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   Chapter 15 Knowing him

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 20065

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We sat near the ocean view, if she would just listen to me. Then I would apologize til I die. But she wasn't giving me a chance, I don't blame her, neither would I.

"Why did you do what you did Leo, why?" She muttered out so low.

"I don't have an explanation amore, it's just what I've become. My heart and soul are ripped out from me. I feel nothing, or I chose not to feel. Thinking it's the best way to not feel any pain." I replied, ignoring her gaze.

"You don't feel pain, but the people who are around you do. How can one just not feel anymore, how-"

"You don't know what I've been through-"

"Neither do you, I felt pain and shed more tears than you think. I'm not just some famous happy person, I have nightmare of a past that will never go away. Now you added more, I've been through hell and back. But do go killing the people who hurt me? No, I fucking deal with it and move on. That doesn't give you the right to hurt and kill people because of what they did to your family-"

I banged my hand against the table, causing her to yelp. "I dealt with my parents killing easily, but to have body part shipped to me of the person I loved the most in life is another thing. You don't know how it feels to hold your sister head in your hands with a tattoo on her forehead saying 'you promised'. It made me lose all hope and I fucking..."



He was trying to find the right words to say, for the first time. I seen tears in his eyes, but he didn't let them fall.

The only way I knew for us to heal is if we talked about what hurts the most. And I knew that what killed the human in him was his sister's death.

"Leo, I'm sorry. I know it hurts you, and I can't imagine what you went through. But if you want this baby, then you have to fucking try. You have to let it out and-"

"I won't stop until I have everyone's heads that was involved in my sister's murder and rape. I won't stop, I won't promise you lies I can't keep. I will kill and kill till there's no one left living. I couldn't keep my promise to her when she was alive, but I sure as hell will keep my promise to her of my vengeance that I will let no one live for what they done to her."

"What if they come after your unborn child Leo, then what?"

His eyes widen at the thought, "You know, I hate it that you took me against my own will cause you made me feel lost in how I felt. You don't know this, but the people who I live with abused me so badly. They were normal people to the outside world, but to me. They were the devil and his wife, along with their two kids. I was always told that my mother gave me up cause my father was a rapist. Nuli was my next door neighbor, living with her parents happily while I was being beaten everyday for no reason. I hit the age of thirteen and Jack, the one I called the devil, came into my room one night. I was on the phone texting Nuli about a boy I had a crush on, he....." I tried to hold in my tears as I remembered what happened.

"He wasn't drunk to the point he didn't know what he was doing, no, he was well aware. He took my phone and laughed before attacking me, ripped my clothes apart and...." I took a deep breath.

"He tried to rape me, I begged him not to, his wife came in and watched with a sick smile on her face. I felt, that no amount of cries will stop him. Nuli's dad came out of nowhere before he got the chance to do so. I covered myself, but I felt my dignity and innocence being taken away from me.

That night was hell and heaven, cause I was finally saved from those people but knew I would never forget what they did to me. After that night, I lived with Nuli and her family. My mind is so lost about everything. You, the baby, Nuli and her parents, who I am and why all this is happening. It's so fucking lost, and I don't know what to do. I was healing so well, then you came along and flipped my life into a chaos of the unknown."

No one knew about my life, I would smile through the pain that lied deep within me. I looked up at him, saw anger in his eyes.

"Your friend and her parents are working for Federo, they use to work for his father. But now they work for him, they reason for keeping you safe is to get back at your grandfather, your mother's father, Dominique Volco. He is a Russian mob leader, Dominique and Federo's father had a feud long ago. Federo's father was behind the kidnapping of your mother and you. No one knew where your mother was, your grandfather and father searched everywhere for her. But never found her, they gave up all hope. Federo's father died, so his son takes over. I think he was planning on hurting you by send you to me or my brother so we would end up in a feud with your father and grandfather. I also found out his father was behind the murder of my parents, I wouldn't be surprised if he was behind the murder of Alexia as well."

"Why haven't you killed him yet?" I asked curiously. "If he's behind all this, then why isn't he dead."

