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   Chapter 19 Back in his arms

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"Ok, you need help. I can't leave you alone for one minute, we're you really gonna..fuck Leo. Snap out of it and be a man. Cause all I'm seeing is a weak man that's giving up. You're better than this, I know you are. Shit, what if Lillian came in and saw you dead? Fuck man, my kids are my everything. I don't want them to be traumatized." Cèsar ramble on.

"I feel dead inside, don't think I can go on any longer." I admitted.

It was true, I felt dead inside. Numb, a living corpse without a soul. "I just wish I said sorry to her, I hurt her for no reason. She didn't deserve what I did to her, I...actually felt my heartbeat for the first time. With her, I'm in love her, but I fucked her up. All I want to say is sorry, even if sorry isn't enough."

"Maybe you can tell her that when she comes back."

I frowned at what Cèsar just said, "She's probably dead."

"She's not, there's a man coming to visit us today. You might remember him, his name is Federo. He was the boy living in your house when you were young. Do you remember him?" Cèsar asked.

I turned his way, waiting for him to finish. "The maids son? Yea, I remember him."

"I got a call from him last night, he said that he'll bring Rachel with... Ricardo and Franco who have been working together secretly."

"What the fuck are you talking about? How does he know Rachel? Where did Ricardo and Franco meet Federo? I haven't seen him since he was thirteen. What the fuck is going on Cèsar? Talk!"

"Calm down, you'll find out soon. There coming tonight, I need you to gather all your strength and fucking think straight."


He blew out a heavy breath, "All I know is that Federo was working against the ghost hunter himself. Franco and Ricardo as well. They have Rachel and will bring her when it's safe. Leo, I need you too grasp your mind around what I'm about to say. Federo......he will also bring someone else with him."

I waited for him to say who it was, I felt my heart beating wildly. "Who?" I dared to ask.

He stared deeply in my eyes, "He's bringing Alexia."

My mind went blank, my blood ran cold. I felt the world spin around me.

He was lying, Alexia was dead.

"Leo, breath man. Leo, Leo? Someone fucking help." Cèsar shouted as pain took over my left arm.

Was having a fucking heart attack?

"Fuck, fuck, someone help."



I've been around Franco and Federo for the past six hours.

They told me what I needed to do, they told me what my father did to Leo's sister, they told me Federo was Leo's brother.

My mind was going crazy, I had finally lost it. Nothing was what it was.

"Rachel? Will you go with the plan?" Franco asked.

We weren't in that house anymore, they sunk me out and brought Alexia, I mean, whatever her name was to a different place.

Why was this happening to me? Why? I've never harmed anyone in my life.

"He will lose it, Leo is already mad Federo. I can't lie to him, you have no idea what pain he's in. I can't do this, I don't think I can face him after what father did to Alexia. He will kill me, kill my baby."

Federo pushed Franco to the side and kneeled before me. "There are men after you, and if you stay back at that place. I will have to harm you. And I don't want to do that. This is me, asking for a helping hand. I can't do this alone anymore. He will believe that Sumona is Alexia if you convince him. Just-"

"I said no." I looked up at Sumona and thought how stupid I was too easily believe that she was Alexia.

"You deserve an oscar for your acting, bravo." I remarked while clapping my hands together.

Her fake broken teeth were pulled out, her body stood straight. She wasn't even young, but a twenty-four year old woman that was working with Federo.

"Then we won't go see Leo tonight, we'll-"

"Shut up and listen to what I have to say Federo. What you did to your own brother wasn't helping, you killed him, mentally. His mind is gone, completely. And you're asking me to bring that woman" I pointed at Sumona. "And tell him that she's his sister. Just for him to find out in the end that she isn't will make him lose all hope that's left. I won't be the one who will dig the knife in his heart even deeper, I won't be the one who will end his life." I yell a bit louder than I should have.

He looked at me, pleading with his eyes.

