Why did I say that?

I wished and prayed he wouldn't say a thing. Thankfully, he didn't.

Daring to look up at him, his eyes were closed. I knew he was awake. I knew he heard me.

Was he happy or sad? What was he thinking of?

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