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   Chapter 11 Family

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She gaze at her ring finger for the longest time ever, I had her naked in seconds.

Why do I crave her so badly?

I've never wanted a woman as much as I wanted her. She felt as if my dick belongs to her only. I loved how she felt, made me go crazy.

It never beats like this, why is it beating so quickly? She'll never accept you, you're just a man who beaten and raped her.

Maybe I shouldn't have sex with her.

But I can't keep my hands off her.

"Amore, tell me you want me to fuck you."

"You won't listen even if I tell you too."

Looking down at her, she possessed me like no other. This isn't like you Leo, you never fall for a woman.

"I won't if that's what you want amore."

"Then get off of me."

Fuck, with every ounce of will I had in me. I moved back, far away from her as I could.

How the hell was I going to make him fall asleep?

Shutting my eyes, I started to stroke myself.

"You can do that somewhere else." She whispers out.

"Or you can do it for me." I replied, opening my eyes to look at her.

So fucking beautiful.


I was kinda enjoying her nickname for me.

"Buttface, stop!"

I can't, I want you so bad. Just come and touch me. Fuck, I was losing it.



Why was this happening to me? I just wanted to know why?

First he places a ring on my finger, then undresses me. Now he's...stroking...his...long...fat...shaft before me.

I shouldn't feel this way, it wasn't healthy. This was sick, this was a disease.

His grunts echoed throughout the room, his hand glided up and down in a slow pace. I was lost, mesmerize, hypnotize in every way.

The view was erotic and hot. I felt myself get wetter by the second.

My hands had a mind of their own. Spread apart before him, I rubbed myself. Not caring or thinking at all.

I knew I was mad, I knew I needed help.

"Rub slowly!" His voice rang through my ears.

Stop, stop this Rachel.

"I' it...for you." He whispers softly.

His lips brushed along my inner calf, slowly and steady going upward. I felt his fingers go up the other leg, my core clenched in anticipation.

Was it wrong that I wanted to grab him by the hair and guide him quickly to where his mouth belonged?

"Just fuck me buttface."

"Not yet amore. I want you to lose your mind."

"I ALREADY HAVE." I shouted, irritatingly.

I wanted to die, I can't do this. My mind is hurting me so bad. He's killing me in his own way. I don't want this, I don't want this.

"I don't want this, I hate you so much. You ruined my life, you ruined me. I hate you, I fucking hate you."



I hate myself too amore.

Staring down at her as she cried out, I pulled back. Before standing up.

I didn't know what to do or what to say. Rubbing my face harshly, her cries became more louder than before.

"I'll leave you alone, I'll return this weekend. I'm...sor.."

I got dressed quickly before storming out the room, down the stairs. I reached Alma's room, knocking on her door like a madman.

It took her a minute to open the door, she rubbed her sleepy eyes.


"Go see Rachel, tell the men I'll be back by this weekend. Also tell them to keep her safe, if anything happens to hurt I'll kill all three of them. I'm counting on you as well to look after her."

"Where are you going?" She questions, but I never replied back.

To hell.



2 days later...

"Do you know where Leo went Rachel?" Nuli asked.

I was setting up my camera, he made a room for me so I can start uploading on my channel.

He didn't forget a thing, from lighting to backgrounds. He got everything I needed and more.

"I don't know where he went, why do ask?"

She looked around and smiled, "just curious, so he gonna let you continue your YouTube channel? What are you going to tell your fans? You've been MIA for a while, want me to help you?"

"No, I can do this on my own."

She frowned, looking down at my ring finger. "They'll ask a lot of questions if they see that ring on your finger, maybe you should take it off."

"It won't come off, it's fine. I'll tell them I've moved to Malta and I'm engaged to someone. Can you please go give me something to drink?"

She smiled happily which caused me to get suspicious. "Sure, I'll be back."

She left the room quickly, she was probably going to put something in my drink.

Shaking my head, I started the video.

Smiling the best I can, I spoke.

