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   Chapter 10 Marry me...or not..

Captured by Leo By MarillaGarden Characters: 19164

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3days later...

It was weird having a normal conversation with Leo, cause all we ever did was fuck not talk.

He was telling me about my father, how his wife, my mother. Was kidnapped after six months of marriage. That my father searched everywhere for her but never found her.

I thought it was coincidence how I ended up here with him, but he said that it wasn't. That Nuli knew about me and planned it all. He gather as much information he could on her and her family.

Nuli father was working for Federo's father. After his father passed away, Nuli's dad continued to work for Federo.

Leo tried to wrap the entire situation about my mother, how she was so close to Nuli's parents and why didn't she ever come back to my father.

"You never visited your mother, not even once?" He asked.

We were in 'our' room, my mind was either playing tricks on me or buttface was more....if I could only find the word.

"Every time I wanted too, Nuli and her parents would say it wasn't a good idea. That they don't want me to get hurt by her words. That she never loved nor wanted me. And I believed them because I was scared. Living with people so cruel and abusive, I feared everything and everyone. Nuli's parents took me in when I was only thirteen, living with them as if I was apart of the family. They treated me nicely, never once hurt me nor favored their children over me. That's why I don't want you to hurt her, because she was once my friend." I sadly said, remember the my past with Nuli.

"They had motives to do so, whatever it was, I'll find out. Don't mistaken their kindness, a smile can be deceiving amore." He replied.


"No buttface this time?" He questions, laying his hands back against the bed.

I chuckled for the first time in awhile.


"Yes amore?"

"Was it Federo who..."

"I don't know who did. The man in the tape is already dead, I killed him too quickly. It wasn't just one person who did that to her, I'm not loved by others. Neither was my father. That why they kill him and my mother, I was eighteen at the time. It was a party for our kind, only people of the Mafia world attend. Alexia was only five, and my brother was sixteen. We were coming back home when two vans blocked our way and opened fire at our car. We were all shot, even Alexia. My siblings and I made it out alive, but mother and father never made it. They were in the front seat and took all the hits, killing them instantly on sight. I never knew how to cope with the pain, so I just kept it in me. Every morning I would make a promise to Alexia that one will ever harm a strand of hair on her. But as you saw, I couldn't keep that promise."

"What will you get by watching that tape over and over? It wasn't your fault you know."

He looked at me with a expressionless stare.

"But it is, it's all my fault. They did that to her because of me, because of my father, they want to wipe out Enrico Dante name and family til no one breathing or living. All I have left is a lunatic of a brother that is crazier then me, Victoria and Alma. Only four stand left in the Dante family. And they won't stop till everyone is dead."

"That girl you killed.."

"She's still alive, along with her sister. Her father was among those men, I saw him with my own two eyes. So whatever she told you, it's all lies." He angrily shouted.

Alive? How?

"But you stabbed her, I saw you kill her." I said, as confusion started to corrupt my mind.

"There are part of your body where when one stabs, you still live, I should know. I'm an expert." He firmly said.

"You slid her throat." I yelled out.

"You don't believe me do you?"

"Not really!"

"Would you like to go see her?" He asked, causing me to doubt if she was still alive.

"Yes, I would." I stated, trying to wrap my damn head around what he was saying.

How the hell is she alive.

"And if she's alive?"

"You let her go, along with her sister. You can't blame her for what her father did-"


I was startled in fear, he was fuming in anger. "You killed him already, right?"

"Yes amore, I have." He sadistically smiled.

"Then that's enough, you got your revenge. Why hurt them?"

"Because they are his daughters that's why."

"You will let them go, they suffered enough for something they never did."

He didn't reply back, he was in deep thoughts.

Thinking hard about something, I just wished I knew what was going on in his head.

"I'll let them go." He said.

I stared at him curiously, this man was bipolar. "What's the price?"

"You're very smart. But I'll tell you the price for their freedom." He smirked, leaning his shoulder against bed frame.

"Which is?" I asked, standing firmly in my spot.

"You don't leave, even when your father comes and takes you. Stay here, no matter what."

