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   Chapter 20 Hurt & loss

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 11039

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"Why would I do that? I thought you said we were going to talk it out, I'm not going to harm you again amore. I promise you I won't ever lay a finger on you." He replied gently.

This would be the first time he hugged me with care.

I could feel his heart and soul in this simple embrace I was in.

But I knew it was only a matter of time, he will go back to his old ways once he finds out.

"Your family is worried sick about you, but not more than me. I went mad, thinking that you were dead. Even tried to kill myself, I'm....don't think sorry will fix anything amore. But I truly regret doing what I did to you."

Tried to kill himself? Did he really...

"Get away from me, I can't breath. You're suffocating me Leo."

This was too much, everything was going in a fast pace. Just like my heart was doing inside my chest.

"Let me go Leo, you idiot. Your so weak. So my child was going to have no father? What if I never came back? Why do you only think of yourself? You didn't think of the people who loves you? Alma, Victoria, your brother? Just fuck them huh?" I shouted while pushing him away.

"I love them, but I love you more. I-"

"Shut up! Leave, you don't love me. You don't even know me to love me. I'm just your play doll you got pregnant, now you have feeling for.... You fucking feel now?"

I pushed him off the bed, sitting straight up to look down at him.

His eyes filled with tears that actually came down his cheeks.

"Just leave please, you won't love me after you find-"

I held my tongue from forming any more words.

"My already fucked up Leo. Don't love me, cause I don't love you nor will I ever will. Save your love for someone else, save it for your child. Not me, we're not in a relationship. Please leave, please."

I held back the tears that wanted to come out, he didn't know what he was saying.

Laying back against the pillow, I avoided his heated gaze.

This man was killing me slowly in his own way.

"I don't expect you to love me back, but I'll give it my all for you see how much you mean to me, when I say that I love you amore. I mean every word. Not because you're carrying my child, I love you because I know I do." He confessed.

My heart had a mind of its own, it quickened it's beating on a high level.

Tears dribbled down the side of my face, soft cries escape my lips. My fingers gripped the comforter tightly as the bed dipped.

I felt both his hands on the side on my face, wiping away the nonstop tears that cast from my eyes.

His warm breath fanned against the side of my cheek, his lips gentle placed in the corner of my eye.

Kissing softly before releasing a deep sigh.

"I'll worship the ground you'll walk on from now til my dying days amore. I'll find a way to apologize for what I done, I'm truly sorry. I really am."

"" I choked out, barely able to breath.

He capture my lips with a soft kiss, before leaving me alone with a broken heart that I know will never heal.


3 days later ...

"I can't stop you guys from leaving? I didn't even get a chance to sit with you and talk." Annabella said as she held my hand.

It's been three days already, Alexia wanted to go see Leonidas. Leo wanted to go back as well. And I was tired of l

Bring her here." I heard a voice say I didn't recognize.

I was in a room on the lower floor, the pain was becoming more and more excruciating for me to handle.

"Leave you bastard." Father yelled at Leo as soon as he placed me on the bed.

"Noooooo, don't leave." I cried out, holding on to his hand for dear life.

They won't hurt him if he's with me, this was my only way in knowing he would be safe from them.

Father was pulling him away from me, but he grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him back.

"I'm not leaving her, kill me if you want. I'm going anywhere."

"Oh I'll kill you, sooner than you..."

"Leo? Is Rachel alright?" Alexia voice rang through my ears.

Father looked at her and froze like a statue. The gun in his hand fell to the floor as she walked in and stood besides her brother.

She stared at farther in the eye and looked at him as he panicked, loosening his button shirt before wiping his forehead.

Alexia pulled back Leo to my side. "I think we should take Rachel with us. We will care for her."

"My daughter isn't going anywhere, she's staying here." The voice I didn't know spoke again.

I looked over to my left side to see a woman I've never seen before.

Daughter? That's means, she's my mother.

Her hands gently caressed the side of my face, I felt my heart break into a million peices.

"Why is my life so complicated? Why can't I just die and forget about all of you? I don't want to live anymore. My heart and mind can't handle this madness any longer. You are all killing me in your own way. I just want to die, I want fucking die. GOD JUST KILL ME ALREADY."

I screamed and kicked like a wild crazy woman who had lost her mind.

I have, I knew I had lost it.

I felt wetness between my legs before darkness took over me.


2 weeks later..

"Eat something, just one bite." Amanrio begged as he sat besides me on the hospital bed.

I haven't said a word since that day, there was nothing to say. I was dead inside. My heart had broken and my soul was torn away from me.

I placed my hand over my stomach and cried silently. It was no more, it was gone.

My baby was dead and I wish I was dead along with it.

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