"Hey, this won't be a long video. Sorry I haven't uploaded in awhile. Been busy with life, um..where to begin? I would like to apologize for all my missed appointments and the people who I were to collaborate with. I've moved to a small island called Malta, met someone very annoying who took me away. I call him buttface, but his name is Leo. Not giving any last names so don't ask. Um...I'm" I raised my hand up to show my ring. "Yup, engaged. What else....ummm..I met a couple of people who are growing on me. Shout out to Alma who keeping me sane. I really miss you all and I'll try to start making more videos for you guys. There's nothing more to say but thank you and I love you my bananajams. Oh, and thanks for the new 2 million subscribers that have joined the family. I love all you *Mawh* bye!"

I ended the video there, shutting off the camera. I got up and left the room, and as my mind always did.

It thought of him.

Reaching the staircase, I noticed someone. The long blonde hair and blue eyes were still the same the first day I met him.

"Where did he go? I need him to answer me now, it's important Alma." Leo's brother said to her.

I wonder why he was here, this is the first time I've seen him since that day at the police station.

"I've called him Leonidas, he's not answering anyone's calls."

"I know that, bring her down so she can call him. Maybe he will answer her." He stated,

n his grip. He stared up at me, his gray eyes pierced through mine.

He stopped fighting Marin and just stared at me.

"That is Duilio, the other holding Nuli is Armino." Alma whispered.

"You bitch, I'm going too-" Armino stopped, and looked over to his brother who never broke eye contact with me.

I stared at both men who didn't utter a word.

What the hell was I supposed to say?

"I just want to see her Victoria, I have every right too. She is my child, and that girl I will take and personal kill myself for what her parents did to my wife and daughter."

"I understand Alessandro, but she needs time. You can't....Alessandro come back here." Victoria shouted.

A older man, with silver gray hair and gray eyes came to view. Victoria followed him before looking up at me.

All I got were stared from all three men, and from the rest.

I felt I couldn't breathe, couldn't move. I felt even more lost then I did before, stupid tears blurred my vision.

A gunshot was fired from behind me. Causing me to yelp in fear, I looked over to see Adamo holding a rifle in his hands.

"Ok, I understand you all want to see her. But if she doesn't want you to come near her or touch her. Then don't or I'll fucking shoot anyone that comes her way, now why don't we all fucking chill and take a deep breath."

"You madman, look what you've done to the ceiling." Alma implied, walking towards him before pulling the gun away.

My eyes drifted back to the old man, he looked so much like the twins. A replica, but only older, I made my way down the stairs.

Reaching Marin who was standing in the way, "It's OK Marin, can I say hi them?"

He turned to looked at me, he searched so long in my eyes to see if I was actually ok.

And, I felt I was.

I think?

Slowly nodding his head, he stepped aside. Even if I was on a higher step than Duilio, he still towered over me.

"Your really tall!" I stated stupidly which earned me a light chuckle from him. "Hi!"

"Hello little one!" He whispered, holding his hand out.

With a shaky hand, I placed mine in his.

Tears fell, before I pulled my hand away. Making my way to Armino, I stopped right before him.

His grip on Nuli's hair never left, "You can let her go, she's not worth it." I stated while staring at her.

Her eyes widen in fear, he pushed her away, causing her body to drop harshly on the floor.

Wiping his hands against his dress pants, I felt like a midget in front of him.

Why are they so tall?


"Armino, I know. I'm Rachel." I held out my hand for him, only to have him bring it up to his lips. Placing a soft kiss upon it.

I pulled my hand back quickly, my knees felt weak as I turned to face Alessandro.

Should I call him dad?

I seriously couldn't move, my heart was pounding so loud. I felt I couldn't move or talk nor breath.

He slowly made his way towards me, along with Victoria. My eyes were shut.

You can do this, just say...

"I am so sorry my angel, I-"

"Don't, please don't touch me." I whispered out as I felt his hands on my shoulders.

But he didn't listen, he just pulled me into his embrace and hugged me tightly.

No amount of tears that poured out cause the pain to ease, it just kept getting worse by the second.

He smelled like cigars and cologne, I inhaled his scent that took over my senses.

"I am so sorry for all the pain you've been through little one, I promise you they'll pay for what they did to you and your mother."

Don't look at him, just dont.

He placed both hands on each side of my face, pulling my head up to look at him. My eyes opened, causing tears to fall upon his hands. "Don't cry bella, I-"

I wrapped my arms around him and did the opposite of what he said not to do. I cried and cried, feeling my heart break over and over til I felt no more.

"My.... so..much." I choked out, causing him to hold on to me even tighter.

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