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One month later...

"Eat dear, or is the food not to your liking?" Victoria asked.

I was sitting on a high stool chair in the kitchen, Alma and her mother were the only ones caring for me as if I was apart of the family.

Nuli was acting strangely this past month, I felt something was off with her. Like she was hiding from me and didn't want to talk with me at all.

Marin and Adamo were keeping an eye on me around the clock, wherever I go, they were there.

"How long are you going to keep him down there for?" I asked curiously while moving the food on my plate left and right.

No one answered me, I felt bad for him some days. And other days I was happy he wasn't near me. I didn't know what I was feeling.

"He usually calms down after a month or so, the guys check on him everyday. But say he's still anger and might try to kill someone. It's best if he's locked up, you want me to get you anything?"

"No thank you Alma, I'll just head back to the room." I stated.

I made my way out the kitchen and into the spacious area room near the front entrance. Looking over to the basement door, than around. I made my way to the staircase but halted my steps., don't make any excuses for his actions. Yea he was hurting, but that doesn't justify what he did to you Rachel. Let him feel pain, he deserves it.... no he doesn't. No one does.

I looked around once more, no one was here. I made my way to the basement door, gently unlocking it open.

Down the dark stairway, I stopped once I reached the last step.

What are doing here? What are you even going to say to him?

Inhaling deeply, I walked in further until reaching the same room I was in with Nuli. He was standing with his back facing me, looking at nothing.

Maybe he lost it and there's no way for him to ever be human again?

"Are you going to hurt me if I come closer?" I questioned him.

His back tensed up, the back of his arms flexed. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't know, just wanted to see I guess."

"See what exactly?" He bitterly said.

I didn't know what to say, my mind was blank.

"To see how you were doing."

"Heh, so thoughtful of you amore. You came to see the man who hurt abused you? And here I thought I was the one who was mad, guess you are too."

He turned around to reveal his bruised face, he was black and blue all over.

His eyes roamed over my body. I tense up and started to curse myself for coming down here.

"You need help buttface, or you'll never heal. It not your fault, don't know why you blame yourself. If you knew where she was, than you would have helped her. And you can't keep watching that, it's sick, and will make you even more fucked up than you already are. Sorry isn't going to do anything, blaming yourself isn't going to bring her back. Hurting people you love isn't the answer, I-"

I stopped talking as he slowly stalks over towards me, with each step he takes, I take one step back. Until I had nowhere to go, my back was against the wall. He was now standing before me, towering over me while looking down at me with hurt eyes.

"I had to wait to buried her, each body part took months to arrive. They knew how to break me, part by part. When you make a promise to someone you love, that not a strand of hair will be harmed on them. You keep that promise, I didn't. In my mind, I would say, no, it's not her. It's not Alexia. That's until her dismantled head was the last part that arrived. That's when I felt I lost it, burying her was the hard part. Because I would have to re-dig her grave over and over and over and over until I couldn't anymore. The package stopped coming for a good six months and I thought there was no more of her left. I kept it in, even if I knew that I was mad and anger, I kept it in so no one can see me in pain. It was when they sent that tape that I went crazy permanently. I don't care about anything anymore nor anyone." He whispered out, caressing the side of my face. "You want to leave amore?"

"Leave where?"

"Go back home before they find out about you." He said, lost in a way as he continued to gently touch me.

Was he really going to let me leave?

Or was he testing me?

"You can leave amore, I don't like it when you're around me."

"You won't come after me?" I questioned him.

"No, can I steal one last kiss?" He whispers, pulling my head up so I can look him in his eyes.

I felt my airwaves being clogged up, my mind hazed and drifting away. His arms locked around my waist, I felt trapped along with pain. His lips gently pressed upon mine in the most indescribable way ever. My arms were numb, laying flat by my side as he continued to kiss me like he never have.

As soon I was lost in his embrace, he let me go. I didn't notice Marin and Adamo standing there, he backed away from me until he was in the dark cold room once more.

"She can leave, go back to her home. Remember amore, if you tell anyone about what you saw. Then I'll bring you back here and keep you forever."

I ran up the stairs without looking back, he was going to let me go. Oh g

ng up on me to quickly.

Tears fell as his hands cupped both of my breast, my core ached while a moan escape my lips. I gave in immediately to his touch, his kisses.

I need fucking help, this wasn't healthy.

"You want me to do this, if not then I'll stop."

In one move, I was facing him. He took over my lips, pushing me back until I was lying flat against the bed.

Get a grip, what are you doing, stop him. Do something anything.

"Oohhh" I gasped as he sucked on my nipple.

My hands automatically locked into his hair, "Stop!"


"Please stop."

"I'll make you say please more and yes, if you let me. I hate you." He whispered before kissing me brutality.

No amount of hits I landed on his chest and shoulders stopped him. I intentionally dug my nails into his shoulder but that just earned me a loud sexy moan from him.

He pulled away, causing us both to gasped for air. "I hate you so fucking much." He whispered before getting off me.

He stormed over to the bathroom before locking the door shut.

I felt so wet and disgusted with myself, shutting my eyes.

The bathroom door unlocked once more.

I looked over at him, he was stroking his thumb over the tip of his...."Take off your pants."

My eyes were glued on his hand movement. He walks over to me, laying his manhood on the bed, inches away from my face. "Take him in your mouth amore, I want your beautiful lips around him, just once."

He leans over his hand, placing it inside my yoga pants easily. His middle finger dipped until it reached my aching core. I gasped when he rubbed in a fast pace.

"So wet." He moaned, inserting his finger in me.

So fat, and the tip was so pink, and thick or was it wide? Why the hell I'm I looking at his dick?

"You have a big mushroom head, it's pink." I mumbled out stupidly.

His cock jerked upward, causing me to clench my püssy around his finger.

My back arched as he went in deeper, his finger moved faster and faster.


"Yea, I know, you want me in you."


"Come on, just Come, come amore."

"Oooohhhhhh." I screamed as I felt the pressure building up.


My body fell numb against the bed as I came all over his finger that never stopped moving in me, each wave came after the other until I felt free.

He slowly and finally pulled his hand out, just to bring his fingers into his mouth. A feeling like no other took over my trembling body, my left hand slowly made its way to his cock.

I want him in me.

Looking up at him, his chest was heaving up and down. His eyes were dark and lost, his tongue ran over his lips. All I did was lightly touch him.

He hissed out, trying to calm himself down.

"You win!" Was all I said before reaching over and taking him in my mouth.

I felt him shiver and groan so loud.

I bet everyone heard that.

I seriously didn't know what I was doing, but grunts and moans came from him. So I had to be doing it right.

I couldn't fit him all in my mouth, it was just so....

"Look up at me amore."

Might as well do it Rachel, you did this on your own.

I was starting to doubt myself, he never took me against my will, that I gave myself willingly.

But then again, I'm mentally unstable.

I looked up, into his eyes that a shade darker than his normal color. "So beautiful amore but you're killing me."

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