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   Chapter 18 Twist..

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Federo.... (his side of the story)

"Do you think Leonardo will find her?" My right hand man Emilio questions me.

Standing in my office with him, I thought of Rachel and how she's? playing a good game.

But I know what she is trying to do.

You can't fool me.

"Do you not feel anything Federo, I mean, Leo is your brother. You think they will believe that girl is Alexia? This is too much my friend, I know you want someone to pay for what happened to your mother. But Leo is your family. Your brother Federo, there must be something that can stop you from doing all this." Emilio wondered.

"You think, that I am trying to hurt him?"

"You have, he's become the way he is because of your stupid plan."

"I am trying to save that idiot from Alessandro, if he knows that father is the one who kidnapped his wife he will kill him." I yelled louder than I should have.

"Once he sees me, he will know who I am. I am the maid's son and not his brother. The time is not right, where is Alexia, I haven't seen all day."

Emilio sighed deeply, this was getting the best of him. "I seriously think you should go see her, she isn't very happy you missed her recital today."

"Of course she isn't, too much on my plate to Digest at the moment."

"I'd say, you hurt a woman that has no right to be hurt." Emilio said painfully.

"You know and I know that I have men around me from different sources thinking that I am blind to know they are spies. Have faith in me, I had to do that so everyone would still fear me. Just let me do my job, I know what I'm doing."

"Of course you do Federo. You ship dead body parts from a morgue to make your own brother think his sister, the one he loved with all his heart. Has been killed."

"I wanted him to forget about her."

"Heh, yea. You gave up hope when you couldn't find her. Went just as crazy as Leo did when he saw that tape of your sister bei-"




"You and Leo are so alike Federo. You both blame yourselves for what happened Alexia. But I think he lost it after he saw that tape, the body parts did it for him. Turned him into a madman, he doesn't deserve that. He was a good man and you made him become a beast, thinking you would send a woman, heh, the daughter of Alessandro Givo herself to heal his broken heart. Where does it all add up?"

"Have faith, I was trying to save her from those people she so calls a family. Backstabbing, two faced, manipulating, psychopathic....uffff. They were going to kill her, I had to come up with a plan to save her."

"So you send her to a madman that is lunatic? You heard what Franco said, he raped her."

"But he loves her, so he is changing."

"Yes, but you took her from him. And once he knows that her father was apart of the men who hurt Alexia. He will kill her."

"He won't kill her, she is under my protection."

"For how long Federo?"

"Her father found out about what father did. His wife told him, Nicolaus told me that she gained her memory back and told Alessandro everything."

"Great, now your brother is in deeper shit then he already is."

"He's with his friend, Del Mar. No one will harm him there."

"Why did you shoot him?"

"Are you serious right now, it's just a flesh wound."

"The man was going to execute him, if it wasn't for Marin saving his life. He would have been dead."

"You know and I know, that ever man here that call themselves my men. Are traitors, all working against me so they can bring me down. It's a honor to take down the ghost hunter."

"This is going to end in the most gruesome way ever. I fear you both will kill each other. Sometimes, I fear that this Revenge will get the best of you. Can't blame your family for what your father did. Federo, I-"

"Leave Emilio, I'm not blaming Leo or anyone for what father did. We will talk later. Keep an eye out for Franco and Ricardo, just as we planned. They know nothing, and let Ricardo find these papers lying somewhere. I want him to think I have a daughter. He can help me deal with this matter."

"This is far to complicated, how can you have a daughter that is almost graduating high school? This is absurd Federo, please stop this madness."

"Go Emilio, I need to be alone."

He nodded his head before leaving the office, I took a seat and let out a breath of frustration.

It's all your fault father.

I close my eyes and relaxed back into the leather armchair I was sitting on.


I watched my mother from the kitchen as she served for the Dante family. I always wondered why mother and I couldn't sit with them to have our meals.

The sound of laughter filled the dining room area, I can see my two brother enjoying their meals while speaking to father. His wife next to him, placing her hand on her round belly. Mama was expecting as well, but papa didn't like it when she told him that.

My mother walked back into the kitchen, tired and exhausted from all the housework she was doing all day.

It wasn't fair, why did he treat us like this?

"Federo, eat my love." Mother whispered out softly.

I stared at her warm smile, returning a smile back at her. "I am full mama, let me help you."

