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   Chapter 23 Trouble follows

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 15229

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One week later..

Numbness was like a shadow, following me wherever I went. It was consuming my energy and thoughts. I needed to distract myself from my surroundings, but that was a hard task as Leo was there wherever I was.

I would be lying if I said that he wasn't trying, because he was.

Really hard, funny how things turned around. I came here knowing that he would end my misery. But he proved me wrong.

I haven't talked with anyone here, nor have I let out the pain that ache inside my chest.

The only person I would reply back to was buttface. Didn't know why, maybe because he was trying his best to fix me.

The problem is, I don't think I could be 'fixed'.

"Don't you want to go out and get some fresh air amore?" Leo asked as he sat down before me.

I held the stuffed animal that sweet Lillian gave to Leo before we left Sicily.

The thought of my baby gone hit hard once more as I held it close to my chest.

A loud aching sigh escape from him, "Tell me what you want to do and we'll do it together. Would you like to go visit Vienna and her son? She's been asking about you ever since that day, I can take you if you like."

I didn't reply, he bended down and grabbed my flats before placing then on my feet. "You can't lock yourself in this room forever. You're not trying amore." He whispered while pulling my legs off the bed.

Standing up, he held out his hand. I stared at it for a while, "Please amore."

Looking into his pleading eyes, I gave in and took his hand. A soft smile appeared on his face as I stood up.

I always wondered what he was like before he became mad. Or as Lillian said, 'sad'.

If this was him before, then truly he was a softy. Or maybe he regrets what he's done and now is trying to make it all better.

He tugged my hand forward, walking out the room. Down the hallway, we made it towards the staircase.

Looking down, I caught Armenio and Marin standing near the basement door.

I remembered Nuli and her parents and wondered if they were still alive.

How long have they been locked up, and if I felt any pity towards them.

Reaching the last step, I stopped as Franco walked out the kitchen.

He stared at me before casting his head down. I hid behind Leo and started to cry. Sometimes, I blame him and Federo for lost of my baby.

I kept the pain in me as I wept slightly against Leo back. "What's wrong amore? You were just fine a minute ago."

"I didn't mean too Rachel, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Franco's voice echoed through my ears.

"Sorry for what Franco? What's going on?" Leo questioned curiously as he turned to face me.

God if he knew, he would kill Franco and Federo without hesitation.

"He's..sorry..for not...helping me. I don't want to go..let me go back up-"

"No amore, you can't stay in that room forever. Let's go." He said while wrapping his arm around me.

He looked back at Franco and spoke. "I'll deal with you later."

Marin opened the front door for us, I felt someone walking behind us as we made our way to the car.

"I'll coming with you." Armnaio stated.

"I wanted to go alone with Rachel, but if you like to join us then your more then welcome too." Leo replied back.

Marin opened the passenger door for me.

"I think we should let them go alone-"

"I'm leaving my sister alone for one second, I'm going with them." Armnaio declared firmly.

I looked at the three men who were fighting over nothing, slowly moving to open the side door. I got in and waited for them.

"Fine, get in." Leo mumbled while getting in beside me.

Marin took his place as the driver and my stubborn brother got into the passenger's seat.

"Where to Leo?" Marin asked while starting up the engine.

"Amore wants to visit Vienna and her son. You know where she lives right?"

"Yes." Marin replied while driving off.

Armnaio looked back at me, I felt he wanted to say something. But kept it in.


The drive to her place wasn't long, we reached an apartment complex in no time. It was only a twenty minutes drive, Leo got out first. Holding his hand for me to take.

"Too soft" I muttered out, causing him to smile. For the first time, I noticed he had dimples.

My finger had a mind of its own as I placed it in the crease of his dimple from.

I thought maybe I was imagining, but it was real. He had dimples, so the baby would have had dimples as well.

I shook of the thought and held myself together.

Breathe Rachel, fucking breathe.

"She's on the top floor, apartment 407." Marin said

tairs, last one down is a loser."

He smiled and ran down as quickly as he could. I caught up with him, but he was a fast little runner.

We reached the outside of the complex in no time, he grabbed the handle of the car door and yelled out. "I win."

"Wait, how did you know it was this car and not another?"

He got in and I followed him, "Because Marin takes me to school and brings me back from school everyday." Gabriele replied back while staring at me.

"Hello little one, are you coming with us or did you come to say hi?" Marin smiled while looking back at Gabriele.

"He's coming with us, I'll bring him back later." I said while pulling Gabriele into my arms.

This boy was making me feel happy and I didn't know why.



"They have left, what should I do?"

"Go and kill the boys mother. They chose the wrong man to mess with, I will make their lives a living hell."

"Yes sir."



I stared at Vienna who was still angry at me for what happened ten years ago.

I was mad at myself as well, "I was young and foolish at the time. I knew I loved you, I just didn't know what to do. I was afraid to bring you into my world."

"No, you stupid. I tell you I love you and I have baby from you. You tell me no, me lie. Me cheat with other man. You take me out, throw me alone. Ti odio. La mia vita era duro e doloroso. Non avevo nessuno, ho lavorato così duro tutti da me in modo che il mio bambino può vivere. Non è possibile tornare indietro e dire che mi dispiace. No, io non lo hanno."

"I know sorry isn't enough, but what else can I say? Just give me a-" I stopped as someone knocked on the door.

Did Rachel forget something? I felt an unease feeling, Vienna got up to answer the door. But I held her hand, "I'll go see who it is."

I got up and walked towards the door, the handle was shaking. Someone was trying to get in, I looked back at Vienna and motioned for her to come behind me.

The worried look on her face made me feel vulnerable, fuck. Out of all the days I leave my gun at home.

"Stay close, don't make a sound." I whispered as the person at the door tried to unlock it.

Slowly walking towards the door, I hid behind it along with Vienna who was shaking in fear.

I pulled out my phone and texted Marin to come back, that there was someone at the door.

The door unlocked, I held my breath and waited for the person to come in.

The head of the pistol came to view as the man walked in, looking ahead before he looked back at us.

I quickly knocked the gun out of his hand and punched him down. He had a mask on so I didn't know who he was, we both fought for a while on the floor.

I felt a pain in my lower back, causing me to scream in pain. Hearing Vienna scream made my heart stop, I couldn't see what was going on as my vision started to go blurry.

The next thing I heard made my heart stop completely, a gunshot rang through the apartment.

I didn't know what had happened, I black out as numbness took over my body.

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