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   Chapter 14 One chance..

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"Do you need anything else, maybe I should come with you." Lalaya said nervously.

Everyone was against me aborting the baby, it was at fault for our problems.

He or she shouldn't pay the price.

But I couldn't keep it, I knew I was bound to hurt it.

And that's something I can't do.

It was better for the baby to not come into this world with two fucked up parents that don't know what their doing in life.

We weren't in love nor in a relationship that was healthy.

How can I make this unborn child life's miserable, what kind of heart would I have to let him or her suffer along with me?

"Rachel? Please don't do this. I believe that the child can change a lot in your life. Did you know it took me five years just to conceive my first child? Don't throw away what God has blessed you with, please. Let me come with you."

"I don't want it Lalaya, I don't think I'm fit enough to care for this child. Why can't no one understand me? What if I keep it, then along the way, I end up hurting him or her?"

"You won't, I promise you that you won't. A feeling like no other comes over you when you hold that child. You just have to believe me, it's a power like no other. You would kill anyone who tries to harm your baby. Just....please I beg you not to do this."

My mind was made up, nothing was going to stop me from doing what I felt was right.

"Bella...signore" Stella announced while standing at the door.

"Please don't go through with this bella, I beg of you." Lalaya begged while holding onto my hand.

I pulled away from her and walked out the room I was in, they followed me down the stairs until I was standing by the front door.

Both my brothers and Mama Dina were waiting outside, talking with Leo in a hush tone.

I just walked pass them without a word, Marin was waiting by the car. A smile was sent my way from him, he opened the back door for me to get in before closing it.

"Hello beautiful, we missed you." Adamo stated from the passenger seat.

"I didn't!" I replied back truthfully.

Last night was one of the best night for me. I felt so safe and loved by the people around me.

He remained quiet, not saying a word.

The door to my left opened, I didn't look at him. Just stared out the tinted window at Mama Dina who was wiping her tears away.

I felt sad that no one was supporting me, but at the end, it was my decision.

Marin started the engine, the car was dead silent.

I wondered what he was thinking of. I wanted to turn and face him. Pull out his knife and stab him countless of times until every ounce of anger in me vanished.

"We are going to Sicily by helicopter, there's no place here in Malta where I could find that will terminate...." he stopped talking. He couldn't finish the words.

Was he having second thoughts?

"Ok!" I replied, not knowing what else to say.

It was best to not say anything, I just couldn't wait for this to be over with.


The car drive to the airport was sickening, the helicopter ride was even worse.

We landed and now driving to the clinic he made an appointment with.

"Can you hurry up, I want to puke my lungs out."

"We almost there, just a few more blocks." Marin said.

"Stop the car!" I shouted.

Marin stepped on the brakes in the middle of the narrow street, I got out and went between the two buildings that were in front of me. Releasing whatever what's left in me, sour, horrible taste filled my mouth.

After a couple of minutes, I managed to stop.

"Here, drink this." Adamo said, handing me a bottle of water.

Taking small sips, I caught a boy playing with a young girl outside a sweet shop.

They looked so cute, especially the little girl who had blonde hair. Three men were surrounding them, as if they were protecting them. It seemed weird, but I didn't put any thoughts to it.

The smell of chocolate heaven filled my senses, "I want chocolate!" I declared loudly.

Leo was standing by the car door, just looking at me.

"Well, lucky for you were here. Del Mar has the best sweets in Sicily, also. Leo knows the owner. That's the place right there." He pointed to where the two kids were playing.

Great, everyone here is mafia related.

Marin parked the car to the side, Leo just stood there waiting for me. I gulped down the rest of the water before making my way to chocolate heaven.

Why the hell was I craving chocolate at this time?

The three men tensed up, pulling the kids away from Leo who was right behind me.

A hot tall sexy man walked out the shop, he looked over to the men who were pointing at Leo. He turned his head to see what they were pointing at, a lopsided grin plastered on his face.

"Leo, Leo, Leo. Damn man, I haven't seen you in a minute." He spoke while extended his arms wide open.

Leo walked past me and gave the sexy hunk a manly hug, they started to talk in Italian. I rolled my eyes and went into the shop.

Chocolate, hazelnut and strawberries filled my nostrils. I waked in further to look at the display they had in the glass window.

A beautiful woman with short black hair and big blue eyes started to talk in Italian. I knew she was greeting me but didn't know what to say.

"I don't speak Italian, I want this right here." I pointed down at the truffles that were drizzled with white chocolate.

"It's cool, I'll talk English. Even tho I haven't for a while now. What else can I get ya?" She asked.

I was shocked she was flute in English, "You're not Italian?"

"Haha, me? No girl, I'm from New York. Born and raised in the USA. You know, you look familiar, like I've seen you before. Can't seem to remember where...wait..omg, your that You Tuber. Oh my God, you are! Hi, I'm Lizzy!"

