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   Chapter 28 Family

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 11185

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Leo's was nowhere to be found, Nadia was crying while whispering sorry. Alma trying to convince me that everything will be alright.

My eyes landed on her stomach, the baby bump was showing. If only my baby was alive.

Walking over to Nadia, I whispered out."Don't cry, tears only hurt more than they do heal. You've done nothing to be sorry about, I can't forget. I'm trying, but it's there. Stuck in my memory, I feel for him. I really do. But he's not the problem, I am. I need to let go of the past, but how?"

"Try Rachel, if you feel for him as you say, then you'll try to make it work." Alma said.

She was standing before me, my hand gently caressed her baby bump. Tears fell like no other, she came closer and hugged me. My head resting on her belly, a small kick made me cry even louder than before.

I just want my baby back.

"Where is he?" I questioned, pushing her away.

A sad look was on her face. "He's in the basement with Federo. Would you like me to go get him for you?" Alma asked. But I shook my head.

I needed to see Nuli, I wanted to know why she did this to me. I needed answers.

"No, I'll go down there myself. It's time to face the Devils wife and see why she's done this to me." I stated as I picked myself up.

"I don't think-"

"I don't care what anyone thinks, I want to see her. She did this to me, I deserve answers to why....why" I couldn't think straight.

"I'm coming with you, it's also time for everyone to know that I'm the Devil's daughter." Nadia spoke, causing Alma to frown.

"What are you talking about Nadia?" Amla questions her.

She held her head up and spoke firmly. "I am Salvatore Varro daughter."

Alma eyes widen as she took a couple of steps back. The look on her face said it all, pure hate poured out of her. "Consider yourself dead if you tell Leo" she looked over at me. "Did you know she was.."

"Yes, I did. And no one will harm her, over my dead body."

She didn't do anything, why was Leo going to kill her?

Grabbing Nadia's hand, I held tight and walked out the room. My mission was to see Nuli, get what I can from her.

"Rachel, slow down." Nadia said as I ran down the staircase. It was now or never, no holding back. I had to face her and her parents, see why they did this to me and my mother. Why shield me and pretend to love me when they didn't.

How sick were they? And why after all these years fool me, tell me lies when they knew the whole truth.

"Woah there Rachel, where do you think your going?" Adamo said, blocking the doorway to the basement.

"Move, I need to kill her. But not before I get my answers."

"I'm sorry, I can't-"

I punched him in his face, his moans were loud, but I knew I didn't cause any harm.

Opening the door, I rushed down the steps. I could hear screaming, footsteps behind me. Reaching the ceil, I came face to face with Federo.

"What the hell." He yelled out.


"No, weren't you leaving?"

"I said, fucking MOVE." I roared loudly, pushing him away.

I halted my movement, taking in the scene before me.


Both Nuli's parents were both dead, knives stuck in their heads, necks and chests. I held back the gags that wanted to come out. Closing my eyes shut, I took a deep breath.

The sound of Nadia's cries erupted through my ear waves, my

plan. All this will be over soon, just believe in me. Cause I believe in you."

He went back down, I sighed deeply to myself. Looking back at him, he laid the knife on the floor, inches away from her. She wouldn't be able to reach it even if she tried, "have fun." He whispered out before walking back up to where I was waiting for him.

Nuli shouted while cursing loudly at the both of us, not a word from her fazed me. Her days were numbered, but my days were just beginning.

Letting go of the past was easy, it was just me holding on to the sour memory that can easily be erased by time.

Reaching the top step, I came face to face with everyone who were waiting there.

Marin, Alma, Franco, Givo, Victoria, Adamo, Amranio, Vienna, Federo and Nadia all stood there.

My eyes were on Nadia for the longest time, feeling an arm wrap around my waist. I look up at the man who captured my heart in the most cruelest way. "You look like shit." I laughed, causing him to display a beautiful smile.

"Yea, bet I do." He uttered softly as he pulled me even closer to him. "I'm sorry amore, I really am."

"I know, and I forgave you already. It just hurts, that's all." I whispered out truthfully.

"You're not going to leave me?"

"Don't think I can Leo, fate brought us together in an unexpected way. It wasn't the best, but I'm still here."

All eyes were on us and I didn't mind it one bit, they all knew I loved him. Just wish I can say those three words to him. But all in right time, they'll come out eventually.

"Aren't you going to tell Nadia that you're her sister?" He whispered into my ear as he embraced me in a heartwarming hug.

"You knew she was Salvatore's daughter?" I whispered back.

He chuckled, pulling me even closer. "Dear brother told me, he even warned me if I hurt her that he'll kill me. I think he likes her."

I laughed while nodding my head, "yea, I think he does."

"I love seeing you two like this, but can you fill us in on what happened?" Federo asked.

Leo let's me go, but still I was in his arms. I gazed at Nadia, with a push from Leo. I walk over to her. Federo frowns as he shields her from me, "What's going on?"

"You need to move, I want to hug my sister."

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