My heart fell to the floor, stay here? No matter what? That didn't sound good.

I sighed deeply in frustration. Maybe if I make my own rules, then maybe, just maybe I'll stay. "I'll make a deal with you."

"Are you trying to negotiate with me?"

"Listen buttface, I want answers and I want to help those two girls you have locked up and beaten brutality. So shut up and listen to what I have to offer."

He raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow while folding his arms, standing like a fucking statue.

A hot fucking statue that is...oh my God..head out the gutter, head out the fucking gutter Rachel.

I inhaled before exhaling deeply.

"I have three rules, you agree to them all, And I'll stay here no matter what."

"What are these three rules amore?"

"No fucking sex." He squinted his eyes.

"I continue to do my blogs and YouTu

d you-"

"Shut up! Just, SHUT THE FUCK UP."

All he did was pierce hi gaze at me ; not a word was spoken after that. Nuli was a fucking bitch and he was a fucking asshole. They were probably both fucking each other along with my mind, I had to keep it together. I had to leave this place, leave him.


Alma was in the room with me, we were both sitting down on the edge of the bed, facing each other.

"Leonardo birthday is this weekend, he hasn't celebrated it in a long time. But he will this week, he invited a couple of people. Along with your father and brothers."

"I have brothers, how many?" I asked while folding my leg on top of the other.

"You have two, very big and tall brother's. Their older then you, say around Leo's age. Their twins, very handsome. Dark Knights are their nicknames, because of their get black hair and gray piercing eyes. So dark and tan, you can say a mocha color goodness, just like your father. Duilio is the oldest, his name means 'war', and Armino is the second oldest. He name means 'soldier'. Your father was married to a woman before he meet your mother. The boy's mother passed away when she was giving birth to the twins. They are very handsome men Rachel, you look nothing like them. But I think you may look like your mother, pale skin. Hazel green eyes. Blonde hair. You're like a porcelain doll, so beautiful."

"How old is buttface?" I asked.

I didn't know anything about him, just bits and pieces of his life but not all.

"He's thirty, how old are you?"

"Twenty-four!" I shortly replied.

"Why are you so anger Rachel?"

"I'm not, it just hurts to know your best friend isn't who you really thought she was. She lies to my face like it's nothing."

"Leo didn't do anything with her if that's what you're thinking. She lied to you, I know she did. You shouldn't believe her so easily. She is a two face bitch."

"I really don't care who he fucks, as long as it's not me then I'm OK."

"You don't seem that your ok."

"I am, don't worry."

She stood up and smiled beautifully.

"I'll let you rest, if you get bored. You know where to find me."

With that said, she left me all alone with my stupid thoughts.

I need to leave, I can't take it anymore. I was sick in the head for actually being jealous. Stupid Rachel, wake the fuck up.

I laid down, shutting my eyes.

The door opened unexpectedly, cursing to myself as he walked in.

Just leave, fucking leave me alone.

"Is amore jealous?"

I opened my eyes before rolling onto my side. "Jealous of what? You can do whatever you like Buttface, just as long as you leave me alone."

"Whatever I like? Well, what I like to do now is strip you naked. Strap your arms and legs against the bed, spread you apart and place a vibrator on your clit while I watch you go crazy, dripping wet. I want you hear you beg for me to fuck you, and I will til sunrise. That's what I like."

Goosebumps ran throughout my body, I am such a horny bitch.

His lips hovered over my ear, his hands skimmed along side my body until he reached my..."So nice and firm." He kneaded my butt.

"Are you imagining me between your legs amore. Torturing you so sweetly, cause I can. You're locks of curls, cast against the pillow. Two pink nub standing attention as I run my thumb over gently. Your grasping for air while I vibrate the hell out your pussy."

I was wet, so wet.

"You never answer my question amore?" He stated, I was being laid flat on my back.

I seriously hated how I felt. I hated how I couldn't understand him. I hated my life. I hated everyone.

"No, I won't ever marry you."

He took my hand, played on the top part of my ring finger.

"Your marrying me rather you like it or not." He stated, slipping on a princess cut ring. "Now let's have sex to celebrate."

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