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   Chapter 24 Hitman...

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Marin passed me his phone to see the text message he just got, we were down the street still.

"Stop the car, I forgot something with Armnaio." I lied just so Rachel wouldn't freak out.

"It's ok, you can get it from him once we go back-"

"No amore, I need it. Reverse the car back quickly Marin."

I didn't need to tell him that because he was already going back to the complex.

Opening the glove box department, I slowly pulled out the gun I had in the car.

The car stopped and I got out as fast as I could, I could hear Rachel calling out my name but there was no time.

Take two steps up the staircase, I hear noises becoming louder.

I reached the floor Vienna lived in, her apartment door was wide open. Slowly making my way, I hear Armanio groan in.

Facing the front door, I watched Vienna hold the gun in her hands before firing a gunshot.

The man fell to the ground, she shot him in the back, Armnaio eyes fluttered shut.

"Vienna!" I whispered out.

She yelp frightened before facing me, the gun shot once more.

It all happened at once. One second I was standing, the next minute I'm on the floor. Bleeding.

"Nooooo, oh no." She screamed out while coming towards me. "I thought you bad man. Oh no, what I do? What I do?"

"It's OK, go..down to Marin. Tell him to come now. Go!" I said while pressing down on my wound.

She ran out the apartment, screaming loudly.

I was on my knees, breathing hard.

Crawling over to Armnaio. I checked if he was still breathing, and thankfully he was.

He was on his side, bleeding heavily. The knife was stuck into his back but not to deep.

Why didn't they kill him? It was an easy shot.

I felt weak. My body was giving up quickly, I held on until I heard her voice.

"No, no, no, Leo. Marin do something, call an ambulance." She cried out as she held me in her arms.

This could be a good death, "Just know, I really do love you. Forgive me amore. Please."

"Shut up buttface, you're not going to die. Don't die, please. Do..nt."

Was the last thing I hear from her before passing out.



"Leo? Leo get up. GET UP, GET

oat felt dry, "wa...ter."

"Ok!" Amla said.

Images of what had happened flashed before my eyes, "Le...o...Le..o."

"He's fine, drink this." Alma whispered softly as she held my head up for me to drink some water.

Sourness filled my throat as the water drip down slowly.

"You are overly exhausted, your body hasn't recovered fully. I need you to be in bed and rest, I don't think you can handle any more surprises. You might go into tarma, you my dear are the most strongest woman I had ever seen in my life." Nick said, holding onto my hand.


"He's right here, we thought it would be best if he was in the same room as you. He's right over there." Nick said as he pointed towards my right side.

Moving my head to see him, I choked out in pain. The sight of him wasn't pretty, he was attached to wires and a monitor that was beeping slowly.

"Armnaio is in the next room, he's also doing fine. What I want from you is to rest, you must rest Rachel. Don't want Leo to wake up and see you in a bad state. He needs you, please try to relax. Everything will be ok." Nick reassured me.

My body wanted to go into a deep sleep, but I didn't let it.

The bedroom door opened, and in came Federo with a girl following behind him.

"I'm going to kill that fucker if it's the last thing I do." Federo yelled out angrily as he faced Leo.

I knew he was talking about Salvatore Varro....

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