She was bubbly and sweet, "Yea, that's me."

"Sorry, I haven't been up to date with your videos. Busy life and being a mom isn't so easy, I barely have time for myself. Omg, Anna" she yelled out. "Come, there's a Famous You tuber here."

I giggled at her actions, a woman came out from the back room. She held a bowl in her arm, whisking away whatever she was whisking. She was stunning, just like a freaking doll figure.

My eyes were glued on her, she was so beautiful. "Hello, I'm Annabella. Welcome and please do excuse my friend, she is a bit wild." She said with a smile.

"Wait, are you related to the sexy guy outside?"

She looked out and smiled, "Yes, that is my husband. And the father of my three kids. Did he scare you, I apologize if he did. But he's a sweet man, cocky, but sweet."

Wow, she was married to a guy that was in the mafia? Why? She looks so innocent and young.

"Is that your man who is speaking with Cèsar?" She asked.

"Your husbands name is Cè

to his arms.

The door opened from behind us, Rachel walked out without even looking towards us.

"Yea, good luck with her. She looks pissed as f.... " Cèsar paused while looking at his daughter. "You should go man, let me know what happens."

"Nothing will happen, invite your friends over for dinner Cèsar. I want them to come over." A woman spoke from behind me.

I stood up and faced her, she was beautiful. A split image of the little girl, she extended her hand for me to shake. "Annabella, you must be..."

"Leo, pleasure to meet you."

"Well, I'll see you both around dinner time. Come on you two, get in here." She called out for her children before heading back into the shop.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, "I don't know what you did, but I know you can fix it. If you just try Leo, everything can be fixed. And you never know, you might just get your happy ending."

I scoffed bitterly, "Don't think she'll ever forgive me my friend. Why hope when I know that all hope is lost. I'll see you later tonight."

I left him and went straight to the car.

After being seated, I looked over to her, but she just looked the other way.


We reached the clinic in no time, why were the hardest places to get to seemed so close. Yet the places we wanted to be were just so far?

Seeing her laying down on the bed was making me lose what's left of my sanity.

I didn't know if after she went through with the abortion, would there be a mind left to think with?

If only I can talk her out of it, "Just to let you understand, if your past 16 weeks. I can't go on with the procedure." The doctor stated.

Causing me to think long and hard about how far along she was, but she wasn't near the 16 week mark.

Just tell her no, beg, yell, scream. Do anything.

But I couldn't, I just couldn't find the words to utter out.

She doesn't want to carry your child. No one does. So just let her be.

I huffed out an aching sigh that dug deep in my soul, that's if I had one.

You didn't even try to stop her, how-

*thump, thump, thump* sounds came crashing down on me.

I looked up and saw the doctor running a small device on Rachel's lower abdomen.

*thump, thump, thump* the sounds became more louder, more stronger.

My mind was completely lost at this point, here I was hearing my child heartbeat that will no longer exist.

Let that sound engrave in your memory Leo, you won't ever get the chance to hear it again.

"I'll go get the room ready, the nurse will be in shortly help you." The doctor said, turning off the screen.

She stood up and left the room.

Loud cries cames from her while my eyes were still staring at screen. "I hate you, it's all your fault. I hate you so much. I HATE YOU, I FUCKING HATE YOU." She yelled as she stood up.

She was placing her clothes on, why was she doing that?

The nurse came in unannounced, "Miss, what are you doing?"

I was irradiated and lost, "Shut the fuck up, leave." I yelled at her

I was staring at her every move, "What are you doing?" I asked while my heart just raced in my chest.

Please let her have a change of heart, God, just listen to me for once. I beg of you.

"I'm going to get fucking help, and so will you. Cause I'll be damned if I'll ever have you around my child." She yelled out, wiping her tears away.

She wasn't going to abort the baby, oh thank you lord she wasn't.


I was lost for words.

"No you idiot, I can't after I heard that." She pointed at the ultrasound screen.

I fell to my knees, releasing a sigh that was hovering over my chest like a ton of rocks. I felt my body go weak, looking down at the floor.

For the first time in my life in a long time, I sent a thank you to whoever was looking down at me.

"Get the fuck up, I want to leave this goddamn place."?She shouted angrily.

With every ounce of power I had in me, I?managed to stand on both feet.

Looking at her, I wanted to say I'll get the help and help her along the way.

That's if I could, I had to at least try.


"Just zip it Leo, I don't want to hear any shit from you." She said while rubbing her tired eyes.

"Amore.." I whispered, trying to let her know how sorry I was.


End of flashback...

The car stopped in front of a restaurant called Trattoria Il Barcaiolo, it had a view like no other. As well as amazing food.

How was I going to let her listen to me? She didn't even give me a chance to speak.

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