"No dear, go study. You have a big test tomorrow, I want you to be the best person you can be when your older. Promise mama Federo, promise me that you will become someone important. I want you to be a doctor, or whatever you like. Just...don't let mama down my love."


"Clean here Federo, you missed a spot." Leo said while Leonidas laughed.

"Thats no way to treat your older brother Leo." I stated angrily.

I had enough of this, I had rights just like they did.

I felt a hand grip the back of my neck.

I knew it was father by his cigar scent.

He leaned over, reaching my ear, whispering words. "Keep your mouth shut and go help your mother."

He let go of me, I look back at him sadly. I was his height by the age of thirteen, staring deadly into his eyes. I uttered the words I wished to say for quite some time.

"You are a coward, I'm repulsed that I carry your dna."


"Mother, just breath. Everything will be alright."

"Son, where is your father? She needs to go into labor now. He must sigh the paperwork for us to perform the c-section."

"Can't you just do it without his consent doctor."

"If your mother was conscious then she could sign the paperwork. But she's isn't, and I can't do anything for her if no one will give me permission to do so."

"Please doctor, just do what's necessary. My father won't come, he's too busy."

"Doctor, we are losing her." The nurse yelled out.

"Please, I beg of you to help her."

The doctor looked at me before looking at the nurse. "Get the operating room ready."


Please god, let her be OK. Please.

The door came out of the room as I beg the heavens above to hear good news. By look on his face, it didn't seem there was any good news to hear.

He grabbed my shoulder and sadly looked down to the ground, "I'm sorry my boy, neither your mother or sister made it."

I felt a part of me die inside, I felt nothing, no tears, no sadness, nothing.

"You should call your father again-"

"I don't have a father, I don't. May I see her one last time?"


I was digging the grave for my mother and sister with my own two hands, he never came, he never cared. Just sent his men to help me bury my mother alone. As if she wasn't the mother of his child. How can one be this heartless?


"Your father doesn't want you to come back home with us. He bought you an apartment so you can live in by yourself. We will come and visit you every now and then. Just so you know, he would have been here. But his wife just delivered a baby, you have a sister. Her name is Alexia." One of father's men said to me.


"How is school?" The man known as my father asked.

"I'm sixteen as of today, not even a happy birthday son can come out from you huh."

"Stop whining like a baby, grow some balls and be a man."

"I'm more of a man then you'll ever be, father."


I left the apartment I was living in, I had enough of him. He didn't want me nor accepted me as his son, so why bother. I'll shape myself into a man mother dreamed of on my own.


"Your father was murdered Federo, along with his wife, he left you with this." One of father's men said while handing me a box. "Your brother is taking over the throne as well, I think you should tell him who you are."

I opened the box in front of the man, there were pictures of a woman I seen before.

"Isn't this Alessandro Givo missing wife?"

"Yes, your father wants you to take over his other business. Leo has the front look of being the mafia leader, but your father wants you to be the killer. This was his last wish."

"For me to be the monster and for his sweet Leo to be the angel? And why do I have these pictures, what should I do with them and why is she....wait" I paused, trying to comprehend what was going on. "Are you telling me that father was behind Alessandro's wife's kidnapping?"

"Of course he is, why do you look so surprised?"

"But why and what should I do with her?"

"Kill her

dn't you send Alexia back home to Leo?"

"Because Salvatore would know, send men to take her once more. And that is something I couldn't go through again."

"So it was you who planned for Rachel to be caught by Leo? Why when you knew what her father did?" Franco questions in a deep tone.

"Nuli brought Rachel here for her to be killed by some hit man. I had to help her in any way I could. So I made Nuli ask her father to talk with Salvatore if I could play a game with Leo. I acted as if I wanted to kill both Leo and Rachel at the same time."

"You probably did." Franco hisses out as his eyes pierced through mine.

"Salvatore was going to kill Leo no matter what. Right after he kills Alessandro. I did what I did because I knew it was the only way to save them both."

"Why are you telling us all this? Why should we believe you?" Ricardo asked curiously.

"Because I need help now, I can't take down Salvatore on my own. I am the one who is know for all this mess, everyone wants to kill me. I need to.....I need to see Leo in person."

"WHAT!" The three men shouted unitedly in shock.