"He's a ghost, just like his father. You hear about him but can never catch him, he is worse than a man named Varrao. Never attends meeting's, sends his men on his behalf. I don't even know how he looks like, he's called the ghost murderer of the night. Strikes when you least expect it, trust me amore. He is the last man I have left to kill, and once I get my hands on him. That's when I know I'll be free from my demons."

This was the most we talked, but I wanted him to tell me everything about him. I wanted to know who was the father of my child, the real him.

But that will take more then one day. It was a start to something, just wanted to know how long it will take him to open up more.

"Your friend" he said before pausing. "What shall I do with her and her parents?"

I didn't know what to say, they never harmed me. They cared for me when I needed it the most.

"Do you think they know where Federo is?"

He shook his head, "I highly doubt that, they said they don't know a

topped, his eyes misted in tears.

"I was hoping he made it." I cried out.

It was silent for a few seconds, "He slept for two days straight." He said, causing me to look at him.

My heart was pounding so hard.

"His mother crying, his father by his side. They said that if he doesn't wake up, then they will bury him. I yelled out, no one will do anything until he stops breathing completely. His mother hugged me so tightly as she shed every ounce of pain her heart had. A week went by and still he was the same, he was so pale and weak. His mother would be in the room with me, wetting a rag before placing it on his lips. She wiped his face gently, you know a mother's touch is everything. Yet we neglect everything they do for us. Her chin wobble as she laid her forehead against his. 'And here I thought you would outlive me, but God knows what's best. Remember to visit me every now and then. I love you.' She whispered as teardrops fell on his face."

My heart was breaking, I didn't know if I wanted to hear the rest. But he continued.

"I was angry and mad, hurt and upset. His mother left the room, leaving me with me as I watched his breathing slowly fade away. I closed my eyes, trying to hold in the pain. A light coughing sound came from Ricardo, my eye shot open. He coughed more louder, I stood up. Yelled for anyone to come quickly. His parents were in the room in no time, my father came in as well. They all thought he was taking his last breath, but I didn't. I felt he was waking up, his lips part slightly. He asked for water in a cracked tone, my heart was racing as his mother went by his side and held him up so his father would give him a sip of water. I felt my father's hands against my shoulders as I looked at him drinking slowly. His tongue ran along his dry lips, his eyes were somewhat trying to open up. But all he could do was squint. 'I'm hungry' came from him. His mother fell to her knees as his father grabbed him and held him in his arms."

I was crying out of joy, "Oh god, he's alive?"

He rubbed his red eyes and smiled, "The bastard is still alive and well to this very day."

" fucking heart." I cried out while wiping my tears away.

"Each day after that, he got better and better. It was a miracle from the heavens above his mother would say. I went to visit the woman one last time to know who she really was. But she was gone, I never spoke about her anymore till today. When I say that me and a therapist don't go well, is because the man who treated me called me insane. And you might to think of me as one, but what I saw was real. So why talk to someone who will label you something you aren't? I rather keep everything to myself then to let someone else judge me."

He twirled his thumbs around each other in circles, he wasn't looking at me.


"Yes amore?" He replied without making eye contact with me.

"I'll listen to you without judging, and I believe you. What do you say we do this from now on, talk about what hurts the most. Maybe we can be each other's therapist and heal ourselves."

He gaze into my eyes as if he was trying to understand me. Maybe if we talk it out, then there's hope for the baby.

"You might end up hating me more than you already do." He stated while tapping his fingers against the table.

I felt him nervous in a way.

"I don't hate you, I hate what you've become and what you did. Everyone tells me that you were different, I want to know the old you. Not this person in front of me. I want to give you a chance, but not for you. But for the child in me. I want to understand you more." I stated truthfully.

"Very well, let's see how this will turn out. It's either for the better or for the worse."

"We won't know until we try Leo."

He laid both hands flatly on the table while nodding his head. I wanted to grab onto them and assure him that everything will be ok.

But I didn't know if I believed that everything will be OK.

We'll have to wait and see.

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