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   Chapter 27 Sister..

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One month later

"Don't jinx it." Nadia said.

We were in my studio, I've just uploaded a video for the first time in a while.

The amount of comments were coming in so quick, I didn't know if I should reply or not.

"I'm not, but it's just so peaceful. No fighting, no yelling. It's all new to me, it's never this calm. I'm just waiting for a disaster to happen. Everything seems to be going good, but I know it won't last long." I admitted.

"Maybe it's over?" She stated, handed me the box of wipes to clean my face off.

"You look so beautiful with makeup on, even without makeup. Your fans are loving the video and are happy to see you back."

I smiled at her while cleaning my face off, I didn't want to make a video, but Nadia said it's best to take my mind off my worries.

She was my new best friend, so sweet and funny, careless and outgoing. We never stayed apart, from morning to night, we talked, laughed about the brothers and how they were much alike.

Leo and Federo made peace quickly, Alexia was happy. Victoria and Alma were extremely excited and welcomed Federo with open arms.

The men were also happy to see Leo smiling again, they said that he was his old self.

What can I say? Everything this past month was blissful, even Armenio and Vienna made truce with each other.

I was happy, but a nagging feeling told me not to be.

"Do you love Leo?"

I stared at her as my hand stopped in midair, my feeling were obviously noticed by all. But the words I love you never came out.

I wasn't going to say it until I knew this war was over, I couldn't handle another heartache.

"He hurt me badly, my feelings are all over the place. I wonder if I told a normal person about my situation, tell him or her that I've fallen for my capture. Would they think I'm crazy?"

She sat down beside me, placing her head on my shoulder. "Why do we have to think of what others think? Isn't it our lives? Can we not choose who we want? If you feel for Leo, then I think you shouldn't give a fuck about what people think. They don't know what you've been through, they don't know shit. So why bother giving into their opinions? They'll label you how they want, you can't please everyone. Please yourself, do what you want. I can't tell he loves you Rachel, he's like a lost puppy, following you wherever you go. The look in his eyes always seems sad, I don't know what happened. But I can see how much he cares for you, how hard he's really trying. With the flowers, the kisses, how you always scream at him. He never replies back, I think if you take a gun and shoot him, he still won't mind. Don't think about people and what they might think of you, think about you, and what you want."

"For a young girl, you sure know what to say. What about you?" I asked.

She raised her

rything, you made him become a madman. A heartless soul, it was you. I hate you." She pushed him. "I fucking hate you." She smacked him. "You killed my baby, it was you. All your fault." She roared.

He let go of my hand, the look on his face was sour. Rachel stormed off to God knows where. I was alone in the room with Federo, his eyes shut, hands clenched tightly into a fist.

His breathing was raging uncontrollable, "You-"

"I've done nothing, I can't control her feelings and thoughts. That's how she feels, lost, hurt, confused and in love. Call me stupid, call me whatever. But, she still hasn't forgiven him, yes she loves him. But the pain and ache is still there. Not you or Leo or anyone else can fix her, she needs to fix herself. So give her fucking time."

He didn't say a word, just board his hateful gaze at me.


"I'll show you what." He grabbed my hand and dragged me out the room.

I fought back, but his hold on my arm was to strong.

We were near the bedroom door we stayed in, opening it with his free hand. He pushed me inside, locking the door behind him.

Pacing the hardwood floor, he pressed his hand against his forehead.

"They were doing just fine, you had to do a therapy session with her, open up all she's forgotten-"

"She has forgotten shit, how can you forget things like that?"


"You said it yourself, there's no way. So let her breath, let her come back to him on her own fucking terms. Just...." I didn't know what else to say. "You know I'm right, I just want to help her. That's all, I never meant to break them apart or get in their way. I-"

"You said enough, pack your shit. You're leaving as well." Federo declared before leaving me alone with my thoughts.

What's going on? Where am I going?

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