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   Chapter 16 Ghost hunter

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 17179

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We weren't going back to home tonight, and it was still early to go back to Del Mar's for dinner.

It was awkward to be with him, Marin and Adamo left us alone and I wish they never did.

It meant more talking, and I didn't want to talk anymore.

"You seem tired, I can take you to Cèsar's place now so you can rest while I check on a few business matter around town." Leo stated while opening the passenger door for me.

"Is it OK if I come along with you?"

I didn't want to go over to his friends house just yet, it was to early.

He frowned a bit, thinking hard about something. "If you like, sure."

I got in and sat down, he locked the car door and went over to the driver's seat. My eyes followed his trail as he made his way in front of the car.

Was it weird I thought he looked cute?

Yea, it was weird, he was cute. No denying that.

The driver's door opened, he smiled softly before trying to enter the car. But someone yelled out 'Leo'. he reached for his back pocket for something.

I turned back to see who it was, my eyes went wide as a man pointed a gun at him.

"Compliments of the ghost hunter." He spoke before shooting at Leo.


My heart stopped when I saw Leo's body fall to the ground.


The door on my side opened unexpectedly, I was being pulled out in a hurry. "LEO, LEOOOOO." I shouted out for him.

An object hit the back of my head before everything turned black.



"You think they'll be ok?" Adamo asked me as we waited outside the restaurant.

We watched Leo and Rachel walk towards the car, "I think they will be fine, get in the cab so we can follow th-" I stopped talking as I saw a black car stop in the middle of the street next to Leo.

"Fuck, go!" Adamo hissed loudly.

We ran as fast as we could to Leo. A man was right behind him pointing a gun to his back, I can see Leo turning around. I was so close to the unknown man.

"Compliments of the ghost hunter." He spoke venomous before pulling the trigger.

I knocked him down from behind, but it was too late. Leo was shot, but thankfully it wasn't execution style.

My eyes stared at his, he picked his hand up to the car, trying to get up. I heard Rachel screaming out Leo's name. I see her being pulled out of the car.

Pulling out my gun, I shot the man before me. Trying to go save her, multiple gun shot were fired. I ducked down and looked back to see what was going on, Adamo was shooting at the car that past by us in a rush.

Leo let out a agonizing roar, he was in pain.

Adamo limped towards us, shit, he was shot as well.

I ran towards Leo, picking him up as Adamo opened the back door.

"Go...after..her..Now..go." he said in pain.

I pushed him in, then Adamo next before shutting the door. "Fuck..." my hand shook as I tried to place the keys in the ignition.

"FOLLOW THEM!" He screamed, causing my ears to ring.

The car speed off in high speed, I can still see the vehicle that took off. But it was ahead of us by two miles. People filled the streets, the car horn did nothing. Adamo pulled down his side window, taking his gun out and shooting towards the sky.

The streets cleared up quickly, I stepped on the gas pedal. "Go faster, we're losing them." Adamo yelled out.

I was going crazy on the narrow streets, but they were ahead of us.

"Stop Leo's bleeding Adamo."

I heard shuffles from behind me, my eyes were ahead of me towards the car and in the rear view mirror to see Leo.

Thankfully he was shot in the shoulder, but bleeding heavily.

"Don't...lose them." He whispered out.

Making a left, then a right after the car. But it was far ahead of us.

I knew we weren't going to catch them. I pressed down on the gas pedal more than I should have, trying to get as close I could.

A small vehicle came out of nowhere, hitting out car, causing me to lose control.

I stepped on the brakes, while holding on to the wheel. The car titled to the side before flipping over.



I was greeted by cold water, waking me up from unconsciousness. Gasping in fear, I tried to move back, but I was tied up against a chair.

I tried adjusting my blurry vision, the place was dark and cold.

The sound of the door closing shut startled me.

"Ciao bella! My you have grown into a beautiful woman." A man spoke.

There was no one in front of me, I was alone, in a dark room. "Don't be afraid, if I wanted to kill you I would have a long time ago." The man said.

Looking around the dark room, I hear the sound of a microphone being moved. So I knew he was watching me, at least he wasn't here.

"I'm so sorry about Leonardo-"

"You actually did me a favor." I cut him off.

I had to play victim and get myself out of this mess.

"You must be Federo? Are you really that scared to show your face?"

Fuck Rachel, don't get him mad. He might shoot you unexpectedly.

"Interesting." He hums out. "So you don't care if Leonardo dies?" He questions curiously.

I had to make him think I didn't, "You did shoot him, so thanks. Even tho I promised him that I'll kill him myself

uy I've meet in my life.

"You know..." I paused "You should play basketball, they would love you." I giggled out.

"She's hiding in the house, look in every corner until you find her." He hissed out while making his way towards me.

Up close and personal, I got to take in his repulsing looks. He was hot, but all I wanted to do was take the gun that was in his waistband and shoot him.

Towering over me, he stared down into my eyes. I smiled while looking up at him, "How's the weather up there?"

He didn't reply back, "Take her to the room, I'll deal with her later in my own way." He smirked before pulling back.

"What, your not going to take this baby out now? How long do I have to wait for, let's just get it over with Federo."

He frowned, placing his hand over his five o'clock stubble chin. "And here I was thinking you were playing me like a fool." He walks back towards me, lowered his face to level with mine.

The urge to spit in his face was so fucking tempting, but I held back.

"We will discuss this matter later tonight, go clean yourself off. You smell like a hyena."

"You fucked a hyena, damn. If you know how they smell than you must have fucked them."

Why was I saying things that didn't make sense?

He growled angrily, his hand gripped my hair back. I smiled like an insane person, hiding the pain he was causing to my scalp.

"I have hyenas in the backyard, they love to eat human flesh. It's so satisfying to watch them tear apart a breathing, screaming person as they fight for their life. Be a good girl and keep that mouth of yours shut before I feed you too them." He said, inches away from my lips.

"Yes daddy!"

He frowned deeply this time, pulling back away from me. The confusion on his face was a good start.

I'll fuck your mind up and do what Nuli asked me to do with Leo if I was to be your prisoner. Make you fall Federo, then when I gained your trust.

I'll stabbed both your eyes out. That's a promise I'll keep.

I had to do anything and everything to stay alive, just don't know if my stupid plan will work.

I was being dragged back away from him, his eyes never left mine until he disappeared from my sight.

Around a corner, down a hallway, and another corner I was dragged. That's?until we stopped in front of a door in the far dark hall.

The double locked was open with a key Franco had in his hand, I was pushed in the room, my body fell to the ground, face first.

The sound of the door shutting lock brought peace to my mind, I tried the best I could to stand up. My body was giving up on me.

Managing to stand, I placed my hands on my knees. Just breath and think Rachel, think what your next move is?

I got a better look at where I was.

My eyes scanned the room that had a bed, and window. I ran towads it, but fell. So I? crawled over to see if it was open.

I cursed out loud at the metal bars that were on the window, of course this wasn't going to be easy.

I took another looked around the room until it stopped at a girl who was standing in the corner.

I froze in fear, she looked like the girl who was possessed in the movie the exorcist, her clothes were ripped apart. Her hair was untamed as if it hasn't been brushed in years, her eyes were wide and scary. She smiled, showing her missing teeth.

The more I stared at her, the more I felt scared, she smiled before running towards me while snarling.

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