"I meant, Cèsar. I need to see him so he can help me. I heard that he knows a man named Federci Demchuk, he is the one who killed Salvatore's father. I need this man's help. I don't have any connection to this man, but I know Cèsar does."

"Haha, you hear that Ricardo. He want us to help him meet the mafia Dom. That's hilarious!"? Franco mocked.

I pulled out the paperwork I wanted Ricardo to see by accident. Handed it to him so he can read, his eyes scanned the paper quickly.

"You...have a daughter?" He questioned with a frown.

"Well, as of last week, I do. That right there is Nadia Federo Dante. Previously known as Nadia Salvatore Varrao. I want you to go take her before her graduation. Her father thinks no one knows about her, but thanks to Nuli running her loud mouth. I found out, searched for six months until I found where she was. If we can hold one thing against Salvatore, then we have a chance in taking him down."

"Why me?"

"Because I give my blessing to you to marry my 'daughter'."

"MARRY? NO! I'm not marrying a Varrao. Their DNA is poison. Besides, I'm engaged to someone my father wants me to marry. I can't disobey him, find someone else."

"I can't, she already received a letter from you. Your plane ticket is ready, go and bring her back here. Harm her and I will kill you. Remember, she didn't do anything."

"I'm not agreeing on this, why me?"

"Because no one will suspect anything, you're not here all the times. If Franco, Emilio or I leave unexpectedly. Then our cover is blown. Just go and bring her here. Don't answer any questions she has, and if you can't handle it. Tell her that you are her fiancé that her father chose you for her."

"I...don't know about this."

"I need help, all the help I could get. That's if you want this madness to end?"

"I'll go get her, but I'm not marrying her." Ricardo stated.

"I still want to punch you for making Leo's life a living hell. Where is Alexia?" Franco asked while huffing dangerously.

"You will see Alexia later, I want to discuss about what we will do with Rachel."

"Wait? You're gonna let her go?"

"No, you are going to help her escape. Along with the girl in the room with her."

"What are you up too?" Franco sighed in frustration.

"I want you make Leo think that the girl is Alexia."

"What the fuck is your problem? Why the hell would I do that when I know she isn't Alexia." Franco hisses out.

"Wait, let him speak Franco." Ricardo said while holding his friend back.

"I want for everyone to hear the news that Leo has his sister back. I want to see if Alessandro is working with Salvatore."

"What? Why would he work for a man that kidnapped his wife and child?" Ricardo asked strangely.

"Alessandro had already given up hope in finding his wife and child. He got a note from an unknown source stating to go to a place if he wants to know the truth. He went, that's where......that's where the men. The men who....hurt Alexia were. They told him that she was the daughter of the man who took his wife. I don't believe he knew who Alexia was. But that didn't give him the right to do what he did. He will pay severely, I want him to see Rachel alongside the look alike Alexia. I want him to confess. I want his children to know what kind of man he is. I just want to make sure he isn't working for Salvatore, I want to make sure who is the real enemy, so please go along with my plan."

"'s too much for him. Maybe we can let him in on the plan-"

"No, he will ruin everything. He doesn't think thoroughly. That's what's bad about him. He does everything out of anger."

"Federo?" Franco whispered.


"Were you the one who sent the information about each man who was involved in hurting Alexia to Leo?" He questions.

"Yes, I needed help in killing them. And thought maybe Leo would feel better in taking out his anger on them before killing them. But I never thought he would hurt their families. Why didn't you stop him?"

"No one could have, Leo was not himself anymore Federo. You fucked up his mind big time."

I know I did, but I will fix him.



Maybe she's dead, maybe it's better if she was. And maybe, I should join her.

I held the gun in my hand, I was ready to end my life. Placing in against my head, I took a deep breath.

No one will miss you anyways Leo, just pull the trig-

"Mr. Mean guy, why are you playing with a gun?"

I stared at the little Lillian, I was to deep in my thoughts that I didn't hear her come in.

"Go to your mommy Lillian."

She ignored me and walks in, holding tightly to her stuff teddy bear. Her eyes stared into mine, so innocent and young.

Her hand slowly caressed my face.

"don't be sad, do you a hug?"

"No, I want you to-"

She wrapped her tiny hands around my neck, "hugs make you feel better." She whispered.

The gun fell from my hands.

Pain filled my heart.

"Lillian, where are yo-" her mother stopped talking as she looked at us.

Her eyes landed on the gun before gasping loudly.


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