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   Chapter 21 Depression...

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 9316

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"She's coming to stay with us!" Alma yelled as we faced each other.

Bella hasn't been the same, she is lost in her own world.

Not knowing what's going on around her, I fear that she had lost it completely.

"No, she's staying with her family. There's nothing left for here with Leo, the baby is no more. It's best for her, she needs to be away from him. He's not even a real man, where is he? He hasn't been here since she had the miscarriage. She's gone through this alone, by herself-"

"Don't talk about him, he's in pain more than you think. You don't even know what's he's going through, he's dying on the inside. He needs her, she needs him. You can't just do this Armanio, please. Let her come with me. I'll look after both of them. I promise on my child's life I will." She cried out.

"Alma, she's not stable. She hasn't said a word in a month, not one. Haven't eaten, haven't walked, haven't done nothing. I can't send her to him, I know he's hurting too. But she's more hurt than anyone else."

"Oh please, I beg you to let her come with me. Go see him, you'll understand how I feel. He's not himself, it's just blank. Walks around like a dead person with no soul. He blames himself, he tried to kill himself countless of times. I can't stand around and do nothing, Please, they need each other."

"No Alma, I can't hand her to him. I-"

"Come and stay with us, you can be with her. Please Armanio, you know she has feelings for Leo. They both went through pain and know how it feels. We can help them while keeping an eye on both of them. Let them yell, scream, shout, fight, whatever. They both need to release the pain in them."

I turned around and looked at Rachel, she was sitting on a chair, looking out the window while holding on a wrapped blanket.

"She thinks that's her child." I huffed out in pain while holding back my tears. "I can't do this Alma-"

"You can do something about it, we can help them. Please, trust me."

I faced her, "He hasn't been here-"

"He has, every night he comes to see her when you all leave. I should know that because I am the one who bring him. Do you know how much it hurts to see him laid his head on her stomach and cry like a little baby. No, you don't. Please Armanio, let-"

"He comes every night?" I questioned her curiously.

She wipes her tears away while nodding her head. "He does, and it breaks my heart to see them both in pain."

The ache in my heart grew even more, I didn't know if I was doing the right thing or the wrong thing. I walked over to Rachel's side and kneels down. I took her hand in mine and held it gently. "Bella?" But no response.

I pulled the blanket away from her which caused her to cry silently. "This isn't you baby Bella, it's a blanket. See." I waved

come out.

"It's....... dead!" She choked out, suppressing her pain.


"Shut...up.." she shook, bringing her legs up to hug tightly.

Her head fell on her knees while crying silently.

I got onto the bed and pulled her down with me, holding her as she cried.

Her cries became more louder by the second, "It....hurts Leo."

"I know..amore." I whispered back while holding on to her for dear life.

"You..can kill me, make it go..away."

"Why would I do that, if you die then I die as well."



I came back here so I can die, I wanted to die. And I knew Leo would kill me, I had it all planned out.

This was the only way to end my pain.

I remained quiet for a second, I was going to tell him what father did. He would get mad and anger, then kill me.

It will be all over, I'll be with my baby, happy. Away from everyone here.

"I can make you kill me, father was one of the men who hurt Alexia. He raped her, you did that to me, now all you have to do is kill me Leo."

His arms loosened around me, he pulled my head up to face him.

I couldn't tell what he was thinking of.

Was just waiting for him to unleash the beast. I wanted him to, I was ready to die.

"You think I didn't know, I knew he was one of the men a long time ago. I'm not going to kill you amore, I love you. Need you, I didn't know you were his child only after you told me that day. I wanted to hurt you so bad, but you had already captivated my heart and soul. And still do, I won't hurt you anymore. I can't, when I said I love you. Didn't mean because you were carrying my child, I love you because of you."

Tears fell down my face as I tried to hide myself from him, "I..."

He pulled me into his arms and held me close to his beating heart. "I hate myself to amore. I really do."

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