"But I have a better plan, you let Alexia. Your real sister come with me-"

"No, it's not safe for her-"

"FUCK YOU!" I shouted angrily. "He won't hurt her, she will be safe with him. You're just scared that she won't need you once she's in Leo's arms again. You did enough damage...I...he will hate me, probably will try to kill me. But at least he will have his sister back. Please Federo, what you told me makes me think you're a good man. And you are, if it wasn't for you I'd probably be dead by now. But I can't do this to him, not after what you told me about my father. Let me fix him my own way, let him be happy. Then we will see what happens next. Please Federo, I beg you not to break him anymore. He's already lost in his own world. He's already mad. I can't and won't be the one who drive him to insanity."

He sat down against the marble floor, looking down at his shaky hands.

"Emilio?" He whispered out with a heavy heart. "Go wake up Alexia and bring her here."

My heart jumped in happiness,

m." Alexia pleaded.

"I'll do anything for you, I prom-"

"Don't promise me anything." She whispered, pulling herself back to face him.

Her hands trailed along his face, "You're different, what happened to you? Why do I feel your not the same."

His fingers went along side her long locks of hair, brushing it gently as if he was scared that she would vanish into thin air.

"I will change back, I'm so sorry. I never meant for you be in any harm bella. Everyone who caused you pain will suffer, I'll make sure of that. Mark my words, I won't let them live to see another day."

My heart shattered hearing those words escape Leo's mouth, it was a matter of time until he knew that father was one of those men who hurt his sweet Alexia.

The world around me began to spin as I glanced over to Leo who's eyes flicked between mine and Alexia's.

"Are you ok?" He whispered out.

Not knowing if it was for me or his sister, Franco answered for him. "She needs rest, I will take her to her room. You spend time with Alexia. I'll come back down to explain everything to you what had happened."

Will he kill me? Would he kill my father that I didn't get a chance to know better? What will happen when he finds out? Is my child safe from his unknown rage that will unleash once he knows?

Questions filled my mind, sorrow filled my thoughts. I was bound to a life filled with sadness no matter what I do or where I go.


"You must be tried?" Annabella stated as she helped me get into bed.

Franco stood by the doorway with a sad look on his face, "I apologize for what I done to you, please forgi-"

"You're forgiven Franco, go stay with Leo and please convince him to help Federo. For the sake of Alexia, try."

A nod was all I got from him before he left, the bed covers were brought up to my chest by this sweet angel before me. "You are an amazing soul Annabella. Thank you."

"No need to thank me, good night. If you need anything, my room is next door. Please don't hesitate to come at any hour."

She smiled sweetly one last time, leaving me alone in the room.

I relaxed into the cold sheets and let my eyes fall into a heavy sleep.

I could hear voices in the hallway talking lightly, doors opening and closing shut. The handle of the door to the room I was in was being turned open.

My eyes were still locked shut, "Leo, I think you should let her sleep. You can talk to her in the morni-"

"Go to sleep Franco." He ordered firmly.

Oh god, why was he here. I just want to sleep in peace for once.

The sound of the door being shut made my heart jump, my eyes remained closed as his footsteps came closer.

I felt his figure hover over me, one hand unexpectedly touched my stomach while the other hand skimmed over my right cheek.

"I lov...." he paused. "I thought you were dead." He whispered so low that I could barely even hear him.

I opened my eyes to look at him, his head was laid against the bed while piercing his sea blue eyes towards me.

"You should go-"

"Let me stay amore, please."

His hand cupped my cheek, causing my tears to mist. Slightly nodding my head, he stood up. I followed his every move as he made his way over to the other side of the bed.

He got in and laid besides me, not saying a word.

I didn't know what to say or do. So I? closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep.

In one pull, I was in his embrace. I didn't want to be this close, then again, I didn't know what I actually wanted.

"Please don't hurt me or my baby, I didn't do anything." I cried out.

All I got in return for an answer was a tight hug.

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