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   Chapter 13 Lies become true...

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 17686

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"WHAT?" Was all I got from him. And a shocked expression.

It seemed he didn't like the he had just heard.

The door opened widely, I faced all. Alma, Marin, Adamo, Givio, Armino

And Victoria with mouths wide open.

Eyes dilated as the size of the moon.

"Were you all eavesdropping on our conversation?"

" know we just thought it was best to stand know.. just in case anything happened....hell yea I'm gonna be an uncle." Adamo shouted happily.

"I'm not keeping the child."

"WHAT!" All said unitedly.

It was time for me to set the rules, I lied. I wasn't pregnant, hell. I'd probably kill myself if I was.

Maybe this stupid plan was going to backfire on me. But fuck it, I had to.

"The hell if you think you're killing my child." Leo roared angrily.

"I don't know if it's alive or dead, you did damage my püssy. I'd be surprised? if the baby has a heartbeat."

"Well, let's find out. Adamo, call Nick to come here asap." Leo stated.

Oh fuck, what the hell did I just do?

Wait, when was my last cycle?

My mind stopped processing anything that went through it. My period hasn't came seen I've been here.

"Holy shit, I'm fucking pregnant. No, I can't be. I'm not pregnant, I'm not. Oh my God, this can't be happening to me."

"Duh, you just told us-" Adamo's said but I cut him off.


"I have an extra one in my room, Marin, got get it please. My legs are too weak to move. It's in the bathroom cabinet." Alma replied.

Marin just stared at her lost. "Why do you have one?"

"Well...I...just go get it please." She whispered while avoiding his gaze.

I sat down on the bed, brought both knees up to my chest before rocking myself back and forth.

Please God don't let me pregnant.

"Well bella, this is quite interesting news. I know Leo is a ruthless man now, but I also know you would have liked him before he became this way. Just to let you know, he is my best friend. And he knows if he hurts you ever again, I'll rip his balls out. How are you feeling?" Armino implied with a smile.

"Oh god, you're a sick bastard like him."

He laughed while shaking his head, "I may have been in the past. But not anymore. I always wish to find her one day and apologize for what I did to her. I wonder if she kept the child" he sighed heavily. "The child would be around ten now." He placed his hand around my neck. "The world we live in isn't easy bella, we are made to not feel. And once we do, we hurt everyone we love. I know in my heart, that this situation wasn't coincidence. It was planned for a long time. And the outcome became more tragic." He pulled me into his arms.

"They will pay bella, I promise you they will. And I will never leave you. Nor let anyone harm you again."

"I don't want to be pregnant Armino, I can't deal with it. I was lying, I thought if I made it up and fake it. That I can get my revenge on him. I want to hurt him, but I also don't. I don't know what I want."

"Breath bella, pregnant or not. We all can work this out. We'll come up with a plan after we know. Let's find out first and go from there, OK?" Armino hummed out.

"Your fucking pregnant and you didn't tell me Alma? Why?" Marin yelled as he came into the room.

This baby news was getting on my nerves. I stood up and grabbed the box Marin was holding in his hand.

Running towards the bathroom, I locked the door behind me. Ripping the piece of shit open, I placed it between my legs. Peeing onto the stick.

Please let it be negative, please let it be a lie. Please God oh please.

This was the longest wait of my life, I couldn't take it anymore.



"Congratulations Marin."

"Yea, don't fucking kill my baby this time or I will fucking stab you Leo." Marin hissed out, holding a happy yet crying Alma in his arms.

"It...wasn't...his...fault and you..know that." Alma stuttered out between each cry.

"Does it take that lon-"

The door opened, I stopped talking.

Waiting impatiently for her to come out.

"Bet she's prego." Adamo whispered to Givio who was biting down on his finger. It was a bad habit he did every time he was nervous about something. "I hope so man, I really want the old Leo back."

She walked out, holding the small plastic thing in her hands. The look on her face held nothing.

Did I want her pregnant? Yes! But not now. She will hate the baby, hate me. It just wasn't the right time. I needed fucking time to apologize, God. Just this one time. Answer my prayers just this once. I promise I'll make everything right. I'll try harder, I'll...

"I'm not keeping this baby, I don't want it."

"Everyone out!" I whispered.



"She doesn't want the child leo, just talk it out with her." Armino stated.

"Leave, I need to talk with her."

"Don't hurt-"


Everyone left the room, Armino was the last one to leave. Looking back at his sister, "I'm waiting for you downstairs bella. Call me if he tries anything." He said before closing the door shut.

"Sit amore so we can talk."

"There's nothing to talk about, I'm not keeping it."

I sighed, running both hands through my hair. "Ok, don't. I'll come with you and we'll te

st like mama you are." She sighed. "You no call me Dina, you call me mama Dina just like the rest. Ok?"

"Ok!" I replied back happily.

"You want me to take you to your room?" Aramio asked, placing his half empty cup of coffee on the kitchen counter.

"No, you all go to bed. I will take her to her room." Mama Dina stated.

"Very well mama Dina, I'll see you in the morning bella." Aramio said before he left.

"Then I will let you go as well bella. Wake me up if you need anything ok." Duilio said, placing a kiss on the top of my head.

"Thank you for being so kind, I-"

"You don't thank a brother for doing his job bella. I am always here for you, always from now on no matter what."

He took his wife's hand and walked out the kitchen.

My heart was overwhelmed with the love surrounding me, it was overwhelming, but it felt so good be cared for this way.

"Warm milk Rosanna, and bring it up to her room." Mama Dina said as she stood up.

She was old, with white gray hair. Her blue eyes shined so sweetly with love and care, her skin shown wrinkles of her years. She was a small petite woman. She took my hand and walked me out.

"I can die happy now, ah my sweet bella. The tears I've shed for you and your mother have gone on for so many years. Thank the Lord above for granting my last wish."

I hugged her as we reached the top stair, the villa was magnificent. I've never seen anything like it.

Down the hallway were doors, she opened the first door on our right side and entered.

Stella came out the far corner door with a bathrobe in her hand.

"Go and have a bath, I will get you extra pillows and a blanket so you can keep warm." Mama Dina whispered while patting my hand.


After the bath, my body was more relaxed. So was my mind, dressed in a soft two piece nightgown. I got under the sheets and laid back without over thinking anything that had happened before I came.

I looked up at Mama Dina who was placing the extra blanket over me.

"Sleep bella, you need rest."

"Mama Dina?"

"Yes bella?"

"I've been hurt throughout my life, and a man hurt me even deeper than I was before. I'm carrying his child now and I don't know what to do."

She sighed as tears filled her eyes.

"Do you not want the child bella?" She questions while staring deeply into my eyes.

"No, I don't. I want to forget him." I answered truthfully.

She sat down on the bed and took both my hands, "A child is from the heavens above. Tell me bella, what did the child do to deserve you not wanting him?"

"Because of his father, he-"

"Listen to me bella, I feel it is wrong to kill a innocent soul. He or she did not ask for you to be his or her mother. Nor did the child asked for a father like the man you speak of. You are asking me what I think, and I say no bella. Maybe this is a way, a answer from God to make your life better. Make the father of this child life better. Your life has been planned since the day you were just a seed in your mother's womb. Written down by God himself, now before you say god planned my life to be a hell then I don't believe in him, I ask you to listen. Life comes with the good, and also with the bad. We can't take the good and leave the bad. We must take it all or leave it all. God makes a way for everyone, and I know he will make a way for you. No matter what you do, your plan is never going to go the way you want it, because God is? stronger than everyone. You plan, I plan, but God smiles down at us and say no. My plan!"

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