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   Chapter 17 Little girl

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 9445

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I was tackled to the ground as the girl scratched my face with her long nail.

All she did was scream.

I tried to protect my stomach as much as I could. Pushed her off me easily, she weighed nothing, literally. She was skin and bones.

I picked myself up as adrenaline rushed in me, she was hissing like a snake and growling like a dog.

She got up, held her hands up in a claw way.

The more I stared at her, the more she became familiar. I had seen her before, but where?

"Look, I don't want to hurt you. And I can see you're in pain. You're afraid, so am I. But I'm not your enemy. Those men are, so please....."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she yelled, running into me again.

I stopped her before she could jump on me. Grabbing her by the shoulders, I shook her. "STOP, I'M NOT HERE TO HURT YOU."

But she wasn't listening, her hands grabbed my hair and pulled as hard as she should. I pushed her weightless body away from me down to the floor, I felt bad for her, but she was wild and attacking me for no reason.

"You need to fucking stop, just stop!" I warned her as I grabbed the lamp that was on the nightstand besides me. "I will hit you if come close, I don't want too, but I will if I have too. So sit the fuck down. I'm just like you, I'm stuck here. But I know...." I stopped talking, thinking if we were being watched by him.

Looking around the room to see if there were an cameras, but he wasn't stupid to place them in clear sight. I had to choose my words wisely.

God, Leo, where are you?

I looked down at the girl who was shaking her head, her fingers ticked, her eyes twitched, she shook her legs before rocking back and forth.

Her eyes ping pong left and right.

Her head started to move, clenching her hands into a fist. She banged on her head with both hands.

Tears filled my eyes at the state of mind she was in, she was so young to be mentally unstable.

They fucked with her mind, she like this because of what they did to her.

If Federo did this to a young innocent girl, then he would sure do more to me.

"Stop doing that, you're hurting yourself."

But she just kept going, I dropped the lamp from my hand and rushed to her side. "Hey, look at me." I whispered, taking her hands into mine.

She kept shaking wildly, screaming her heart out. Trying to stop her, she yelled out a name I knew so well.


I froze in place, goosebumps filled my body as my heart beating out of control.

Oh god, Oh my god she was alive.

"A-Alexia?" I whispered so low not knowing if I said her name.

Her eyes shot up towards mine, "Oh my god....Alexia?"

She cried, yelled, screamed, in pain.

" wanna die."

I pulled her close and hugged her.

"It's ok, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. They won'

get back. I apologize amore, but we have to leave now. Franco, let's go." He said while shutting the door.

Franco got up, I stared at in confusingly. "I apologize bella, I never meant to hurt you. If I....don't...just tell Leo I will kill Federo for him." Franco said before he made his way to the door.

He left and I just sat there, trying to wrap the entire situation around my confused mind.


It had been some time that went by, the room was silent. In the bag wasn't just food and water, there was a dress as well for me to change in. I had ate a little, but Alexia was eating like she hasn't seen food in a long time.

I decided to dress her up instead of myself, Leo would freak out if he sees her like this.

The dress was big on her, but it was better than the one she had on. I couldn't do anything about her hair, I didn't have a hair band or anything to wrap it in a bun. So I tore a piece of the bed sheet into a long string, gathered her hair and wrapped it the best I could.

She was fifteen now, so pretty, but the past three years of pain and suffering she went through had physically shown on her.

The poor girl is damaged to the point of no return, tears fell as I watched her hold her knees close to her chin.

She was sitting on the floor, in the far corner. I felt pain in heart and in my lower abdomen. The fear the baby was hurt was killing me slowly.

"Alexia?" I whispered out.

She raised her head up to look at me.

"I'm sorry, but I want you to be strong. Leo will help you. So will I."

Tears filled her eyes, "Leo let those bad men do the unthinkable to me, I...I hate him for not saving me. They hurt me so bad. I hate him, I hate Leo so much." She cried out.

My tears fell down my cheeks, "Please don't blame him, he's been through enough Alexia. He-"

"I DON'T CARE, IT'S ALL HIS FAULT." She hissed out angrily.

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